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Love my vitamin V

19 Jan

 I tried something new last night. Not a new vegetable, sauce, product or exercise. But something more fun than all four combined–the Valium.

And I liked it.

When I went to the dentist a few weeks ago, they were concerned about me since my blood pressure was high (Note, never have had an issue with high blood pressure). Along with that, I was very nervous about my upcoming procedures like root canals and crowns….even the teeth cleaning. So they prescribed me some good stuff–antibiotics for my tooth that I’m getting a root canal done on (one of two that need it), some drug to help me with nausea (must ask Diana what it is when I find the bottle) and Valium, my new vitamin V.

I’ve had all three sitting around for the past weeks but a bit afraid to open up the bottle. I don’t know if it’s fear of the unknown or fear that I may become addicted to the stuff but tried half a pill last night so I could get a good nights sleep along with hopes that my quad pain would go away. So I went into the kitchen, sliced that sucker in half, went back to the bathroom to put the other half back in the bottle and the bottom dropped and scat went the valium. I freaked out and was suddenly on my hands and knees searching for the valium since I didn’t want the precious babies to go to waste. It was like a scene from an indie film where a junkie loses her pills. Mind you, again, my quad was in complete pain but I didn’t care, I just needed my pills. Plus Lincoln was standing right there so I feared that he would eat one and god knows what would happen if little man digests one.

I took the half that I had in hand and felt good, really good. I watched Gilmore Girls (because I can’t stop and want to move to fictional Stars Hollow) and rested the remainder of the night. I fell asleep right away, didn’t wake up at 3A like I do every other night and woke up this morning energized and all that good stuff.  I was looking forward to the next time vitamin V and I would meet.

This morning floated by, I knocked out a bunch of work since I was leaving early for a dentist appointment. I brought soup for lunch but wanted something substantial since I would be having dinner later than normal. I remember a 25% off coupon from blynk organic that I swiped at the Yelp Holiday Detox this wknd (I may have swiped *ahem* five or six of them) and soon headed across the street to blynk to get some fresh, organic grub.

blynk has a variety of cold and hot sandwiches plus salads that are pre-arranged or you can create your own. Plus they have a lunch duo that includes half a sandwich plus soup or salad for $7. And it’s healthy, natural goodness so I don’t mind spending a few extra bucks for that. I love that you can go to their website and they tell you the calorie/fat content for all the items on their menu plus they have plus they have other nifty tools like a BMI calculator and links for green living, natural health,etc. After a few seconds of scanning the menu, I went with the Chicken Twist sandwich-grilled chicken, cucumber, celery, basil pesto yogurt, tomato and mesclon on a pretzel hoagie roll.

Hello lova! I was curious about what a pretzel hoagie roll was and it was absolutely terrific. It was full, fluffy, not terribly chewy with the perfect hint of salt. The chicken was cut into big chunks and the basil pesto yogurt sauce was absolutely tasty. I wish I could have bought a container of that alone!  I swore to myself I was only going to eat half but devoured the whole sandwich by the end of lunch. When I go back to blynk, ordering something different is going to be difficult since this sandwich has my vote!

Paired up with some carrots and Laughing Cow wedge, this meal filled me up and left me looking forward to my next visit to Blynk.

So I continued to work and then I looked at the clock. One hour until my dentist appointment. Per my dentists instructions, time to take two valiums so bottoms up-down they went. What does two valiums feel like? Effin fantabulous! I haven’t felt so laid back in a looooong time and while I usually get anxiety at work while making calls, I was totally at ease and probably sounded high or something. Mama felt good. My co-workers looked at me a little weird telling me that it was the most laid back they’ve ever seen me. I wish I could be like that all the time, I can totally see why people get addicted to the stuff! I refuse to become addicted to anything but it was perfect to take before my dentist appointment which usually stresses me out to the max but this time around I was all like “Hakuna matata bitches”

Dinner was delicious–I picked up some sushi from the supermarket–Ultimate Chile Roll. Sounds funky, I like the word ultimate (definitely don’t use it enough) and love chile anything. Look how gorgy it was!

The perfect roll. It barely needed any soy sauce to dip in since it had a lot of flavor and was fresh. The Perfect Roll. It kinda sounds like it could be a title of a movie, like “The Perfect Storm”. It could be about a kid from the wrong side of the tracks who wants nothing more in life than to be a top-notch sushi chef but no one believes in him or his abilities. So you watch the journey of him grow in his culinary skills along with growing emotionally and mentally and at the end, he creates the perfect roll and shows everyone how high he could fly. Must write Hollywood soon with this!

I also had a side salad with baby spinach, tomato, carrots, cucumber, red onion and avocado to get some veggies in for the day.

Especially after watching this segment on GMA this morning on how loading diet with veggies and fruits may be life saving. This salad along with my banana, kiwi and apple earlier on today leave me done for the day. Take that heart disease!

Christina from Hungry Meets Healthy posted a pic of what’s inside her purse. When it comes to my purse, I abide by the motto “Always be prepared”. If I were to ever go on a game show where they asked for a random item and if I had it in my purse, I would win. My purse is an absolute mess but better to have too much junk than not enough right (does not apply to junk in the trunk). So I figured I should venture into the depths of my purse to see exactly what’s in there. Here we go……

Sadly, this isn’t a lot for me. I’ve been using a new purse so I like to keep it somewhat clean and neat and this is little compared to how much crap I regularly hold.


*Planner and Journal

*Two Bath and Body Works sanitizers, one can never be clean enough

*iPod shuffle

*Phone charge (tangled with the iPod)

*Antacid -you never know when you’re going to need it

*Two wallets -I take one to the gym to carry my iPod, keys and gum

*Abercrombie & Fitch gift card that was given to me five or six years ago but have yet to use. I need to check if it has a balance still!

*Makeup bag

*Eye drops, nail file, brush, hair band

*Two rings and ghetto baby girl earrings. I thought I would love the earrings but they are too heavy for my delicate ears.

*Heart rate monitor strap. I’m now questioning where my watch is and why the stinky strap is in my purse

* Lollipop (probably from a bank), cough drops and gum

*Umm, soy sauce and buffalo sauce from Chick Fil A. I’m horrible about this. Not only do I swipe Splenda from Starbucks, I take extra soy sauce where I get sushi at the supermarket so I don’t have to buy it.

Now my question is–how the hell did the soy sauce get in my wallet?

What’s in your purse (or man bag)?