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18 Jan

Apparently, I should scour Target’s clearance aisles more often. I found a new drink that I love and only 100 calories! Four pack for only $4.24!

Apparently, my co-workers think I am a vampire since I am bundled up in my scarf, hat and fingertipless gloves all the time.

I hate hot weather but I would rather be hot inside than cold but at least I can rock my new gloves while working!

Apparently, a lot more people love Gilmore Girls than I originally thought. Thanks for sharing on yesterdays post!

Apparently, my mouth was still craving flavors from this weekend. So to make said mouth happy, I made a Mediterranean salad with baby spinach, cucumbers, tomatoes, falafel  and tzaziki sauce.

 I also added extra parsley and mint to give it a little more pop. And pop it did! The flavor really came out with that along with the falafel and tzaziki sauce.

Apparently, my latest pet peeve is when people ask “How’s it going?” or “How are you?” and don’t even bother to listen to my response. If you want to be semi-cordial, just say hi! If not, I will give you a snarky response and continue to serve you.

Apparently, cutting down on Starbucks is a good thing. I didn’t run to my local Bucks when I heard about their new Trenta size they were rolling out today.


Do I really need 31 oz of coffee on top of my getting ready- in- the -morning coffee? The answer sadly is no (especially after seeing the picture above) but I still want to try it! Maybe one of these days when I don’t plan on sleeping anytime soon. Apparently,  I’m a glutton for punishment.

It reminds me of one of my favorite movies-Reality Bites and their love for the Big Gulp because I can totally agree…..just coffee instead of the Big Gulp


“I like the 44 ounce Big Gulp. I buy one in the morning and I have all the nutrients I need for the whole day.” Amen, Leilani.

Random fun fact-I sing “My Poohuahua” to Lincoln to the tune of “My Sharona”, apparently, I thought you all wouldn’t be able to sleep tonight without knowing that. Great soundtrack as well!

Apparently, I was craving bar food for dinner.

I had some wings from this weekend that I wanted to eat but that wouldn’t be enough. But I really wanted some bad, greasy bar food. Not wanting to go out or spend any money, I made a trio of wings, quesadilla and nachos.  Besides the wings, tried to lighten up the rest of the meal by using minimal cheese and shrinking the portions.

I started by cooking spinach, onion and corn on the stovetop with a spoonful of extra virgin olive and chile powder

Flippin fantastic meal! Exactly what I needed on a cold, rainy Tuesday night.

Apparently, someone beat me in my sleep since this is what tonight is looking like

I was supposed to go to a happy hour after work but my quadricep was thinking otherwise. I think I pulled or strained a muscle. It hurts no matter what-if I extend my leg, sit down, step down,etc. Times like this make me wish I had a bathtub again b/c this girl could use a long soak. This needs to go away soon.

Last but not least, apparently, it’s my blogs one year birthday! WOW , I cannot believe how quickly times flies when you’re blogging! I can’t even begin on how happy this past year of blogging has made me and how I’ve met so many great people along the way!  Thanks to all who have stopped along the way, read my ramblings, left comments along the way, offered me encouragement  and continue to read often–I really appreciate you stopping by my little blog 🙂