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Mama Say Have You Seen My Moccasin?

1 Dec

Hellllloooooooo December! My most favorite month of the year is here and I am totally stoked. Maybe because it’s my birthday month and Christmas is right around the corner. Maybe because now I will start hearing “Feliz Navidad” and “Last Christmas, I Gave You My Heart”, no matter what it is, I love it……even if I do only have 12 more days of being a 30 year old.

Today was a better day. I finally finished all of my initial calls for my first set of customers I’ve been assigned to and it went well. Basically, I just introduced myself and told them what the situation was and what we can do further to assist. All seemed pretty receptive and some even called me back. Washington state people seem to be the only people out there who will return my calls so Washington is currently one of my favorite states. There is a long road ahead of me on these accounts but some reason the initial call is the one that scares me the most. I couldn’t sleep last night because I was so nervous about today. I woke up in a bad mood and I forgot to prep my coffee last night just to add to that. And then my hair wasn’t looking good. I hate when I get my hair done then I wash it and it never looks the same as when my stylist did it. Sigh. Hopefully I’m not complaining like a spoiled white girl.

Let’s backtrack though. Last night, I went to Vivace, a new Italian restaurant near uptown Charlotte. I really wasn’t in a hey-lets-be-social mood plus it was a dreary, wet evening but I needed to get out of the house. Hope of good food will get me out of the house 95% of the time.

While waiting for our table, I got a glass of the red sangria.

This was tarter than I expected  but I loved it. I am a sangria fan but not when it is overly sweet and this has a perfect balance of sweet and tart. That one went down pretty quick so I enjoyed another glass during dinner.

They first brought us out bread to nibble on while we were waiting for our food. Instead of olive oil or butter, they brought out a cannellini bean dip that reminded me of a lighter, thinner hummus. It didn’t have alot of pop to it though, it could have used some garlic, pepper or something! The menu has a decent sized selection where you can scan then have one thing catch your eye but then you keep looking and find another scrumptious sounding dish. I absolutely love that they offer smaller portions on their pasta dishes (pasta is made in house) since there is no such thing as portion control in many restaurants these days. I ordered the small portion of Short Braised Ribs with fettuccine, apples, swiss chard and a few other goodies that I can’t remember.

When they brought it out, I kinda pointed out they brought me out the wrong dish and our server told me that was the dish I ordered (I blame it on the sangria). The apples resembled mini scallops at first and there wasn’t much braised rib to be seen. Am I crazy or am I right? It was tasty but just not what I was expecting and would’ve liked more meat (that’s what she said). All in all, it was a good experience and I would like to check it out again but when I am in the mood for modern Italian food as opposed to traditional Italian food.

So like I mentioned earlier, today wasn’t a bad day. I knocked some calls out-of-the-way earlier in the day but didn’t have too much to do before lunch. Most of my customers are on the west coast so I like to wait until after lunch to make those calls instead of trying them at 6A their time. But then again, if I start calling that early, maybe that will get their attention and not dodge my calls? Hmmmmm…

I went to lunch with one of my former co-workers as a late birthday celebration. I had a BOGO coupon for Molly MacPherson’s Uptown which is also a newer establishment. I normally don’t like to go to a Scottish or Irish bar if I can’t drink but heard great things about this place so was curious as to if it would live up to the hype or not.

I got the Molly’s Favorite—grilled turkey, cheddar cheese, green apples and maple butter with a side of their potato chips (which are oddly enough wedges)

The sandwich was good, I think. It was different. The cheddar, green apple and maple butter was the trio that sold me on getting the sandwich but the flavor didn’t jive as well as I thought it would. I think it would be good without the maple butter since I found it to be too savory for my taste. However, the potato chips? I could have had a plate of those and been happy. They had an amazing seasoning on them (which I am now on a mission to find out what it is!) and very fresh. A good experience but think I will check it out to drink next time.

I haven’t been to the grocery store to pick up anything new for meals to make in bulk and really had no clue what I was going to make. My trusted container of refried black beans was still sitting in the fridge so I opted for an easy meal of Mexican Pizza topped with the refried black beans, jalapenos, onion and shredded cheese.

Fantabulicious but I really need to start eating something other than Mexican soon.

I took some walks today when I had some time to spare and did a lower body workout with:

 Kettlebell (20 lbs)

Swings (13 reps, 4 sets)

Squats (13 reps, 4 sets)

One Legged Deadlifts (13 reps, 2 sets)

Side Bends (20 reps, 2 sets)

Dead Lifts (20 reps, 2 sets)

Body Weight

Donkey Kicks (13 reps, 2 sets)

Leg Lifts (13 reps, 2 sets)

In the middle of the set Michael Jackson’s “Wanna Be Starting Something” came on and I broke out some dance party moves. I had my blinds drawn but desperately hope that my neighbors or passer by’s couldn’t see me bopping all around my living room. When I worked for my company in Phoenix, we would always sing “Momma Say Have You Seen My Moccasin?” in place of the “Ma Ma Sa, Ma Ma Coo Sa”  and that always brings a smile to my face. We would dance up and down the aisles with a tambourine and live it up. Why we had a tambourine? No clue but it was damn fun. Anyways, I always knew it wasn’t Momma say have you seen my moccasin but I finally had to google it to see what exactly what they were saying, if anything. Good to know!

Also, any other Wednesday night ABC lovers out there? I am trying to like this Better With You show but just can’t get into it. The canned laughter is killing me.

Happy hump day everyone–two more days to go!! And Happy Hanukkah to those who began celebrating today!

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