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I got my thanks right here!

25 Nov

Happy Thanksgiving all! Just a sampling of what I’m thankful for, it would seriously take me all day to write everything I am thankful for.

My Family

I always have to work the day after Thanksgiving so I never get to go home and see my parents but miss them lots. I see them only twice a year with a visit to see them in Florida for Christmas then they usually come up here or I go down for a long weekend. I wish I got to see them more but I really hate going “home” to South Florida. The minute I was able to get out of there I did and have no desire to ever go there again but unfortunately they still live there. I have two older sisters and they live in California and Indiana so I only see them once a year which also stinks. One of them comes home for Christmas every year but the other doesn’t anymore since she has her own kids and it’s too much of a hassle to drive down to Florida.

Guess which set are my parents

My Health

No, I’m not at a weight I am comfortable yet and who knows if I ever will. But I am trying to get to a weight that is both comfortable and happy. Previously, I let my weight get out of control and when I look at older pictures from when I lived in Phoenix, I just can’t believe it’s me.

Blech. How did I let myself get like that and why didn’t I do something about it beforehand? I’m happy I finally opened my eyes and saw what was happening to my body and took control. Never would I thought I would run a 5K like I did this spring or work out with a kettlebell on my own free will but I am there and I am going to keep trying hard. I am happy I have my vision to see the sun rise each morning,  my hears to hear music that uplifts my spirits (even if I am pretty deaf in my right ear), mouth to taste delectable treats and allow me to enjoy food and drink, my arms to help me with pretty much everything, my legs which help me stand tall even though I bitch and complain about them being fat and everything else. While I am here talking about health, can I just say that this was the first year in seven years I haven’t been sick in both February and October? For some reason, I always get sick in those months and that has included strep, bronchitis, upper respiratory infection, swine flu last year and other random illnesses. I was going to say something earlier this month but was still in shocked that happened.So yeah, a bit thankful for my health.

My Job

As much as I complain about what I do 40 hours a week, I am truly thankful for having a job. I’ve been with my company for over five years in which I’ve held a few positions and have pretty much doubled my salary since I started. Dream job it is not but it pays the bills and I am forever striving to be the best since I am uber competitive. I am still trying to find my passion and I hope I find out what that is soon because I really don’t see myself sitting in a cubicle for life. With as many layoffs I’ve been through, I still can’t believe I’m there.

Sir Linx A Lot

I love my little man if you can’t tell from all the pictures I post. Sometimes he is a pain in my butt and I hate how he wakes me up at 6A on the weekends but I wouldn’t trade him in for anything. He is my constant companion, loves me unconditionally, has an asthma attack when I come home after a long day from work, is a portable heater and is a wonderful pup. He makes me smile and drives me crazy sometimes at the same time but he is my little man. And he still loves me even when I dress him up in ridiculous outfits


Seriously, I’m putting Starbucks down as something I’m thankful for. They start my morning off on the right foot each morning with their peppy baristas and welcoming aromas. They baristas know me by name and have my drink ready when I am in line. We all joke around and they think I’m super funny (or act like they do) and I love anyone who thinks I’m funny. Ok and they are open today, which makes my heart smile a bit.

 This blog

I am so happy I started this blog earlier this year and found an outlet to show my thoughts, meals, exercise, puppy love, day-to-day stuff, etc.  I am so thankful for the friendships I have made through the blogging community and got to meet some awesome ladies this past year.

Me, Monique, Mari

Lily, Me, Diana

I am also thankful for you who visit my page each day or occasionally and show your support, comments, etc. I appreciate each and every one of you and  look forward to more blogging! I’ve learned so much not only through your comments but on your blogs (those who have them!) and that has opened my up to a whole new world!

Hugh Jackman

Who isn’t thankful for Hugh Jackman??!!! Rawr baby rawr!

So with that, I am off to enjoy Thanksgiving. I’m sure I will hit up the Bucks, catch up on tv and workout but besides that, it is all about the relaxation. I don’t have plans until 4P, a friend has decided to adopt me for the day and I am excited to experience someone elses Thanksgiving and am thankful that they took me in!

Gobble Gobble and be safe!