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Baby I Got Your Money, Don’t You Worry

8 Nov

That’s what I wish my company was saying to me but it isn’t so. I woke up this morning to see if the remainder of my paycheck they owed me was in my account and negatron. Now I’m mad. So I have to contact my HR rep, who is in Washington state and see what’s going on with it or what account it will be going into since I have four different accounts that my direct deposit goes into. I’m trying not to freak out since there’s nothing I can really do about it but I just hate this feeling of not being able to do anything due to lack of funds.

So I sit here at Panera since I needed to clear my head and not have Linx right by my side being needy and wanting me to be needy. I love him to death but sometimes it’s all about him when everyone should know it’s all about me. I took today off since I had some extra days to burn through and needed a mental break from training. We are starting to get our own portfolios this week and I am not 100% confident that I know what I’m doing but I’ve talked with others on my team and neither are they so safety in numbers right? 

 When I got to Panera, I noticed a few interesting things

*I’m the only one without an SUV here. Seriously.

*I’m the only brunette

*I’m the only woman over 30 without a child (elderly women excluded)

*Panera is now posting the calorie contents on their menu for both drinks and food. But then, maybe they have been doing this for a while? I just think this is awesome and more places should do this. I am not a huge fan of Panera because I don’t think the food is really that unique but I love their free Wi Fi and coffee.

*I had a free espresso drink waiting for me on My Panera rewards card. I just signed up for the card last time, ordered a coffee then had this waiting for me so you should sign up for it if you’re looking for free goodies!

*The Pumpkin Spiced Latte I got is better than Starbucks. Very rarely do I say that anything is better than Starbucks

I went to Zada Jane’s yesterday for brunch with some friends. It felt so wonderful to sleep in yesterday and wake up to sunlight. I know this hour change is going to mess with me big time but light mornings are a good thing in my book. Zada Jane’s is a funky restaurant in Plaza Midwood section of town that is best known for their brunch. I’ve been wanting to check it out ever since I moved here so I was excited I was going to get to experience their brunch. They have a huge outdoor seating area along with corn hole boards that you can play while you wait. While waiting for everyone, we sat outside and the hostess told us we could sit out there which I didn’t mind because I love the cold weather but no one else was up for. They don’t take reservations so if you have a big party, it could be a little difficult to get a table in a timely manner. It’s an eclectic and colorful restaurant with knick knacks and art by local artists hanging on the yellow walls. I had the view of this piece of work and loved it. I couldn’t stop staring at all the funkadelic colors

When I go to brunch, I get flustered. Eggs Benedict is always my first choice and if they don’t have that, I look to pancakes and french toast. But sometimes an egg dish will catch my eye and this time it did, especially since the egg dish included sweet potato hash.

I got the Booker T’s East Side Hasher-a bed of sweet potato hash browns topped with two Happy Eggs, frittata style with your choice of local Grateful Growers pork sausage, turkey sausage, or soysage,then covered with melted cheddar cheese and green onions – choice of toast or TLC biscuit

Sounds amazing eh? Look at me being all Canadian!

Um, yeah. Amazing doesn’t even describe this heart attack on a plate. The bottom layer was the sweet potatoes which had a hint of cinnamon, then the sausage topped with eggs, cheese and green onions. I just stared at this when they brought it to me because I wasn’t sure on how to conquer this bad boy but I just started from the right and kept on going. The biscuit was fabu as well and they had a mixed berry jam and apple butter at the table in squirt bottles, which I found charming. I can’t wait to go back here again and try one of their savory/sweet dishes for breakfast. I also loved their coffee, strong and they don’t have matching coffee cups so you can get a funky cup from their collection or bring your own. I walked around for a little after brunch but sadly, none of the shops were open yet being Sunday in the South. I got home and Lincoln was shaking and freezing so it was time to put on his hoodie and get him warm. We went for a 30 minute walk so I could buckle my pants again and breathe. He was prancing around with his WVU hoodie and everyone who we passed said how adorable he was in his sweater. Big pimpin Lincoln!

Oh and that collage? Courtesy of Picasa, which I just learned about from this post on Hollaback Health. How did I not know about this program before?? You can make collages, retouch pictures, etc. I use IrfanView on the regular for all my pictures but am going to start using Picasa!

I snuck in a little strength training session afterwards

Kettlebell-20 lbs

Upright Deltoid Rows (13 reps, 2 sets)

Straight Leg Deadlifts (20 reps, 2 sets)

Side Bends (20 reps, 2 sets)

Halos (13 reps, 3 sets)

Shrugs (13 reps, 3 sets)

Lateral Bench Press (13 reps, 2 sets)

Dumbbell-15 lbs

Reverse Fly  (13 reps, 2 sets)

Front Lateral Raise (13 reps, 2 sets)

Shoulder press (13 reps, 3 sets)

Curls (13 reps, 3 sets)

Tricep Extensions (13 reps, 2 set)

And today, I hurt. I usually have no problem with the Deltoid Rows but for some reason, the were the most difficult. Afterwards, Lincoln and I went to Freedom Park and walked around for an hour. I took him on the some of the woody trails that I’ve never been on and it was absolutely gorgeous outside—50 and sunny. Some people who were passed had on gloves, hats and all bundled up which perplexed me a bit. It’s 50 degrees and you’re moving around?? Divas. Another thing that annoyed me is rude dog owners. It’s natural that dogs want to say hi to each other but when you’re pulling your dog away and acting snobby, that’s just wrong. There’s an unwritten code that if you have a dog, you have to be nice to other dog owners while the dogs sniff each others junk. Which leads me to another annoying item—Lincoln cockblocking me. I had a couple of guys stop to pet Lincoln (or try to) and he got all skiddish and wouldn’t let them pet him. Yet when a girl comes over, he just sits there and bats his eyes. Really Lincoln? Maybe he doesn’t want a daddy but this is not helping me game.

On my quest not to spend too much money, I had a ham and sliced chicken sandwich and tomato soup for lunch

What is about tomato soup that just hits the spot? If anyone has a good tomato soup recipe–hook me up!

I had a Groupon for Icehouse, which I visited for the first time this summer. Thank God for Groupon and allowing you to get multiples ones and spend on liquor along with food! I grabbed one of my girlfriends and we were on our way to have some drinks and chow down. I couldn’t decide on anything since it all looked good. I was going to go with a burger but didn’t want something that huge then thought about the Southwest BLT but I could make that at home and finally settle on the wings. I got a dozen—half hot chile garlic and half honey bbq with a side of fries. Oh, fries, I wish I could quit you but I never will. The wings were delish and after downing the plate of fries, I took quite a number home with me.

As for today, I think it will be spent relaxing, cleaning and running errands. Exciting right? At least I’m not at work. Perhaps I’ll get to curl up with this book? I heard about this book from Melissa Nibbles and was intrigued right after reading her post. 

I am guilty of buying food and letting it go to waste, especially produce and meats. I am trying not to buy so much at one time anymore because then I feel pressured to use it all up in a set amount of time. I can’t wait to read what this guy has to say.

Well, aren’t I a chatty Kathy today? And who the hell thought of that? Why Kathy? So many questions…… The kids are still screaming at Panera which means it’s time for me to exit–happy Monday everyone!!

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