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Beef, it is NOT what’s for dinner

28 Sep

You know what’s not fun? Waking up at 445A for no reason whatsoever. ARGHHH! I was planning to wake up at 6A but kept tossing and turning and finally surrendered to the day. I made some pumpkin oats topped with cinnamon and almond butter. My motor skills weren’t in tact yet so I went with quick oats in the microwave. And wow—I can taste such a difference after eating rolled oats yesterday. These tasted like mush and was just blah. I picture that they serve this kind of stuff in an old folk home since I really don’t have to chew at all, I could’ve just slurped it up. 


Oats fail. 

Even Lincoln was unhappy with the final product. Or maybe he just didn’t want to be up at 515A doing nothing, me either Linx, me either. 


I met up with Brittney for lunch and we went to Blynk Organic. I’ve been wanting to check out this place for a while and am happy I finally was getting the opportunity to do so.They have a variety of sandwiches, salads coffee, tea and smoothies that you can nosh on in the seating area to the side of it (pretty retro-esque too, I like) We decided to dine al fresco since it was absolutely perfect out. Brittney showed me a secret patio on top of the Dean and Deluca building. I like secret places. Ok, maybe it wasn’t so secret but I never knew about it so it was secret to me! 



I got the Saladena sandwich—roasted red peppers, artichokes, mozzarella, balsamic and spinach on a tomato basil roll. It was absolutely fantastic and fresh! I love when I actually get away from my desk, it’s such a nice way to break out the day. 

I really had nothing to look forward to for the rest of the day. My workload was pretty light but I snuck in a mile walk in there so yay for productivity! 

But then I had a dilemma . I started contemplating things in my life and the main thing I was thinking about I couldn’t settle on. What was it you ask? Well, it’s a very deep and important question that I am sure many of us have had to face at one point or another in life—should I buy cheese for dinner? I was planning on making a rice bowl with black beans, red onions and peppers for dinner but no cheese. Cheese makes everything better but do I really need cheese? Answer-No.  But then again, would I be eating this for dinner and think to myself “Yeah, this is good but it would have been great with some cheese”. I mulled over this for a good 30 minutes and went to my co-workers asking what I should do about my situation. I thought one of them was going to throw a stapler at my head since this was the biggest issue I was having today while some of them are dealing quarter end issues like interest being paid out and libors. 

And you know what? I ended up getting my cheese……and it was everything I dreamed of and more. 

Rice bowl sounded good but surely, I could make something better and a tad more creative right? Then I remembered Mo’s post on making Skinny Chimichanga’s and felt compelled to make a baked chimichanga/burrito hybrid of sorts 

I made boil in bag brown rice last night to save some time today then mixed half the bag with black beans (half can), shredded cheese (1/3 cup), Habanero peppers, red onion and chile powder then filled the tortillas 



I sprayed with canola oil spray and baked at 400 degrees for 15 minutes 



This was terrific and a nice alternative to tacos or a rice and black bean bowl. Now looking at everything I noticed that I was a vegetarian today, rock on with my bad self. Thanks Mo for sharing!! 

I got home thinking I was going to have dinner and fit a nice nap in afterwards. I was going to draw the drapes, turn the lights off and snooze while watching Family Guy. I forgot that there were men working on my roof today so constant banging and yelling for a good two hours I got home. Ugh. Good thing I was so tired that I ended up zonking out anyways and woke back up at 730P but felt like I slept for so long thought it was 730A, I hate when that happens! 

When I finally realized what time it was, Starbucks was the first thing on my mind. I wasnt  in the mood for coffee but for cold tea and seeing I don’t have anything here but coffee, water and hot chocolate, off to Starbucks I went! 

I got a Venti Shaken Iced Green Tea.Lemonade with two splendas–so tasty. 


 And for my coffee lovers out there–tomorrow is National Coffee Day—hooray! Check out this link for specials to see if any places in your hood are giving out free stuff. I don’t recognize some of the coffee places 

And with that, I feel like I need to go run to tire myself out again.