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She’s Having A Foodbaby

7 Sep

This wknd a food baby was conceived. I was fine but from meal to meal, it was all eating out and some of the decisions were not the best. I’ve been outing out more since I moved to my new home a couple of months ago and definitely not eating at home as much as I previously have been. I have people in town all weekend which resulted in going out from restaurant to restaurant and eating more than I normally do. Friday night I went to PF Changs with some girl friends to celebrate one of them rejoining the work force. We all started with the PFX-X-RATED Fusion Liqueur, Mango Vodka and Pama Liqueur shaken with a splash of Sprite

Isn’t it cute? It looks like a pink lemonade. I had to stop myself from slurping it down in three sips.

We split an order of the chicken lettuce wraps and split entrees:

Lucky Cat Martini-Vanilla Vodka, Chambord, Pineapple Juice. This was a perfect finish to a tasty meal.

One of my best friends was in town and we went to The Flying Saucer  for lunch on Saturday afternoon. They have a kick ass selection of beer but Saturday was going to be one long day so I stuck to Diet Coke and got an order of the Bratwurst Nachos

Very tasty and it came with a side of jalapeno sour cream. I love jalapenos and love the sour cream so I was in piggy heaven. I hate how there can be a million thing on a menu but once I see nachos, my mind is made up. Since my friend is a Yankee and never heard of Cook Out, I felt compelled to introduce her to the wonderfulness of their shakes.

She got the Oreo Mint, I got the Chocolate Cherry

And wtf is up with the shadows on my forehead?

I saw The American on Saturday night. It was good but more like a foreign film than any of George Clooneys movies I’ve seen.  And you know what? Watching George Clooney do a prostitute doggie style with your dad right next to you is totally awkward. Just saying.

On Sunday, lunch was from Dean and Deluca. When my parents come into town, we go there to get free samples since  A) they are amazing and B) no pesky sales people watching you circle the place. When we arrived there, they must have known because there were no free samples. Thumbs down. Not to fear though, I got sushi and dessert to go

We went to Brio Tuscan Grille   for dinner. They have a lovely outdoor area where you can have adult beverages while you wait.  After watching The American (which is set in Italy), I was jonesing for some wine. I have a smooth glass of Trivento Pinot Noir

 I am really not too big of an Italian food fan since I can make it at home but they had a varied menu so I found something I was happy with-Artichoke Crusted Beef Medallions

Holy balls, these just melted in my mouth. This was as delicious as it looked but it was quite heavy so

Some of you may recall about my desire to check out Denny’s Fried Cheese Melt. I didn’t think we had Denny’s in Charlotte but apparently there is one in the hood. After dinner on Sunday night, I met up with another friend who was in town this wknd to conquer this bad boy and this is where the food baby was conceived.


A) It did not look like the pictures I saw online

B) It did not come with the marinara sauce to dip it in

C) It was disgusting and not anywhere near as great as I thought it was going to be.

D) Even though my friend and I split it, we couldn’t even finish our halves. On the way home, she decided she had a cheese baby settling in his stomach while my food baby was just starting to sprout.

And she brought me pepperoni rolls from WV! I love my friends 🙂

I tried a fabulous new beverage, Sweet Leaf Tea. I had the Lemon flavor—it’s organic, has 70 calories per serving and while flavorful, it wasn’t as sweet as Arizona Iced Tea which is too much for me.

While at Ross on Monday, I saw something great

In Phoenix, I saw only the Tupac set but here they have the West Coast family set ??! Loves it!! I will be back for you, friend.

Lincoln got a new baby to add to his collection

For dinner, we hit up Cabo Fish Taco on Monday night.

I got the BBQ Mahi Tacos. I absolutely loved the shells they were on—they were light and fluffy yet crispy and durable. How they did that? No clue but I am a fan.

All in all, a terrific weekend. I would like this foodbaby to leave my body though, I am sick of wearing flow-y clothes.

Peace out.