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Retail Therapy is the Best Kind of Therapy

16 Aug

Good news-I got my registration renewed

Bad news-I didn’t get my NC license so it looks like I am still a Florida driver…..although I haven’t really lived there in over seven years.

I didn’t even get to take the test. Stupid me didn’t have a current insurance card and the most recent one I could find expired on 4.10. I tried to tell the lady I pay my insurance each month and that I could find a lot better things to do with the $80 something that goes towards that but she really wasn’t in the mood for insurance schtick and wasn’t amused by my humor (which in my book, you don’t think I’m funny, you kinda suck). I can understand though as I imagine there are many scammers that roll into the DMV each day.

Some reflections on waiting in line at the DMV:

*There are a lot of people out there who don’t know what personal hygiene is

*I think I was the only woman who didn’t have a knock off designer purse. I get my cute, big bags that are not name brand nor claim to be  at TJ Maxx thank you very much

*I am all about the love but is it really necessary to make out with your significant other in the DMV line?

* I keep confusing DMV and DMX—Get at me dog!!

* My workout session yesterday proved effective since my lower back was killing me while standing there and I can’t feel my thighs (thanks plie squats!)

I really had nothing planned for the rest of the morning. I had to stop at the Salvation Army thrift store to drop off a big donation and wandered in there for a little to see if I could snag any goodies

Mudd brown Mary Jane’s -$2.99

Books-$.99 each

Two tops-$1.50 and $3, not going out tops by any means but cute for work.

Polka dot bulletin board- $2.99

I stopped at Marshalls as well and got some other cute buys

Nike Dry-fit workout top- $10

Pink Halter top $3–HOLLA!

Graphic Top- $7

Mini Umbrella -$3

I stopped at The Common Market for lunch. I always forget that they have a newer location near my place and have been meaning to check it out. It’s an eclectic neighborhood convenience store but they also sell beer and wine (which you can enjoy there), deli sandwiches and a patio where they have live music, a dj, wine tastings and more! Check out their menu, they have some interesting wraps and sandwiches.

I went with the  Mid Eastern Wrap (Hummus and tabouleh with red onion, bell peppers, red cabbage and sprouts) on a spinach herb tortilla. I was going to just take it home but figured I was there so I might as well enjoy the patio. It was so peaceful out there and thankfully, not unbearably humid.


Such a beautiful wrap. This really filled me up and was delicious but the hummus or  tabouleh didn’t have alot of flavor so that was my only grip with it. Besides that, it was absolutely delicious and fresh!

Where my dog at?  He’s right here dog.

I am going to follow this boys lead and nap it up!!

PS-I am so happy to see that so many people agree on the ridiculousness of the no cupcake situation last night!! It makes me feel less crazy 🙂