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Not Gonna Lie

22 Jul

*This past wk I just haven’t felt like writing much, doing much, etc. It is so hot and miserable out  and I absolutely hate hot weather unless I am near water and don’t have to work. I’ve been waking up hot, doing to bed hot and I am over it. I am sick of not being able to do my hair, wear minimal makeup and sweating. It’s nasty and along with that I just don’t feel like moving. I get home from work, walk Lincoln and then change into comfortable clothes and plop in front of the fan.

*Along with being hot, moody and lazy I have really sucked at planning meals. I haven’t planned anything this past week and that needs to change. I am all settled in my new place but am without microwave so it’s been a tad different with dinners even though I didn’t think I relied on it too much. I haven’t been planning lunches out too much either and have been spending more money than I wish to on lunches. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve had some good things in the past couple of days but I am a frugalista and the spending needs to come to a stop

*I am really digging my shorter commute and sleeping in. I am getting almost 8 hours of sleep and waking up refreshed (and hot!), make my coffee, enjoy breakfast and some GMA

*My manager brought in brownies for the team since it’s been a killer week for us. I only admitted to having one, I really had three…..and they were worth every bite

*I’m really not looking forward to driving 18 hours this weekend but know it will be worth it

*I saw a set of twins who looked like the Asian equivalent of It’s Pat! and really wanted to whip out my camera but was polite instead

*I really don’t respect and can’t be nice to people with a bad work ethnic.Take some pride in what you do!

*I am ready for fall to be here. Beer, football and cooler weather make me happy!

So, with that being said, I’m hot, tired from work and need to get ready for this weekend! Hope everyone is having a lovely….and cooler week!