Muffins In Your Bag

14 Jul

Happy Hump Day! I am in a great mood because it feels like a Monday for me so excuse me if I am so happy. I took a new bus line to work and I was a little nervous. 1) Because it’s the local line as opposed to the express line. On the express line, we had cushioned seats, A/C and heat and looked like a charter bus. The local line? Well, it isn’t a charter bus, I can tell you that! Plastic cold seats with some sketchy characters on it so it gets an A+ for people watching. And the driver looked like this guy!

I love celebrity lookalikes. I almost wanted to start singing to him”Where would I be without youuuuuuu?” Well, I know the answer—the bus stop! Hahahahahah!

 When I got into work today our systems were down so that definitely was NOT the way to start the day for me. And I hate when people send out an email saying our systems aren’t working then when you walk in and haven’t even had a chance to set your stuff down, they come over to tell you it’s not working and they sent an email letting you and others know. WTF. Really? So you’re coming over to tell me what you emailed me about already? And after I am coming back to work after being off for four days so I probably have hundreds of emails to answer before looking at yours? Hello frustration, it’s nice to see you again.

At least I had Animal with me

Apparently, I had Animal sitting around in my old apartment and I threw him in my purse so that’s his new home. I think he is going to start going with me everywhere so look for him in pics. He may even become little a hidden Mickey and you will have to try to spot him in pics!

Lunch was leftover Pad Thai from the other night

One of my older co-workers came over to my desk and just said “I put some muffins in your bag” and I looked at her very perplexed as to what she was talking about it. I thought she was doing a little drug deal or something and got the wrong person and that was the code phrase. Little did I know she was talking about my lunch bag in the break room and muffins she made this wknd. She’s so sweet—she knows by the size of my butt I love the baked goods and made some lemon cream cheese muffins this wknd. 

 Inspired by Ja Rule earlier this morning, I got up and started breaking it down and rapping it “I put the muffins in your bag, put the the the the muffins in your bag” and even dropped it like its hot. She laughed at me and I love her for that b/c she is what I strive to be like when I am older. She’s in her mid fifties but has a garden, loves cold beer and wine, wears her funky jewelry and cusses. I always tell her I want to be like her when I am older and she almost smacks me each time I say that.

Oh yeah, guess I should show pics of the lovely muffins

 Another celebrity lookalike on the way home! This chick looked like a younger Frances Conroy (the mom from Six Feet Under)

Dinner was Black Bean, Mushroom and Pork Tacos topped with Avocado and Tomato

I broke into my Goya Recaito Cilantro Sauce. I saw this on Bikini By 30 last month ago and was intrigued since I love the ethnic dishes and love sauces.

I cooked both the black beans and mushrooms in it along with some chili powder and garlic and cooked the pork in Recaito sauce alone

Topped with Trader Joe’s Salsa Authentica… this stuff! I prefer their pineapple or mango salsa but seeing that I can down a jar of it in one sitting, I try not to buy it too often.


Before I end this, I forgot about a perturbing part of my day. I have really funky dreams sometimes which I am used to by now. But last night was a really weird one involving another blogger, Mari.

Looks sweet and wouldn’t hurt a fly right? In my dream—big WRONG! I dreamed she was a serial killer but it was more like a Dexter-esque situation where she was taking out the bad guys. I remember that and how I was talking with her in a parking garage (which I hate parking garages because they are creepy and someone always gets murdered in them in the movies) and she was telling me how she wanted to stop but couldn’t. So thanks for not killing me in my dream, Mari! When I told her this morning that she was a serial killer in my dream, she asked if she had a theme song! I was like “WTF?” when I read this but she said that if she were ever to be a serial killer (not that she would ever choose to be one nor do I believe it’s in her genes if that’s your school of thought) her theme song would be “Itsy Bitsy Spider” and that just made me laugh because I never really thought what  my serial killer theme song would be. And a question that I have never asked in my life—–What would your serial killer theme song be?

Tonight was pretty quiet. Lincoln and I headed out for a walk and I wasn’t expecting us to go too far but we ended up going on a two-mile walk and getting our cardio in. Poor little guy was lagging on the way back but he was a trooper and kept prancing. I just love my new neighborhood, they were so many people out running, walking their dogs, cycling, etc. We even got a few honks and I will be nice and say they were for Lincoln haha.

Refueled with some M&M’s, damn you Valentine’s Day clearance candy! I don’t know what’s up with M&M kick lately but it needs to stop. These are a comfort food for me and take me back to childhood and having BOGO coupons for them is not helping me….or my booty.

Sidenote-why does fake ex con Leonardo DiCaprio look so good but normal Leo doesn’t do anything for me?

Do you have weird dreams?

 I used to have weird dreams alot but then I stopped drinking diet coke before bed and it stopped but still have some weird ones from time to time


12 Responses to “Muffins In Your Bag”

  1. Mari at 11:29 pm #

    omg I am rolling over here!!!!!!! Attn: Shaka’s Readers….I AM NOT A SERIAL KILLER! But c’mon we alllllll know they whistle a song when they are about to kill someone ha…

    Dude because of you I will have dreams of Ja Rule’s voice! He sounds like a barking dog!

    Do you know that I cried for like two days when I saw Romeo and Juliet AND Titanic! Which is pretty lame because I knew the death scene was coming in BOTH movies! Ha

  2. serial killer theme song!! omg hahaha i totally have to thing about it.. i really dont know what mine would be. lol.

    actually this kind of makes me want to put some muffins in my bag for real! ❤


  3. spabettie at 2:01 am #

    I’ll never be a serial killah, but my CURRENT THEME SONG is Can’t Tell Me Nothing by Kanye…

    ah, ah, ahah Wait Til I Get My Money Right… 🙂

    I used to work in a clinic with REALLY bad IT and computers were always down. I would come in and people would bombard me – “it sucks, no computers!!” and my boss would say “oh. I should have called and told you to stay home today”. GAAH!! lame. that time? I went to my office, took care of what I could for about an hour, then left!!

    I LOVE Six Feet Under.

  4. lisaou11 at 7:17 am #

    hahah funny funny post. You are witty!

    By the way, you mention Six Feet Under. Love that show–I’m currently watching all the seasons!

    I’d prob want the crazy ending song from Dexter if I were a serial killer!

  5. Ja hasn’t done much recently… are you sure the bus driver wasn’t actually him? 😉

  6. dianacheung at 8:40 am #

    being greated by dumb a$$es: fail, muffins: win!! BTW you love bad boys! that’s why you like ex con leo!

  7. Serial killer theme song?!?! OMG! How funny! I need to think about this one!

    Thanks for the laughs this morning! You are too funny!

  8. christina at 9:52 am #

    haahh you kill me!! ja rule was your bus driver!!!

    so funny about your dream! i have the craziest dreams too. just really random ones!

    leo is hot…usually!

  9. genesis at 12:10 pm #

    haha – drug deal! you have the greatest imagination!

  10. Mo Diva at 4:58 pm #

    hmmm. my theme song would be the creepy harry potter theme… its spooky and mystical.
    ANd i would probably be the date killer.
    cable guy? what cable guy?

  11. thehungryscholar at 5:24 pm #

    Thanks for the TJ’s salsa recommendation. Always look from some TJ hits.

  12. Karla at 11:53 am #

    HAHA! This post cracks me up!
    First of all, JA RULE! What ever happened to him?!?!
    Second, I don’t know what to tell you about Leo. He’s just all sorts of fine for me, but I suppose he’s not my first choice either.

    Love coming across celebrity lookalikes. I have a friend who gets told he looks like Brad Pitt a lot, it’s really weird.

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