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New York Part 3

7 Jul

Yes, I am still talking about NYC. After my day with Mari and Mo, we decided on going to Hell’s Kitchen. When my friends this, I was a little sketched out. I’ve seen Sleepers and all and that is a bit of a dark movie but supposedly it isn’t so dark anymore. My friends got a recommendation for the restaurant Hell’s Kitchen in Hell’s Kitchen (and nope, not anything related to the show)

On the way there

We had a bean dip of sorts and guacamole for appetizers (since I hadn’t eaten enough already that day)

I got the roasted pork shank with greens and rice over a blueberry mole sauce

It was only appropriate to have dessert since we were celebrating my friends 30th birthday

Holy goodness, this was one great meal. The pork shank was a bit too much and I tried to eat as much as I could without being overly full but barely finished half. I am a member of the clean plate club (or I doggy bag it) but didn’t feel it would be right toting around food with me if we went to a bar or club afterwards so away it went. The banana empanadas were to die for! I need to attempt to make them soon.

We really had no plans for the rest of the evening but we did pass a fire station and got our picture taken on the truck! One of my friends got a picture of us with a hottie of a fireman and I am waiting to see the pic!

We found a bar that was cajun themed and saw they had Abita Purple Haze on tap. I was in heaven! I love this beer but have only had it out of the bottle so it was a delight to try it fresh. Oh. I may have left out the park where we went into a porn store at 11P where some dude approached me, put his arm around me and told me I was gorgeous. I flinched when he touched me b/c cmon, I don’t know where his hands have been and then he was referring to me as “the girl with the big booty” as I was leaving and I believe he was sucking his teeth. Gross. I was just perusing the store minding my own business and he bothers me, leave me only brother!

The next morning we met up with one of my co-workers who I’ve never met at Le Pain Quotidien. I thought this place was totally cute and they had a great menu but we wound up with horrible service. I am talking almost 30 minutes to get our drinks and we were sitting outside with not a lot of coverage so we were roasting. I got the veggie quiche, which was good but it didn’t have a lot of flavor

One of the girls liked to play with her food, hehe

Afterwards some of the girls headed to see Chicago so it was just me and another girl. Celebrating July 4th in NYC, we decided to go to an Irish pub for a late lunch and feasted on british food such as Fish N Chips and Shepherd’s Pie

We went to Central Park afterwards to relax and get some people watching in. I people watched for about 10 minutes and fell asleep

And woke up happy and refreshed!

Undies off 5th Ave, Undies off 5th Ave—whacha gonna do with your undies off 5th Ave??

We met up with the other girls and hit up Mother Burger for dinner…..we wouldn’t have known about this place but we saw a sign for $3 margaritas that sucked us in.

Hello lova

I got the wing burger. We were watching Food Network Best of Burgers earlier in the day and was craving one the entire day after that. Someone mentioned a buffalo wing burger at Bobby Flay’s restaurant in Paramus, NJ and we were tempted to go there but stayed within our vicinity instead

Our fabulous waiter!

We were only a few blocks away from the Hudson but I was not in the mood to deal with crowds (six margaritas and some shots will do that to you) so we went back to the hotel to watch them from there since we had a view of the river

Damn building was in the way but we still got to see the amazing show they put on. I would love to say that we lived it up afterwards and partied but True Blood was on and they were repeating the last three episodes so yeaaaaaaaaaah, that was it. And I didn’t even make it past the second episode, I passed out (again, six margaritas and shots) but at least I got to see the fireworks!

The next morning it was time to leave. We all had different flight times but one of the girls and I were flying out around the same time and another girl drove so we waited around until check out time.

Fabulous Blueberry pomegranate smoothie at Cosi

We went to Penn Station to catch the train to JFK and it was hotter than hell down there. We were early and toting around our stuff  so we stayed on the tracks and I thought I was going to keel over.

We got to the port early and went to Deep Blue for some sushi

Who knew airport sushi could be so good? This was 10x better than Tao!

I feasted on my last cupcake from Crumbs that was protected in my new cupcake holder before take-off. I didn’t want it to end.

All in all, I had a fabulous time and loved NYC! I would love to live somewhere like NYC but am not that much of a city girl–I like my car, grass (the stuff on the ground not the ghanja) and fresh air. I had good eats for the most part but am happy to be back in Charlotte where lunch with a drink doesn’t cost me $25 and I can drive. I would love to live somewhere with better public transportation or more things accessible by walking and I love the variety in NYC of things to do, different neighborhoods and diversity of people. Here it’s mostly white people which is fine but I like some culture and ethnically diversity. Hope you all enjoyed NYC through my eyes 🙂