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Is It Wrong?

22 Jun

That my breakfast consisted of Starbucks alone and only cost $2?

Skim Green Tea Latte-my throat was killing me this morning (thanks to the sick baby who was at work yesterday) and wanted something different from coffee but hate tea straight up. I haven’t had one of these in two years and forgot how much I loved it

Reduced Fat Very Berry Coffee Cake

That I got all this for under $10 and just learned what patty pan squash was today?

That I didn’t have time to make lunch which resulted in me grabbing something frozen from home and enjoying it immensely?

That the most enjoyable part of my lunch (full 30 minutes thank you!) wasn’t the pesto tortellini but catching up with this lady via You Tube?

That I’ve been calling Lincoln Mr. Bigglesworth since he is so silky smooth and practically hairless?

That even though it was 95 degrees out with ridiculous humidity I made a hot dinner?

Grilled turkey, ham and Monterrey jack sandwich with T Marzetti’s Light Ancho Chipotle Ranch spread on whole wheat with roasted okra, red peppers, zucchini and patty pan squash with extra virgin olive oil, garlic, paprika and pepper.

That when I saw Jake and Vienna have parted ways I smiled on the inside since I knew it would never last?

Keep it real girlfriend

That I went shopping tonight for my NYC trip next wknd, spent over $120 and only got a wallet, shoes and a halter top for the trip? Yes, it is. I hate when I go into a store just to look and walk out $200 later when I had no intention of buying anything. But then of course, when I have money put aside specifically for the trip, nothing. I did get some cute skirts for work, a workout tank and an awesome dress though! Thankfully I have off tomorrow since my washer/dryer people are coming here to pick it up and think I am going to drive down to SC (hello lower taxes and cost!) to do a little shopping. If I can bear it, I may even go to the pool but it has been so icky sticky nasty out lately, I may just read in the pool and get my tan on.

I’m soooooo enjoying everyone’s comments on what your favorite books and songs are! Keep em coming–you got until Thursday to enter to win a fun package 🙂