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19 Jun

Today was all about beauty. I stayed up until 2A last night (which is late for me, even on a weekend!) thanks to the coffee and woke up around 9A. I was seriously dragging. Dragging so much that I poured coffee grinds into the water filter area of my coffee pot and water into the grinds filter, oi. Oddly enough, the coffee was drinkable but not strong whatsoever. I made a quick breakfast of scrambled eggs, shrooms, red onions and a diced sweet potato so my belly would be full for a little.

I went to a local spa to redeem a $50 gift certificate that I bought for $25 off of Groupon. I got the Deluxe Pedicure which was hands down the best pedicure I’ve ever had. Even better than this one that I also got off of Groupon. It was nice because there was only two pedicure chairs so it was very detail oriented. I got a paraffin wax, peppermint sugar scrub and some kind of menthol peppermint lotion of my feet. I got my piggies done in a beautiful “Last Tango”

No Yuengling for me today since I had a hair appointment shortly after and it is with a new stylist for me and didn’t really want to be sauced for it. I’ve been going to my stylist for the last two years and she recently moved to a new location which is about 30 minutes further from the 30 minutes she was already from me. I am really not too keen on making a two-hour trip to get my hair did (I’m a diva what can I say?) and thought I would try someone new. I was out walking Lincoln a few weeks ago and I started chatting with a girl while she was walking her dog and got her info. Turns out she is 10 minutes from my apartment with the same rates as my stylist so I decided to give her a shot.

I was early so I stopped at Dunkin Donuts for a large iced coconut coffee with half and half and snacked on a kiwi and banana on the way to my appointment. I hate having appointments in the mid afternoon since I don’t have time to pick up lunch.

 Check out the area where I got to lounge when my color was setting! An Ottoman, magazines and cable!!?? Bring it.

Naturally, I turned on Bravo in hopes of catching up on some Real Housewives and I lucked out with the Real Housewives of NY Reunion—hello drama!

I touched up my blonde highlights and chopped my hair off! I’ve been trying to grow it out but it is just blah when it gets long b/c it’s so thick and full so I thought a cute, shorter look for the summer would be fun.

I’m diggin it so far but I keep running my fingers through my hair wondering where all my hair is! I got back home to have a late lunch-some beautiful sushi that I got at Reid’s yesterday—Sushicado and LBJ Roll

Speaking of LBJ, Lincoln bears an uncanny resemblance to his dog, Yuki. Lincoln is presidential!!! Get it—-Lincoln—-Presidential? I crack myself up.

I took a nap after that and woke up and popped open my Greek Salad with Grilled Chicken that I got at Reid’s and topped with T Marzetti’s Lite Ancho Chipotle Ranch

Such a beautiful, messy salad! I finally got around to watching Valentine’s Day

So, I know it got really bad reviews but I absolutely loved this move! Especially Jennifer Garner’s role, I think the part with the pinata was effin awesome along with the waitressing bit! Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned….

I got some bad news this afternoon though. My friend from Phoenix texted me to let me know her dog passed away this week. I believe he was 10 or 11 yrs old and she had had him since he was a pup so it was very bad news. I used to go to her place and pay more attention to her dog than to her and would since Lionel Richie’s “Once, Twice, Three Times a Lady” to him but insert his name in there.  I cannot even imagine the pain she is going through and don’t want to think about how I will be when Lincoln’s time will come.

So for now, I enjoy every minute I have with my beautiful pup, even if he does sometimes resemble Nick Nolte’s infamous mug shot with his crazy hair

Hope everyone had as beautiful day as I did!

Just Say No To Evening Coffee

19 Jun

Happy Friday all……well Happy Saturday if we want to get technical. But since I haven’t really gone to bed for the night, it’s still Friday in my world. I took a three-hour nap (yeah, hi) after dinner tonight and then had the genius idea to brew some coffee at 10P so I am going to be up for a while. I have been so tired lately that I thought it wouldn’t affect me so much but I can’t stop tapping my fingers, getting up to pick up little pieces of lint I spot on the floor and am so wired, feel like I am going to see this creepy baby any minute now.

And maybe from watching Trainspotting  too many times in my high school days, stems my whole no babies school of thought for me. Hmmmmm, not the right time to think that deeply though. Anyways, I will not be doing nighttime java again any time soon. And yes, I could buy decaf though but I just don’t believe in the D word.

I did have a yummy iced Mocha with Non Fat Milk (but extra whip it looks like) from McDonalds this morning. We have one near work and I really never go to it but I had a BOGO coupon so met up with a former co-worker of mine and got two to go.

It was delicious but a total dessert drink. I was annoying girl sitting in a quiet office slurping it down to the last drop. No one talks or anything and the only noise you really hear is either the phones or my Pandora (which today my cube totally sounded like a gay men’s nightclub going on as my co-worker eloquently pointed out) so why not bring some noise to the table?

I had Peach Chobani Greek Yogurt with blueberries, unsweetened coconut and Kashi Crunch for breakfast after that and was in a sweet, lactose heaven.

Lunch was eel sushi and spring rolls that I picked up at Reid’s yesterday. Did you all know today (well yesterday-June 18th) was International Sushi Day? I needed to celebrate it!

The spring rolls were absolutely terrific. Very fresh, crisp veggies inside and I loved the dipping sauce. The eel sushi, not so much. The rice was hard, didn’t taste too fresh and the eel didn’t have the normal eel taste nor the sauce.

I had a Suzy’s Skinny Cakes Carrot Cake Muffin afterwards (another buy from Reid’s–$.79!)

It was tasty but a bit moist for me. And I do not like too moist of muffins! On another note, if I ever open up a brothel, Moist Muffins will be the name. It’s a cute name and right to the point right? Right.  The muffin was tasty however Suzy needs to work on her packaging a little, since all the frosting came off when I took it out of the envelope

It was a slow afternoon so the new girl on our team walked over to Reid’s yet again to stock up. I am officially cutting myself off from hereon out since I think I am good on food for now and the entire month of July. I am really loving this whole taking a lunch break, taking breaks, having a co-worker who talks thing going on, it’s fabulous.

 The goods:

For dinner, I combined two of my favorite loves—–nachos and pizza. I saw this recipe for Nacho Pizza on Morgan’s site and have been meaning to try it.

I baked the crust for a few minutes to get it crispy then spread refried beans on the dough as the base.

Then topped with leftover grilled chicken, red peppers, onions, tomatoes and cheese

 Had some beer while that was cooking

Baked at 375 for 15 minutes b/c I like it crispy and soon enough it was done!

I had a little ramekin of Kraft Light Three Cheese Ranch for dipping purposes and this was an excellent recipe! I would have never thought to put refried beans as the base and always have leftover refried beans once I pop open the can so now I have something to do with it. Thanks Morgan for posting this recipe!

So, it’s now 1A. I need to find something to do. I packed some boxes tonight for the move, cleaned already and nothing’s on tv. It would really help if stuff stayed open later here b/c I could totally go out right now!

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