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What made me smile today

16 Jun

1) An energizing breakfast including a green monster with milk, baby spinach, vanilla protein, cold coffee, cinnamon and ice and low fat protein pancakes topped with banana, nectarine and blueberries

2) Eating brown rice and actually enjoying it. I like brown rice but it never tastes the same as you when you get it out. I made mine with low sodium chicken brother and added grilled mushrooms, onions and sun-dried tomatoes

3) Finding out that everything at Reid’s (a local supermarket going out of business) had the entire store 40%!!!!  And when I say entire store-I mean everything (hooch included) Check out the goods I got—all for 45 bones!

I even snuck a bottle of wine into work 🙂 I wish I could break into this at work but I know I wouldn’t stop at one and then I would start telling people what I really thought about them.

4) Having a Diet Mountain Dew in the afternoon and not caring if it will keep me up all night

5) Lincoln!!

6) Sushi

7) Indulging in my favorite snack-Snyder’s Hot Buffalo Wing Pretzel Pieces

What made you smile today?


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