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14 Jun

Today was a great day!  It’s Monday which is a bit of a downer but I finally set my mind on going to Phoenix… the summertime-eek! One of my friends is turning 30 and having a party for the big event. I was going to go but got bogged down with bills and was bummed about it. I was thinking about it on Friday and suck eff it. I will just work a bunch of OT to afford the trip and suck it up. Plus, flights to the desert aren’t bad in the middle of summertime and it will be nice to see everyone. And I am surprising her, so that just makes it extra fun! I will only be gone Friday through Sunday but it will be a nice little trip to look forward to!

I started the morning off with an egg white and avocado wrap

This morning was super busy but not too busy where I was wanting to scream and pull out my hair like Friday. We like that.

For lunch I had a turkey and cheese sandwich on whole wheat with a baby spinach side salad topped with onions, tomatoes, mushrooms, zucchini and avocado with Kraft Light Three Cheese Ranch. I love this dressing but I think only with chicken bites or wings as opposed to on a salad. I really wasn’t diggin it today and wanted something a little lighter.

This afternoon, I searched for different dumbbell and kettlebell exercises and got a little ego boost from the new girl on our team. I am forever talking about food and the stuff I make and she was begging me to give her some ideas since she is looking for new stuff to make her family. I love it! It’s like a little project for me to work on for her. Plus, I am always going on and on about my husband (Trader Joe’s) and she is putting together a list of stuff she wants me to get for her since I live so close. Meal planning and food shopping? Can I please do this for a living? I am kinda over moving millions of dollars each day.

Speaking of making your own food, I finished The Art of Eating In Today by Cathy Erway. It’s the story of a twenty something girl (and blogger!) living in NYC and tries to eat all of her meals at home for two years (exclusing special occasions and work related lunches). I really enjoyed this book, how she taught herself to cook different things such as bread, risotto and even menudo with tripe (which I tried when I lived in Phoenix and don’t think I will ever try again once I found out what tripe was). She talks about the history of restaurants, the implications that come from eating out (to both your wallet and waistline) and has some of her recipes in there. If you’re a foodie, I highly recommending reading this book or checking out her website Not Eating Out in New York

And is it wrong that when I go to NYC next month, I want to break out of my running hiatus, go balls out (not literally LOL) and go running all crazy like Phoebe in Friends??

For dinner, I made thin crust pizza on Trader Joe’s Whole Wheat Pizza Dough with sun-dried tomatoes, salami, turkey pepperoni, mushrooms, onions and provolone cheese. Instead of marinara, I lightly brushed the dough with the oil from the sun-dried tomatoes which was a thin, tasty base.

And I may have been really engrossed with Family Guy and kinda forgot it was cooking. It worked out fine though, I like it crispy!!

I’ve had the Crunch Cardio Sculpt DVD that I got through Netflix sitting in my living room for the past week and finally popped it in

I was really impressed with the workout. And coming from a girl who hates DVD workouts, that says a lot. I used my eight and ten lbb dumbbells and there was a lot og squatting and lunging along with bicep curls, lateral raises,tricep dips, crunches, shoulder presses and more. It definitely got my heart a’ beating but once I was really getting into it, it was over. It was only a 30 minute workout and for once, I was in the mood for something longer. Other than that once complaint, I really enjoyed it and definitely recommend it.

Decent calorie burn of 270, not bad but again, was looking for something more. All I can say is I am already feeling it in my triceps and quads.

And how did I miss that my 30th and half birthday was yesterday? I am officially leaning towards 31 now, good thing I still have the maturity and sense of humor of a 13 year old instead.