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I got a feeling

6 Jun

That if I hear “I Got a Feeling” by the Black Eyed Peas, I am going to scream and possibly hit someone. I heard it at least nine times last night and am officially over it! Besides that-oh-hi–hope everyone had a lovely weekend. Personally, I feel like mine just flew by and I really didn’t have a weekend. Between going to the wedding yesterday, packing up, dropping Lincoln off to be watched and getting back home today, I am pooped. And I just noticed it”s 9P and I still haven’t had coffee today. No wonder I feel so funkalicious, I have been meh all day and don’t feel too hungover but more meh.

I started yesterday with scrambled eggs and turkey bacon

Packed my bag and pakced Lincoln up and was ready to go!

I stopped at Harris Teeter and got a six inch ham sub with lettuce, tomato, black olives and banana peppers for a quick lunch since I knew I would be eating and drinking a lot later on

I finally broke into my FSTG Buffalo Chips as well, these have been sitting in my pantry for two months which is just uncalled for. Why didn’t I have these before? I absolutely loved them.

Pooltime soon followed after! I was super excited to check out the pool b/c it’s a roof pool with a gorgeous view of the city.

We hung out there for a few hours then walked over to the supermarket for food and beer…..mostly beer though.

We picked up some Bud Light Golden Wheat and Dynamite Roll to split.

The beer-fabulous. The sushi? Not so much. I hate imitation crab meat and I believe a dynamite roll is supposed to be spicy or have some flavor that pops but this was just nill of any kind of taste.

Soon it was wedding time—the theme was Hollywood Night so they had a red carpet, Oscar replicas, Walk of Fame stars, etc. Plus the colors were red and black which I absolutely love.

The food


They had a photo booth there so my friend and I got every accessory possible on us and went to take some pics

Oh yeah—look at the lobby of the hotel we were staying at! Yeah, it’s a Holiday Inn. Who knew they were so chic? I so want the zebra print chairs in the background.

We changed and headed to a couple of bars afterwards. Personally, I wasn’t feeling it since it seemed like everyone who was out was 23 y.o and just a d-bag. Nothing wrong with the 23 y.o.’s but I did the whole bar thing was I was that age and am kinda over it. I kept yelling at my friends because the music was so loud and I couldn’t hear anything. And I typically don’t like to go to bars where girls dance on the bars. If it were guys dancing, that might be a different opinion though.

We stopped at another bar after that and I was done by that point. It was 1230A, which is super late for me. Sad, I know but waking up early and drinking for eight hours kinda took a toll on me. I ordered a small Woodchuck but didn’t even finish it. I did help finish some of my friends nachos because drunk me like greasy drunk food.

I recall singing Beautiful Nachos to Madonna’s “Beautiful Stranger”. Nice. Ok so after that, I was done. I walked back to the hotel since it was only 1.5 blocks away but still didn’t feel safe which is just horrible. Um, I live in Charlotte. Not so huge city where I should worry about walking by myself but Charlotte actually has a huge crime rate and I really don’t feel safe walking around uptown at night alone. Thankfully, there were a lot of people out so the walk back wasn’t bad but I just didn’t feel safe and felt like I was about to pass out so told my friends I was going alone.

This morning, we went to The Penguin Drive In. The Penguin has been around for years, is constantly on Food Network and just an all around good place. They have great burgers, hot dogs, fries and more. I’ve only been a few times since the place is totally addictive but when I go, I go all out!

Fried Pickles (with ranch dressing on the side)

Small Block Burger

And I’m not a huge sweet tea person but had three glasses because theirs is that good! Soon after, I headed back home and picked up Lincoln from my friend’s house. He was totally happy to see me and me as well. I miss him after a day, I am whipped for this dog. We came home and he looked depressed though and I have no clue why. Lincoln- I know you have a rough life of playing with your babies, running around, eating and taking naps but what’s with the depressed look? Not diggin it.

Speaking of cute dogs, I love this Citibank ad

The rest of the afternoon was spent on the couch since I was A) hungover and B) it was stifling hot and humid outside. I hate when it gets so sticky outside you don’t even want to move. I napped on the sofa and watched Mystery Diagnosis. I love Discovery Health and can watch it 24/7, it just amazes me with all the true stories. I snacked on a Jokerz Candy Bar (can you tell it’s my day off from calorie counting??) 🙂

 Dinner was Trader Joe’s Spinach and Artichoke Dip with their Organic Baked Nacho Tortillas Chips. This spin dip is one of my favorite items because it only takes 5 minutes to make and you can use on pasta and sandwiches as well.

Sigh, back to work tomorrow. If you’re still ready after this mega long post—thanks for sticking through this and reading. Hope y’all have a great start to the week!