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Likes and Dislikes

1 Jun

Woke up to major rain today-dislike. I hate when the day starts like that and you can hear it just as you’re waking up. Plus, I’m not a snoozer so I can’t just hit the snooze button and go back to back (if you are a snoozer, consider yourself lucky).

I got to work and it just smelled, looked and felt like a Monday-dislike but it was actually Tuesday so only four more days to go —like.

I had an eggwhite and mushroom wrap for breakfast with Mexi-Ranch Dressing-like

There were quite a few people in the break room when I was making this and everyone kept telling me how good it smelled-like. However, I forgot cheese because imo, no wrap is complete without cheese-dislike.

It was nice to see the people at work I do like and catch up on what everyone did over the long wknd-like. But telling every single person why I was limping like Catherine O’Hara when her legs go crazy at the dog show in Best in Show? Dislike.

God bless a terrier indeed.

Today wasn’t busy at all-like. But by the end of the day, I ran out of websites to look at and got bored-dislike.

I went over to the library to pick up some books and found this gem

I am going to try to stray away from my usual standby of Mexican food and try different ethnic meals –like. But I realized I will most likely never open up a Vietnamese restaurant called “Pho My Homies”–dislike.

Lunch came around shortly after that and I had a Naked Burrito with brown rice, pork, pimento and mushrooms topped with Mexi Ranch-like


It was really tasy due to my making the brown rice with chicken brother and the Mexi Ranch. I was bummed about their being no cheese but then thought, I really don’t need as much cheese as I normally have. Dislike. I know this should be a like but keep in mind

I had some different snacks in the afternoon which was a like b/c I got to mix it up a little

On the other hand, having these snacks made me feel like I was in the 4th grade-dislike.

I still have my foam Hamburger Helper hand at my desk and when I glanced over at it today, it just made me smile-like.

But then when looking at it, I got reminded of an ex boyfriend. An ex boyfriend who promised to make me a great, home cooked meal one night and it was Hamburger Helper. And what made it even more delicious was that he forgot the milk for the cheese sauce so I ate watered down Nacho Hamburger Helper. Dislike.

Soon it was time to come home and dinner time. I really didn’t have anything in mind so I cut up a chicken breast, dipped in eggwash and threw in a 100 Calorie Pack of Blue Diamond Almonds in the food processor then mixed in some pepper, paprika and garlic salt. I baked for 18 minutes at 350 degrees and while that was cooking threw in some frozen veggies in the microwave.

The cheese has finally made an appearance—LIKE!!!! Sodium count on this-major dislike.

The dipping sauce was Honey BBQ Sauce and Light Ranch mixed together. I can give up butter and oil but I will never quit my dips. This meal was great, I often find the random meals that I don’t plan out ahead of time are the best so this was a -you guessed it-like. The fact that it all came to an end-dislike.

I went to Off Broadway soon after to find some shoes for the wedding I’m going to this wknd. I am not a shoe person at all, if I could wear my flips everywhere, I would be a happy gal. Plus I am frugal, so pair those two together and it’s not a good combo. I found these shoes and they fit great and weren’t flimsy at all–like.

The fact they were $40-dislike. I long for the day where $40 spent on shoes doesn’t seem like so much as it does to me now.

I got home and Lincoln freaked the eff out! I was only gone an hour but he greets me as if I’ve been gone the entire day while panting jumping around, kissing me-like.

His stinky breath though? Dislike.

This post was all about likes and dislikes (if you haven’t caught on with the BOLD and ummm, the title 🙂 ) but I am going to end it with a LOVE

I absolutely love the fact that my dog looks completely drunk sometimes

What was your likes and dislikes of the day?