And scene

11 May

Holy effballs, two days from hell in a row. Not cool. I just noticed I didn’t post food pics from yesterday so this will be a foodlicious post.

Let’s start with the food because, cmon, it’s a lot more fun than work talk!

Breakfast yesterday was a good bowl of oats with banana, coconut and blueberry flax

And of course, a BIG salad in celebration National Salad Month with baby spinach, carrots, kidney beans, tomato, cheese, chicken, peas with Ken’s Lite Honey Mustard dressing.

Dinner was boring compared to that though–leftover pierogies

My friend gave me this container of Williams Sonoma Peppermint Hot Chocolate

To make it extra chocolate-licious

Would have been perfect with whipped cream!

Last night, I couldn’t fall asleep for the life of me. I only got four hours of sleep the night before and was up until almost 1A last night (morning?)…..grrrr!

I started out with a Kashi Go Lean Chocolate Peanut Bar this morning

I went into Starbucks ready for a HOT Venti drip coffee and they told me they were out of hot water. What? Isn’t this what most of your business is based off of? I got a Venti Iced Coffee instead but wasn’t happy about it. It was cold and rainy this morning so wanted a warm cup of happiness. I could have gotten a cup of the breakroom stuff but don’t want to start growing hair on my chest.

I then had a bowl of Chobani Strawberry Greek Yogurt with coconut granola.

And still hungry. One may say ravenous. And then I starting having horrible stomach aches and realized I had a friend in town, meh. I was just in a rotten mood. When someone called, I was rude which I never am at work no matter how busy or crappy of a mood I’m in. I have some apology calls to make to people who I was rude to today. And people kept looking at my strange because I had my hoodie on with my hood up on my head ala the Unibomber.

And my hair looked like crap. And I forgot my lipstick so I just felt weird without having any on yes (yes I do wear lipstick to take Lincoln out and to the grocery store). Since it was raining, the hippies weren’t out today either, meh.

I brought my lunch with me but just didn’t want it. I want something greasy. Something fatty. Something fried. And that left me with one place in mind—Bojangles!!

Awwww yeah.

I got a horrible for me meal….a leg and thigh with fries and a biscuit….and a 32 oz Mountain Dew. If I was going all out, I was going to go all out.

It was delicious.

Soon after though, I felt nauseous. And then remembered why I don’t eat fast food that much anymore. How on earth did I used to put this in my body multiple times per wk year after year? Dear Body, my sincerest apologies. This afternoon was a big mess of sickness, tiredness and stress. Not a good combination. I tried to leave early but that was a no go.


I took Lincoln for a walk, talked on the phone with my sister and parentals and was actually in a good mood despite the horrible day. I was off to make dinner, which was a complete 180 from my lunch.

I nuked some veggies that had been sitting in the freezer forever

Made some red quinoa…..which was new for me.

And baked a catfish filet with lemon juice, butter, lemon pepper seasoning and paprika

A balanced dinner!

Not sure how I feel about the quinoa though….anyone have any tips on cooking it or types they like?

Getting ready to watch Lost soon and can we talk about Sex and The City 2 coming out soon???!! Cannot wait! I liked the movie but still love the show more but fell in love with the first soundtrack and can’t wait to hear what the second one is like.

This is my favorite song from the first soundtrack

10 Responses to “And scene”

  1. Foodilicious is right! Everything looks fantastic- I love how much variety you incorporated and your balance of gorgeous salad with Bojangles yumminess. I know how it can make you feel slightly less than stellar though.

    I also loved your last post with the pictures of all your travels!! Love how much fun it looks like you have in each place. I’m so jealous and inspired to travel!!

  2. dianacheung at 7:49 am #

    although I love me some greasy food…it’s not the same for me and my stomach anymore either!

  3. That hot chocolate would be perfect for the rainy and cool weather we have in NYC.

  4. BikiniBy30 at 10:34 am #

    I like to cook my quinoa in veggie broth.

    If I eat a big dose of sugar now (even if it’s cleaner and make with organic ingredients) I wake up feeling hungover. It’s crazy!

  5. Monique at 12:44 pm #

    Diva, i need some of this fried chicken you taunt me with!

    i want some fancy pepermint chocolate. you can send me all your excess.

    Lincoln wants to be my puppy- he didnt say this… but i know it deep down. the smiling dog is breaking my heart.
    BTW i put lip gloss on all the time and yet my hair is not brushed and my pants are bright pink and say IM A PRINCESS, BITCH… but in my head if my lips are shiny no one will notice anything else.

    I get my quinoa from trader joes and its a more yellow color. I cook it according to the package directions and it comes out like pasta. mmm.

    i like the yoforia remix to notorious.

  6. Mari at 4:12 pm #

    I need friends that give me chocolate! they would be my bff’s lol

    I rarely leave my house without makeup so I totally get you =)

    I can not wait until SATC comes out…it IS the bible!

  7. Kelly at 5:22 pm #

    I love those Kashi Roll bars….all flavors…they seriously feel like I am being super overindulgent and bad! LOVE IT!

  8. lisaou11 at 5:40 pm #

    For some reason, adding coconut to things seems so decadent to me! everything looks good!

  9. Neyal Ammary-Risch at 11:34 pm #

    Just catching up….How was hot chocolate I gave? Very minty? And lol at the Bojangles! “Buy me a biscuit and I’ll tell you where I”m going!” 🙂

    Also, i love that you ate the peppers in adobo sauce…haha. They are hot! I use a couple at a time when I cook sometimes.


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    […] I had a post workout snack -green monster bowl with NutriBiotic Chocolate Rice Protein, almond milk, baby spinach, xanthan gum, a drizzle of mint chocolate syrup and chocolate peppermint shavings […]

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