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Props to the hippies

20 Apr

Today was an interesting day. It was sunny in the first part then slowly became cloudy….outside and inside.

I started the day off right though because I had a free drink coupon for Starbucks. I decided to go big or go home and got a Venti Iced Raspberry Soy Latte. Look at that color! It’s one of the prettiest color of coffees I’ve ever seen!

My Starbucks baristas looked at me like I was crazy though since I always get drip coffee or iced coffee. I told them the only reason I got this was because it’s free because I refuse to spend $4 ot $5 on a coffee drink. Seriously, how do people afford that every day? On the other hand, under two bucks and free refills I can totally roll with.

My email box wasn’t completely flooded when I turned on my computer so I felt somewhat at ease. Also, Stinkalicious called in sick today which automatically put me in a good mood 🙂

I had a nutty breakfast of Trader Joe’s 0% Greek Yogurt, Very Cherry Frozen Fruit and their Blueberry Flax Seed topped with coconut granola.

Won’t stay too pretty for long!

I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again, I would marry Trader Joe’s if I could.

It’s Tuesday so that means the hippies were out and got some mad deals on produce for the wk…..

Yes—sweet potatoes, tomatoes, apple, pear, onion, zucchini, squash and okra for only $7, not too shabby at all. I love that they are here twice a week and that I’m buying locally grown stuff. When it gets nicer out, the square they are in has other vendors out and music, it’s quite fun. But then again, it makes me not want to work…..but when does one ever feel like working? I also love that the head hippie lady has the nicest arms. I am talking Jackie Warner league. I want to make a shirt for her that says “Hippies Have Guns” with her posing, I think it would be cute 🙂

Quiznos had people out on the corner handing out free stuff so naturally I wondered over there to see what the fuss was about and scored a free lunch bag (with coupons inside, thanks Quiznos!)

The rest of the morning flew by while I helped with other people’s stuff, my own and various projects. I had an orange for my pre-lunch snack.

And lunch was served! I had a burrito bowl with black beans, diced jalapenos and onions, tomatoes and shredded cheese over brown rice with salsa/greek yogurt sauce.

 I’m not even a huge rice person but think I could eat this every day and be happy.

This afternoon was a blur. I was on a couple hour long calls, taking care of my own stuff but then helping other people on my team (I love no matter how busy I am I offer to help if people are drowning in work but when I ask no one helps me? Detect snark? I hope so.) It started to darken outside and made me want to just curl under my cubicle and take a nice, long nap.

I walked over to Harris Teeter to get out for a few and pick up some bananas and Kashi Go Lean bars since this was the last day of their $1/bar sale.

I caught up on some reading on the bus ride home so I wouldn’t fall asleep. I’m currently reading Spin by Robert Rave. Think Devil Wears Prada meets the celebrity gossip world. It’s great 🙂

I had a bunch of pork in the freezer and decided to try this recipe I saw on…..Pork Chops with Maple Mustard Glaze. Come to think of it, apples would have been really good with this as well.

Browning the pork, I kept saying “Browning the pork, browning the pork” ala Beavis and Buttheads “Breaking the Law”

I cut up some fresh okra that I bought from the hippies and sprinkled with extra virgin olive oil, pepper and garlic salt and baked at 375 for 17 mins. I’ve only had fried okra before and was anxious to try it! I had one more serving of cheesy/onion mashed taters on hand so nuked those while everything was finishing up.

Lovely plate of goodness

This was a random but great dinner! I really liked the pork recipe-it was sweet with a bit of tang to it. And okra, omg. This will be a new go to for me, it’s so easy to make and nutritious, you can’t go wrong!

Lincoln and I spent some quality time together afterwards. By quality time, I mean me rubbing his belly

My night-time snack was a pear from the hippies

I think I am going to turn off the tv for the rest of the night and zone out to Pandora. And probably some reggae due to my hippie-licious day. Thanks hippies for all the goodies today that I incorporated into my meals and snacks. I can’t wait to use the rest of my produce throughout the week until you are back on Friday.

Happy anniversary to me

19 Apr

Totally forgot but yesterday was my fifth year anniversary with my bank. It seems like so much longer than five years, more like twenty five! My boss brought in Panera bagels for our team and the team next to us. Only coffee would have made things better 🙂

I had a whole wheat bagel with honey almond cream cheese.

And cut up an apple to wake me up a little

Yeah, all of that was from one steroid ridden apple….delicious!

I got presented with this nice 5 Year anniversary…..thing? Paperweight? Weapon? I guess I really have no clue what it is but it could hurt someone big time.

Today wasn’t too busy yet not too slow, a perfect pace for once! I am caught up on all my stuff from last week and it felt so nice not having to stress every minute about something that wasn’t taken care of.

For lunch, I had a BIG salad with a hardboiled egg, tomato, onions and cucumbers with T Marzetti’s Honey Vinegar dressing.

Yay for spring being here and fresh produce all over the place!

 I also had a turkey burger that I made last week topped with Trader Joe’s Chipotle Pepper Hummus

A protein packed lunch!

Anyone ever bought anything from Lululemon? One of the girls at dinner last night was raving about their pants and how amazing they make her butt look. They are super duper expensive but could possibly be persuaded into buying a pair if they are that good and the calibur of quality I hear they are.

I took a nice nap on the bus ride home and thankfully woke up about five minutes before my stop. I made tuna steak bits, steamed  broccoli and cheesy/onion mashed potatoes that I had leftover from making pierogies with yesterday for dinner.

I brushed extra virgin olive oil, lemon pepper salt, garlic and lemon juice on the tuna and broiled for 13 minutes at 350 degrees.

Very filling! I didn’t even finish all of the tuna but cleaned house on the broccoli and potatoes.

I did a 35 minute workout of kettlebell and random exercises and felt so energized afterwards. Mondays are one of the toughest days for me to find motivation to work out on (except Friday of course!)

Had a decent calorie burn there.

I refueled with a Kashi Roll bar–holy yum. I’ve never had this before and it was just like a candy bar. This could be addicting.

So dude who I went on a date with on Saturday is texting me and talking about random stuff and I don’t like that. I like the fact he is texting me, yes but are we going to do something again? I am very liberal and all but old-fashioned when it comes to asking a guy out so I feel like I am just sitting here waiting to see if he is or isn’t going to . I don’t like this part.

And one last thing… the Gaga or not so much?

I’ve been anti-Gaga for the past year and a half but am finding myself listening to her all the time…..and even downloading her songs!! Curse you, Telephone, you have made me love the Gaga!!!


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Crave and Lost DC pics

18 Apr

 I went to Crave Dessert Bar tonight with my women’s networking group tonight and it was great! Sorry no pics, I forgot my camera in the car 😦 I had a Blueverry Bellini, Hummus Platter and two cupcakes—Coconut Dream and Cocoa Cocoa (yay for cupcakes being half off on Sunday!)

I do have a pic of the Kashi Go Lean Cookies N Cream bar I had on the way there though 🙂

13g of protein? Yes please!

And now for the last of the DC pictures that I got after I got my camera back yesterday (thanks again Monique if you’re reading this!)

Riley living the ruff life.

I was stoked to stop at 7-11 and get a slurpee! We don’t have 7-11 here in Charlotte and occasionally crave a slurpee.

We went to Bethesdaon Sunday morning and walked around that area. It was so cute with a bunch of restaurants, shops, etc.

We ate at Cosi for lunch, which is Panera-esque.

I had the Tuscan Steak Salad with whole wheat flatbread.

We then ventured to my coveted destination of Georgetown Cupcake. I’ve been hearing about this place for the past two years and was super psyched to try it. They just opened up in Bethesda recently which worked out perfectly.

 I got the Cherry Blossom cupcake and the Chocolate Mint cupcake plus a free Cookies N Cream cupcake.

 We walked around after that and went through this cute square with shops and restaurants.

We went to La Sandia at Tyson’s Corner for dinner.

I don’t know what this dish is that my friend got but it looked so good not to take a picture.

I had the fish tacos with refriend black beans and yellow rice.

I almost forgot about the gift my friend who I was staying with gave me…..

AND recipes of hers that she wrote out for me since she knows I love to cook 🙂

I absolutely love it!!! Thanks again friend for taking the time to write out all of those recipes, I will definitely be using 🙂

On a final note, where the eff did this wknd go? I feel like I didn’t even have a wknd, oi.

Sunday Funday

18 Apr

Some of you may have noticed that I didn’t post pictures from dinner last night. Why you ask? Because I had a date last night. And it was a first date so I really didn’t feel like whipping out my camera because they could have made it awkward 🙂 Anyways, I’ve been talking to this dude online for the past two wks and he seemed pretty cool so I decided why not?

We went to Encore which is a nice restaurant I’ve been wanting to check out for some time. I had the Pan Seared Tilapia with jasmine rice and seasoned vegetables. One of the best pieces of fish I’ve had in awhile! I think it went pretty well, good conversation throughout the meal then we had a couple of beers afterwards. I finally got home around 1230A and passed out from lack of sleep during the day and all the fun activities. So yay date 🙂

I slept in until 10A which was sooooo nice since I wake up early during the weekend. I had intentions of making an omelet with onions, cheese and avocado but it somehow turned out like this

Ugly yet delicious. Nothing wrong with that.

I have absolutely no meals for the week so I got working on pierogies since there’s none left from my last batch.

The potatoes with cheese and onions

The dough (which was way stickier than last time I made pierogies, anyone have any thoughts why or what I can add to make it less sticky?)

After boiling them (I made 13 with that little ball o’dough!)

I went to get a much-needed pedicure afterwards. I was super proud of myself since I didn’t get red this time like all the pedicures I’ve had and went with OPI’s “You’re a Pisa Work”

Target was the next spot and I went with the sole intention of just getting aluminum foil but made the mistake of wondering over to the clearance rack in the accessories section and found this beauty 🙂

 And how adorable is the inside?

I came home and got some Lincoln love

Then made a turkey and cheese sandwich on a Thomas Whole Wheat Bagel Thin with a side of honeydew

I’m going to pop in Couples Retreat soon and then get ready to head to Crave Dessert Bar for dinner and drinks with my women’s networking group. Never been there—excited 🙂 And people who say Sunday is a day of relaxation? Liars, I tell you.

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Walk and goodies

17 Apr

Happy Saturday all! I woke up at 545A today which should just be illegal on the weekends. Registration for the walk was at 715 and I needed some food and coffee first. I wake up around that time during the wk but it was just rough today.

 I made a big bowl of rolled oats with peanut butter, baked apples and mini chocolate morsels.

I was off to Carowinds for the walk and it was absolutely packed! They already had a live band playing, Starbucks provided coffee (YAY!) and some snacks. I met up with the MeetUp group that was doing the walk and they were really cool. Meetup groups vary and really haven’t connected with too many people from there because I feel like everyone either knows each other or I don’t have that much in common with them so I was pleasantly surprised. We started the walk through the amusement park then continued on the road behind the park. It wasn’t timed so it was a pretty leisurely walk but they had people handing out water, apple and bananas along the way. My knee started to kill me around the second mile which sucked so I had to slow it down a bit but it was nice since I had someone from the group at all times there walking with me.

We got back to the park and got our post walk food which was provided by Jason’s Deli—I had a veggie pinwheel wrap and chips. Again, I would have pics but I was off to pick up my camera afterwards-happy 🙂

I went to the hood, got my camera and was back on my way home. I stopped at Harris Teeter and got some amazing deals and went to Kabob Grill for some lunch. Ever since going to Lebanese Taverna last wk, I had been craving Mediterranean food. I got the Pita Wrap Lunch Special with the Lamb Kabob Wrap, fries and a drink. Not too shabby for 9 bones.

Fabulous. I think next time I will get the Vegetarian Combo which is similar to what I had at Lebanese Taverna and more of a variety.

Now for the hot deals I got at Harris Teeter!

They had Buy 2 coffees, Get 3 Free!

$1 Chobani’s which just brought a smile to my face….I may have to go back and stock up on some more!

Amy’s Burrito’s for $2

Amy’s Bowls for $3 and Buy One Get One Free CedarLane meals

Nature’s Path Waffles Buy One Get One Free

Various Kashi Bars for $1

And I don’t even celebrate passover but EACH of these items were $.50

All in all, a bunch of good deals. I am happy for all my new stuff to try 🙂

Lincoln and I are tired so we are going to nap it up, hope everyone is having a fabulous day!


16 Apr

Happy Friday all! I went to Power Vinyasa yoga at Yoga One last night and had such a good workout!

I have only done one yoga class in the past and that was a good seven years ago so was a little nervous about the class. I do random yoga moves while working out at home but nothing like last night. The room was at 94 degrees which I thought was going to be worse but really wasn’t that bad. However after the class, I was completely drenched yet felt good! I never realized how good of a workout yoga is for both the body and mind. Maybe these yogis are onto something??! Needless to say, I will definitely be checking out yoga again. It just sucks though because I really like Yoga One but it a ways away from where I live. I am hoping to move closer to there this summer though and if I do, I am so there.

And it didn’t hurt that there was a guy who looked EXACTLY like Tom Welling from Smallville…..without a shirt.

Some men should not be so pretty but hot dam (pun intended) home boy had it going on. I know I was supposed to be finding my center and all but he can find my center any day he wants!!

I was amazed at how good I felt today…..physically and mentally. As you all know, my job stresses me out big time. I felt more relaxed today and more at ease than I have been in a while. Physically, I felt stronger and felt like my posture was better as well. I think yoga may have a new convert.

Thank God it wasn’t too busy at work today so I got to catch up on a bunch of stuff. And I was super stoked because the hippie farmers market stand people are back! This is how I know summer is right around the corner because they are out from April to September every Tuesday and Friday. They have amazing produce and it’s soooo much cheaper than going to the supermarket and love that I can buy locally grown produce easily. I got romaine lettuce, a red onion, red pepper, cucumber, garlic, oranges, an apple and zucchini all for $5.74—love it!

I had a fantabulous lunch but my camera died so no pics. It was a wrap filled with Trader Joe’s Chipotle Pepper Hummus, tomatoes, avocado and green cabbage. On the side I had a turkey burger patty topped with more hummus and the other half of the avocado.

I really have nothing going on this wknd and was perusing MeetUp and there is a group doing the Walk For Diabetes  tomorrow at Carowinds Amusement Park. It’s a nice 4 mile walk from what I hear so I can get a workout in and walk for a cause. Go me!

I got home and once again missed the UPS man who has my camera so I was pissed about that. But I can pick it up tomorrow so camera will be back and so will pics. Can I get an Amen?

I made a BIG salad for dinner and pizza topped with salami and mushrooms on Trader Joe’s Whole Wheat Pizza Dough. when I mean big, I mean BIG.

This was in a casserole dish 🙂 It wasn’t the original plan but I had lots of add in’s like mushrooms, red pepper, tomato,cucumber, hardboiled egg with Trader Joe’s Feta Dressing.

Blackberry pics suck, I cannot wait to have my camera back.

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Question: Do you do yoga and if so, what kind do you like?


14 Apr

This will be me tomorrow night…..only inside….and a bit heavier…and not as still. I am trying Vinyasa yoga tomorrow with my women’s networking group and cannot wait! I haven’t done a yoga class in seven years or so. Mostly because I am a spaz and don’t follow directions too well. But after this week and the way work has been going, I think it will do me good. I do strength training and run and walk but think it will be fun to mix it up a little and who knows, if I really dig it, may just have a new love.

I don’t have any pictures from today since I left my backup camera at work—go me! I will post them whenever I do get it in my hands….and be posting more pics from DC once I have my main camera back. I made a yummy pizza for dinner with Trader Joe’s Whole Wheat Pizza Dough, mushrooms, salami and mozzarella.

I got my ass handed to me yet again at work and kinda told my manager how I was feeling via IM. I would love to tell him in person about the stress I am going through but fear I will start cussing and crying (which in turn would mess up my eye makeup…no thank you) but delicately said that I need a break and some help. I ended up catching up on 95% of everything but had to stay a bit late which was a bummer. I just need to remember to breathe and speak up if I get too overloaded. When I caught up, I showed some of my co-workers that I do like the head on a stick pictures and they loved it!  Since the yoga class is at 7P tomorrow I am looking to get out early so let’s hope that happens!

Random song of the day stuck in my head:

In the morning when I’m not fully awake, I need to sing a random song to myself when I turn off my curling iron, lock my door, etc. Oh memory, where have ye gone?

On another note, I wish I had the super power to know what people are listening to on their ipods. I think it would be really cool to know what some people are listening to and am sure I would be surprised. Like this afternoon waiting for the bus jamming to Captain and Tennille’s “Love Will Keep Us Together” b/c that? Is how I roll. But then afterwards Lil Jon came on….which would those two acts would be a bad ass tour.

And what’s up with me missing Glee last night?? I saw some people blogging about it but just thought they were enthusiastic about the show. Oops—hulu I must go! Not digging how both Glee and Lost are on the same night now…boo!

And speaking of boo–I talked to an ex-boo on Monday. He was an ex from college who I saw on Facebook (my best friend sent me his profile) and got talked into adding him as a friend this past girls wknd. We were going back and forth emailing on FB then we talked for a half hour. He was one of the guys I dated in college who I actually liked, seemed like a nice guy however I really don’t remember us breaking up, we kinda just did the fade away thing. Anyways, we spoke and he really turned into a jerk. It’s funny how people change so much and what life can do to them. Le Sigh.

Ok so this was a totally random post but this is what happens when I don’t have beautiful food pics to post!