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Got it!

24 Apr

I got the place I was looking at today! I met up with the owner this afternoon and he showed me the place and I instantly fell in love. It reminds me of a rowhome¬†whereas when you walk in the front door, it’s a small storage room/office then the living room and then the bedroom with the kitchen in the back along with another entrance. It has hardwood floors (which I will have to train Lincoln to like since I love them), lots of windows and natural light and a side yard and backyard for Lincoln (and for me to grow veggies and herbs…..really herbs not the ghanja). And it has private parking and my neighbors are all doctors and surgeons….woot woot! There is a hospital two blocks away and it’s a convenient location for them. It may be convenient for me if one of them is single, straight and without mommy issues.

And it’s within walking distance to a number of things…..Starbucks, Caribou, Harris Teeter, Bank of America, a number of restaurants and bars and a beautiful park to take Lincoln and where I can go running. I am most excited about the convenience since I can walk to everything and there is a bus line across the street that takes me two to work. Hello convenience, it’s nice to meet you. My commute will be 15 mins top each day and it is in a younger, more alive area with easy accessibility to much more things that I have now.

On the porch of my new home ūüôā

¬†I don’t move in until July but it’s all good and I am happy to not have to look anymore. I just have to fill out the application and drop off tomorrow along with a security deposit. YAY for a new home ūüôā

I started my day off with a bowl of Chobani Greek Yogurt, a smashed banana and Kashi Go Lean Cereal.

And some Love Lessons

Damn you, Lifetime Movie Network.

My friend and I went to Bark in the Park this morning and it was great. It started at 10A¬†but we arrived at 945A¬†and thinks were rocking. I got so much free stuff it’s sick!!! Four bottles of dog shampoo, over 20 kinds of treats and food samples, dog bowls, key chains and more! Plus Food Lion was sponsoring and got some reusable shopping bags-yay for green!

I came back home and had a quick bite to eat before heading out to see the house. I drove back just in time because it started downpouring¬†and hasn’t stopped yet. I wanted to go out and celebrate but I just didn’t want to mess with the rain tonight. Besides I have a date with George Clooney.

And made an awesome dinner of split chicken breast, okra and a sweet potato.

A great end to a great day!