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Down by the river

21 Apr

Super psyched to see the Matt Foley lookalike on the bus today—to and from work!

 He has the hair, glasses, built but not the clothes thank God.

I love seeing lookalikes on the bus it makes my mundane ride a little more interesting.

I got into work and Stinkalicious wasn’t there after so yay to that! Not yay to having to cover their work plus mine. Oh and the fact my computer decided to stop working around 930A. And then our my manager was running late as well as another dude on our team. Not a good way to start the day at all. Another thing that didn’t help was me being in a rush this morning and grabbing hardboiled eggs instead of honeydew which I planned on mixing with my yogurt.

And I didn’t want to be stinkalicious so I decided to toss them in the fridge for now and luckily had a container of Trader Joe’s Very Cherry Blend in the fridge to use in my greek yogurt.

We got absolutely slammed at work and I felt chained to my desk all day. I didn’t even drink that much water ( I drink from 120 to 160 oz a day of just water alone) which just sucked. I hate not being properly hydrated and my body doesn’t dig it as well.

We had a spirit celebration for the first quarter successes this afternoon. I enjoyed a fruit plate and the icing off the cake. I love supermarket frosting so much but the cake not so much. I would rather just have my icing and toss the cake. We got put into groups and had a fun game of trivia. I love that kinda stuff since I am super-duper competitive but we sadly lost. However I kinda won since my team was stationed near the fruit trays so I took an extra bowl of fruit for the afternoon. Thank you corporate America bank, that’s how I’m sticking it to the man!

And then I worked.

And worked.

And worked.

Oh yeah…..and worked.

No whistling though. I don’t even know how to whistle.

I know what you’re thinking, “Hey Tiffany you forgot pictures of your lunch!” Oh no I didn’t…..because LUNCH was at 4:30P due to an out of control volume.

Finally…food!! I had a salad with hardboiled eggs, tomato, red onion and carrots with Ken’s Lite Honey Mustard.

I finally tried a Kind Bar–Almond and Coconut style on the bus ride home. Why haven’t I been eating these? It was absolutely wonderful and coconut-licious.

Dinner was baked veggies–zucchini, red peppers, mushrooms, squash and red onions tossed in extra virgin olive oil, pepper and garlic salt

And popped my Amy’s Kitchen cherry!

This was just great. I am not big on frozen meals but I couldn’t tell this was frozen at all. Plus it had good stats like 20g protein and 430 cals but the sodium is my biggest concern with 640 mg, eek!

I got my Jillian Michaels Yoga Meltdown DVD from Netflix the other day and been curious since it seems like everyone is talking about it. Or maybe just talking about it on the blogs.

I got comfy, put Lincoln in the bedroom and got to the yoga-Jillian style. I did about half the workout because I was bored and wasn’t feeling it. I was looking for something more yoga-esque but it had more strength training than I cared for. I had a great workout and it worked me well but I was looking for a soothing yoga workout after today. And why is that all workout dvd music sucks? It’s like the music from The Max in Saved By The Bell. Straight up cheesy. I grabbed Lincoln and we went on a 25 minute walk but again, wasn’t feeling it. I had a headache come on and wanted to just get in the bubble asap.

After I got out of the bubble,  I saw Lincoln trying to do some yoga

I was kinda hoping he would do downward facing dog!

Besides that, I have a nasty headache and looking forward to bed…..and I’m out. Have a great night everyone!