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Happy anniversary to me

19 Apr

Totally forgot but yesterday was my fifth year anniversary with my bank. It seems like so much longer than five years, more like twenty five! My boss brought in Panera bagels for our team and the team next to us. Only coffee would have made things better 🙂

I had a whole wheat bagel with honey almond cream cheese.

And cut up an apple to wake me up a little

Yeah, all of that was from one steroid ridden apple….delicious!

I got presented with this nice 5 Year anniversary…..thing? Paperweight? Weapon? I guess I really have no clue what it is but it could hurt someone big time.

Today wasn’t too busy yet not too slow, a perfect pace for once! I am caught up on all my stuff from last week and it felt so nice not having to stress every minute about something that wasn’t taken care of.

For lunch, I had a BIG salad with a hardboiled egg, tomato, onions and cucumbers with T Marzetti’s Honey Vinegar dressing.

Yay for spring being here and fresh produce all over the place!

 I also had a turkey burger that I made last week topped with Trader Joe’s Chipotle Pepper Hummus

A protein packed lunch!

Anyone ever bought anything from Lululemon? One of the girls at dinner last night was raving about their pants and how amazing they make her butt look. They are super duper expensive but could possibly be persuaded into buying a pair if they are that good and the calibur of quality I hear they are.

I took a nice nap on the bus ride home and thankfully woke up about five minutes before my stop. I made tuna steak bits, steamed  broccoli and cheesy/onion mashed potatoes that I had leftover from making pierogies with yesterday for dinner.

I brushed extra virgin olive oil, lemon pepper salt, garlic and lemon juice on the tuna and broiled for 13 minutes at 350 degrees.

Very filling! I didn’t even finish all of the tuna but cleaned house on the broccoli and potatoes.

I did a 35 minute workout of kettlebell and random exercises and felt so energized afterwards. Mondays are one of the toughest days for me to find motivation to work out on (except Friday of course!)

Had a decent calorie burn there.

I refueled with a Kashi Roll bar–holy yum. I’ve never had this before and it was just like a candy bar. This could be addicting.

So dude who I went on a date with on Saturday is texting me and talking about random stuff and I don’t like that. I like the fact he is texting me, yes but are we going to do something again? I am very liberal and all but old-fashioned when it comes to asking a guy out so I feel like I am just sitting here waiting to see if he is or isn’t going to . I don’t like this part.

And one last thing… the Gaga or not so much?

I’ve been anti-Gaga for the past year and a half but am finding myself listening to her all the time…..and even downloading her songs!! Curse you, Telephone, you have made me love the Gaga!!!


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