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Walk and goodies

17 Apr

Happy Saturday all! I woke up at 545A today which should just be illegal on the weekends. Registration for the walk was at 715 and I needed some food and coffee first. I wake up around that time during the wk but it was just rough today.

 I made a big bowl of rolled oats with peanut butter, baked apples and mini chocolate morsels.

I was off to Carowinds for the walk and it was absolutely packed! They already had a live band playing, Starbucks provided coffee (YAY!) and some snacks. I met up with the MeetUp group that was doing the walk and they were really cool. Meetup groups vary and really haven’t connected with too many people from there because I feel like everyone either knows each other or I don’t have that much in common with them so I was pleasantly surprised. We started the walk through the amusement park then continued on the road behind the park. It wasn’t timed so it was a pretty leisurely walk but they had people handing out water, apple and bananas along the way. My knee started to kill me around the second mile which sucked so I had to slow it down a bit but it was nice since I had someone from the group at all times there walking with me.

We got back to the park and got our post walk food which was provided by Jason’s Deli—I had a veggie pinwheel wrap and chips. Again, I would have pics but I was off to pick up my camera afterwards-happy 🙂

I went to the hood, got my camera and was back on my way home. I stopped at Harris Teeter and got some amazing deals and went to Kabob Grill for some lunch. Ever since going to Lebanese Taverna last wk, I had been craving Mediterranean food. I got the Pita Wrap Lunch Special with the Lamb Kabob Wrap, fries and a drink. Not too shabby for 9 bones.

Fabulous. I think next time I will get the Vegetarian Combo which is similar to what I had at Lebanese Taverna and more of a variety.

Now for the hot deals I got at Harris Teeter!

They had Buy 2 coffees, Get 3 Free!

$1 Chobani’s which just brought a smile to my face….I may have to go back and stock up on some more!

Amy’s Burrito’s for $2

Amy’s Bowls for $3 and Buy One Get One Free CedarLane meals

Nature’s Path Waffles Buy One Get One Free

Various Kashi Bars for $1

And I don’t even celebrate passover but EACH of these items were $.50

All in all, a bunch of good deals. I am happy for all my new stuff to try 🙂

Lincoln and I are tired so we are going to nap it up, hope everyone is having a fabulous day!