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16 Apr

Happy Friday all! I went to Power Vinyasa yoga at Yoga One last night and had such a good workout!

I have only done one yoga class in the past and that was a good seven years ago so was a little nervous about the class. I do random yoga moves while working out at home but nothing like last night. The room was at 94 degrees which I thought was going to be worse but really wasn’t that bad. However after the class, I was completely drenched yet felt good! I never realized how good of a workout yoga is for both the body and mind. Maybe these yogis are onto something??! Needless to say, I will definitely be checking out yoga again. It just sucks though because I really like Yoga One but it a ways away from where I live. I am hoping to move closer to there this summer though and if I do, I am so there.

And it didn’t hurt that there was a guy who looked EXACTLY like Tom Welling from Smallville…..without a shirt.

Some men should not be so pretty but hot dam (pun intended) home boy had it going on. I know I was supposed to be finding my center and all but he can find my center any day he wants!!

I was amazed at how good I felt today…..physically and mentally. As you all know, my job stresses me out big time. I felt more relaxed today and more at ease than I have been in a while. Physically, I felt stronger and felt like my posture was better as well. I think yoga may have a new convert.

Thank God it wasn’t too busy at work today so I got to catch up on a bunch of stuff. And I was super stoked because the hippie farmers market stand people are back! This is how I know summer is right around the corner because they are out from April to September every Tuesday and Friday. They have amazing produce and it’s soooo much cheaper than going to the supermarket and love that I can buy locally grown produce easily. I got romaine lettuce, a red onion, red pepper, cucumber, garlic, oranges, an apple and zucchini all for $5.74—love it!

I had a fantabulous lunch but my camera died so no pics. It was a wrap filled with Trader Joe’s Chipotle Pepper Hummus, tomatoes, avocado and green cabbage. On the side I had a turkey burger patty topped with more hummus and the other half of the avocado.

I really have nothing going on this wknd and was perusing MeetUp and there is a group doing the Walk For Diabetes  tomorrow at Carowinds Amusement Park. It’s a nice 4 mile walk from what I hear so I can get a workout in and walk for a cause. Go me!

I got home and once again missed the UPS man who has my camera so I was pissed about that. But I can pick it up tomorrow so camera will be back and so will pics. Can I get an Amen?

I made a BIG salad for dinner and pizza topped with salami and mushrooms on Trader Joe’s Whole Wheat Pizza Dough. when I mean big, I mean BIG.

This was in a casserole dish 🙂 It wasn’t the original plan but I had lots of add in’s like mushrooms, red pepper, tomato,cucumber, hardboiled egg with Trader Joe’s Feta Dressing.

Blackberry pics suck, I cannot wait to have my camera back.

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Question: Do you do yoga and if so, what kind do you like?