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Head on a Stick

12 Apr

So, one of friends who was planning on coming to DC with us couldn’t come due to a death in the family. Sooooooo, what do you do? Put her head on a stick!!! Not literally though as my mom thought I did….thanks mom for the Polish stereotype lol

Oh….and my friend made me a gorgeous and delicious egg sandwich for breakfast!

Back to the head on a stick…..

She even got a seat on the metro!

And got a bird’s eye view at the street festival

She wanted a sip of iced coffee

I chowed on some pad thai for lunch at the festival

No festival is complete without funnel cake

She took a break while we ate

I heart people watching


 She headed over to the Washington Monument

Posed with men who were taking naps

Hung out by the cherry blossoms which sadly already peaked

Finding Waldo was much harder in the books!

We walked over the WWII Memorial which was amazing. I haven’t been to DC since they built it

But the fun didn’t stop there….we took her out at night! We didn’t need to fix her makeup or hair though which saved alot of time

We went to Rustique in Bethesda which is a newer place. They said they had only been open three months but offered a lunch only menu and no draft beer….funky.

She wanted to try some of my Stella

I had a turkey sandwich with avocado and pepperjack cheese with fries. It was so delicious but only had half so there would be more room for beer to swim around in my tummy 🙂

The girl likes her carbs

We hung out over there for a while, got moved over to the VIP Section…..which was a sofa in the corner but we got a free shot with it and then walked over to Union Jack’s. Now here is a fun story, I met this bouncer there three years ago and we kinda had a thing going on. I saw him a few times after that visit but things fizzed out.Anyways, I asked where he was and saw him and was like “Hi, friend”  and turns out it was his last night there—-what are the chances of that??

Mind you, we met before I lost all my weight. He just kept telling me how great I looked and that was a nice ego boost 🙂 I lost his number but we ended up exchanging numbers later. Why you ask? I don’t know, I like things complicated that’s why.

Why hello creepy old man

So I accidentally hit my friend in the face with our friends head on a stick. I thought I was going to pee my pants from laughing

She’s ok though 🙂

She hung out with the dj

Met some boys

I tried to feed her nose with beer (check out the maker outers behind me!)

Fist pumping!!!

Oh yes, she had a great time in DC.

DC Recap

12 Apr

 I got back from DC this afternoon and took a much-needed nap. I had such a wonderful time with my friends and feel like we did thousands of things but didn’t hit everything up. I don’t think I will be moving to DC though as I hate the Metro, Beltway and the traffic. I think I would seriously kill someone and I really don’t want to go to prison. I took thousands of pictures but will highlight the fun stuff…..and of course, THE FOOD!!

Friday we were just running around and shopping….nothing wrong with that. I started the day with a sandwich thin with peanut butter, dried cranberries and banana with a side of grapes (and two cups of coffee of course)

We went to this thrift store called Unique Thriftstore which was half an indoor flea market and half thrift store. It smelled like mothballs but got some awesome buys

Don’t worry, I didn’t purchase this beauty….or get lice (I think)

Some other buys include


After shopping, we ate at Lebanese Taverna for lunch.

I had the Traditional Mezza Platter which included hummos, tabouleh, baba ghanouge, a kibbeh, a grape leaf & two falafels.

I’ve never had Lebanese before but this was freakin amazing! I need to eat more Lebanese food this kept me full for so long.

We walked over to Whole Foods and could barely contain myself!

 After that, we went to Ross and TJ Maxx then I came back and took a nap while my friend hung out (she doesn’t like naps which I am still trying to wrap my mind around that notion).

For dinner, we met up with one of our sorority sisters for dinner at La Tasca in Rockville

Hello Sangria, I shall drink you….or two.

We all split a tapas special they had 10 for $60, not too bad for three people. We didn’t even finish it all!

Warning: Food porn below


Great minds think alike–we all had on black jackets and yellow purses. We looked like Steeler fans or bumble bees!

After that we headed to Buffalo Wild Wings (whose colors are black and yellow…freaky) for beers but we were so full from dinner we didn’t stay too long.

We got back home and hung out with the doggies

There is more of DC to come and you will soon see why it requires a post of its own……