Hoppy Day!

4 Apr

Happy Easter everyone! And for those who don’t celebrate Easter-Happy Passover. And for those who don’t celebrate either-Happy Sunday!

Another gorgeous day in Charlotte. I woke up a little late and wanted to go for a run/walk but needed some food in my system ASAP. I decided on rolled oats.

Cooking in almond milk, water with apple spice seasoning.

 But sometimes beautiful things turn into a hot mess.

A hot mess of goodness!!! Sorry things took a turn for the worse for you, Lindsay.

This consisted of one banana, two tbsps unsweetened coconut and mini morsels and two tbsps of Crazy Richard’s Peanut Butter. I previously said, that this bowl was the best I have but the breakfast today trumped this!

I chugged a bunch of water and brought a bottle along with me and was off to the greenway. It was so sunny and not too many people on there. I walk.ran but when I ran my heart rate was going out of control.  I am talking 200+ plus my lungs weren’t wanting to cooperate with me. I speed walked most of the way but ended my session on my heart rate monitor after 1.5 miles when I stopped to get some more water and use the restroom. 447 calories ?? Nice!

There were also so many dogs on the greenway and I call dogs babies–I kept saying aloud “Look at all the beautiful babies here” like in Swingers. I am sure Amy will appreciate that.

I walked pretty much the rest of the way back besides a few minutes of running. I just couldn’t do it and figured walking is better than nothing (and I had to get home somehow). I got home and checked my heart rate monitor yet again and this is the beauty I saw:

451 calories!!

So my question is, is it really possible that within an hour I burned almost 900 calories from primarily walking with a bit of running threw in there?  That just doesn’t seem possible and I’ve never burned that many before even when I did more running.

Oh….and Lincoln likes to attack my face when I get back because I am all sweaty. Little dirty dog!!

I had a 32 oz bottle of water and handful of Peter

JK I had a handful of cashews

I started to prepare my dinner in the crockpot. Ribs were on sale and I haven’t had some good ribs in forever so on we go!

I lined the crockpit with the marinade-John Boy and Billy’s Grilling Sauce

I browned the ribs before placing them in the crock

And placed in the crockpot on low to cook. Whoever created the crockpot, I love you.

Hello fat babies. I cannot wait to eat you.

For lunch, I made deviled eggs….a first for me. I followed this recipe from Cooking Light

 I spent some time on the patio reading and Lincoln was wanting in on the action as well.

Hope everyone’s day is going great thus far!!

5 Responses to “Hoppy Day!”

  1. genesis April 4, 2010 at 3:31 pm #

    wow, amazing oatmeal combo.

    i love the makers of crockpot too 🙂

    interesting question about the running and calories. that seems pretty high.

  2. Susan April 4, 2010 at 6:19 pm #

    Ohman, I have GOT to try ribs in my crockpot. I’ve never had ribs before, and everyone I talk to says it’s THE way to do it.

    What kind of polar do you have? Some calculate how many calories you burn based on your resting heart rate, not just your age/weight/height, maybe it’s time to do the HR test again? If your heart really was beating at 200+ then the calories burnt isn’t that far off. But geez louise, be careful! That’s mega high!!

  3. Karla April 4, 2010 at 11:18 pm #

    I loove a good oatmeal mess!
    I don’t know too much about calories burned, I figure as long as my heart rate is up for at least 30 mins then that’s good enough 🙂

  4. dianacheung April 5, 2010 at 9:51 am #

    depending on one’s weight the miles -> calories calculation can be different..but I usually try to say 1 mile=around 100 calories…I give myself 1 mile=80 calories burnt due to my short stature though. 😛

  5. janetha April 5, 2010 at 3:58 pm #

    that is quite the deluxe hot mess of oats! delightful! LOVE YO PUP! def looks just like stef’s!

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