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2 Apr

I got so much done today it wasn’t even funny! After proclaiming about how much I was going to get done after my last post, I got sucked into Regis and Kelly (which I love but never get to watch) but then, I got sucked into Dr. Phil.

I cannot stand Dr. Phil and just the sound of his voice makes me cringe. But seeing sometimes I am lazy and do not have a remote control, I sit there and watch him. Then I get in a Dr. Phil trance and soon I am cheering him on. Ugh.

I was then off to go to the grocery store but stopped at the Bucks first for a grande iced coffee with skim milk, one pump of Cherry syrup and two splendas.

I stopped and loaded up at Bi-Lo, Harris Teeter and Trader Joe’s. I go wherever the sales are for things I need and luckily, all are within a two-mile radius. And God forbid, I don’t stop at Trader Joe’s every other day.

I love that Trader Joe’s sells beer individually. One of my goals this month/quarter is to drink less beer but it is the opposite of when it comes to chocolate. If I have chocolate in the house, I eat it …..non stop. But sometimes I will get a hankering for beer and just want one or two. If I have it in the house that’s good but if I don’t I go out to the bar and end up drinking seven or eight of them and end up staying for a while.

I grabbed a bag of their  Flax Seed with Blueberries. I was telling one of my co-workers about it and we are going to keep it at work and split it. If you haven’t tried this—do so!!!

And Lincoln got some goodies also—all of this for $10—thanks coupons 🙂

When I was at The Teet, I got a 6 inch tuna sub on wheat with mustard, lettuce, tomato and pickles

As always, a fan was waiting for something to fall

The Barack was in town so it was all over the news……future running mates?

Has anyone seen this ad? Hilarious and so true.

I mentioned in my last point how I leave a path behind me since I am so unorganized and evidence right here :

It was a gorgeous day outside and couldn’t let it go to waste. I took some sinus medicine I had from my last sinus infection and suited up for the pool. I haven’t work my bathing suit since December when I went to the Bahamas but good news—less snug!!

I caught up with Gwen again

Beautiful day indeed

There were a few other people getting sun. Ummmm one dude who is ALWAYS there was talking to himself for a good 20 minutes. I walked past him to see if he had a Bluetooth but none so yeah, stay away from him. I got a good two hours of sunning in then went back in. It’s just not as fun when the pool isn’t available 😦

I saw an ad for H&M in In Style which reminded me of how much I love that store….and that we don’t have one near.

But have no fear—there a few in the DC area so I will be putting it up on the list of To Do next wknd!

I made granola bars afterwards since I am out of stock

The dry ingredients—I added vanilla whey and mini chocolate morsels for some umph!

The wet ingredients

The final product

Can’t wait to break into these!!

I haven’t made lasagne in a while and decided to break it out again! Just call me lasagna because I loooooooove lasagne

I made veggie lasagna with mushrooms, onions, baby spinach and Morningstar Veggie Crumbles

I use No Boil noodles since I really don’t have the patience to sit there and boil lasagne noodles

All layered up and ready to go

I just had to take a peek while it was cooking!

It turned out beautifully (I love burnt edges)

Not to toot my own horn but this is the best lasagne I have made to date. I love cheese but used only 2/3 of the ricotta it called for (the consistency turns me off) and less shredded cheese.

Lincoln always gets to lick the lasagne plate clean

Such a sucker for this dog.

I love and hate how much energy I have when I don’t have to work. I love it because I can get so much done in the day but hate it because my jobs the energy out of me and it kinda pays the bills. Note to self, buy lottery ticket tomorrow.

Sleeping in

2 Apr

Ahhhhh hello Good Friday! I got to sleep in until 815 today and feel so relaxed. I absolutely love when I get over eight hours of sleep, I could get used to this! My throat still hurts but not as scratchy as it has been. It still hurts to swallow but I just need to get taking my meds and I will be aight.

I made an egg and cheese sandwich this morning on a Thomas Whole Wheat Bagel Thin. Ummm so the only kind of eggs I can make are scrambled and omelets but somehow made this beautiful triangle of an egg

 Katie from Ten Eight Six Four tagged me in a series of questions and I am going to tag some people as well because I love these things and I love learning random things about peeps:

*Kelly from My Healthy Passion

*Karla from Foodologie

*Terri from Dessert or Diet

*Mari from Namaste Mari

*Kat from Granola + Pancakes

*Piper from The Crazy Apron

And for the questions:

1. Who is your style icon? I don’t model myself off of anyone but if I had to pick someone it would be J-Lo. She can go from hoodies and workout pants to fun, graphic tops to classing it up and I love the range she brings with her style.

2. What is your favorite book? Bitter is The New Black by the fabulous Jennifer Lancaster. She writes about her life and daily stories of living with hubby, dogs, cats and I cry when I read her books from laughing so hard. She has a new book coming out next month and will be hitting different cities on her book tour. If she is in your city, I cannot recommend her enough. I met her once and plan on meeting her again! Check our her blog at

3. Favorite party theme? Ugly Christmas Sweater party I went back to in Phoenix. I love the tackiness of it all!

4. Favorite outdoor activity?  Like Katie, I am going with hiking and biking. I used to bike to the beach all the time when I lived in FL and love checking out new trails here in NC.

5. Something you cannot live without? Laughter. I don’t know how people get through the day without it. If we are talking about tangible items—Burt’s Bees Lip Balm, Starbucks and my blackberry (like Trader Joe’s, I would marry it if I could)

6. Living person you admire? My co-worker April, who I worked with in Phoenix. Her daughter passed away two years ago and had stayed strong throughout and after the ordeal. She still keeps a positive outlook on life, has an amazing sense of humor and is just someone you want to be around.

7. Greatest Fear? Another answer that I am stealing from Katie because as she says, we are the same person lol…….dying young and in a car accident. I think it would really suck just on your way going somewhere then BAM you’re dead. Not cool.

8. Go to favorite meal? Anyone who reads this will know….Nachos!!!

9. Which talent would you most like to have?  This is going to sound silly but I want to be a normal girl who is put together, organized and can walk in heels without complaining. I am like a tornado and mess up everything on a daily basis whether it’s getting dressed and trying on 20 different things then throwing them on the ground and not hanging them up. I am not organized at all and when my phone rings in my purse, I get frantic and can’t find it but can find random ketchup packets and splenda’s in my purse. And heels–I will never be the elegant girl who can walk in heels. Give me my Reefs flippies and I am a happy girl

10. Greatest Achievement? I would say my achievements within the bank. I got my Officer title within the first two years and have won numerous awards within my line of business. When I go to work I don’t play around—I want to be the rockstar and when I am at work, am all business.

I realized I haven’t had any Lincoln love on here in the few days so I give you some Lincoln from this morning

I need to figure out a game plan for the rest of the day–Happy Friday all!!