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28 Mar

So I am going to be upfront….I really have nothing interesting to say.

Today was a total waste of a day due to the nasty weather outside and a hangover but I will attempt to entertain via pictures of food!

For lunch, I decided to make a calzone after seeing Danica’s calzone she made the other day. I am looking to get stuff out of my fridge and go this wk without buying too much produce with my trip coming up.  I filled it with turkey pepperoni, mushrooms, onions and mozzarella cheese.

Give me a F

Give me a A

Give me a I

Give me a L

What’s that spell? FAIL! Well, looks wise at least. This is like the dorky guy in school who doesn’t look like much but then when you really take a look inside, he has a heart of gold and opens you up to a whole new world of things.

It was fine but then decided to break when I put it on the pan. But edible so I decided to go through with it.

I had salt and vinegar chips while waiting then threw out the rest of the bag, does anyone else do that?

 It is one of those days where I would eat the entire bag without needing to. I know it’s totally wasteful but it’s the only thing that will stop me sometimes. And I can’t just throw it out, I have to pour water or ketchup all over it so I won’t it. Otherwise, I become like Miranda on Sex and The City, when she makes a cake then throws it away and goes into the garbage and eats it.

Sigh, I miss Sex and The City and can’t wait for the second movie to be out! Note to self, look up release date.

Note to readers: When Binging Sex and The City (hehe I love saying binging) make sure your filters are on. When I typed in “Sex And The City”, I did not get my four favorite ladies but now know where to go if I need to find a horny black woman or gay men.

It didn’t turn out beautiful but the calzone was superb!

I watched Phone Booth with Colin Farrell this afternoon. Mostly because I don’t have a remote control and was being lazy.

What I want to know now is who is the casting director who cast Colin as a fast talking, conniving guy originally from the Bronx? Apparently someone who sucks since I could do a better job. Let’s just stick to your Irish accent and being sexy mmmmm ok, Colin?

Rawr baby.

I took a nap and caught some of the Baylor-Duke game. I was really proud of Baylor, until the last-minute after their last technical foul I feel like they just gave up. I am more annoyed by this because this means that WVU plays Duke…..yay, we’re going to get out asses kicked. I did love how one of the school bands was playing “Crazy In Love” towards the end though, that made me smile.

Has anyone seen this Budweiser Golden Wheat commercial? It’s my new fave 🙂

I got to cooking my meals for this week.

Tofu on the baking sheet……seasoned in taco seasoning on top and with soy sauce, garlic and ginger on the bottom

I also cooked up some potato slices in evoo, salt and pepper while I was prepping the tofu

I then cooked up some broccoli slaw and mushrooms while the tofu was baking

And a simple day was done! Along with a nice set of chopsticks I snaged from Pei Wei.

I’m now trying to tire myself out since I took two naps today and never sleep well on Sunday nights. April is just around the corner and I am going to make a list of goals since I have been a slackass as of late (I don’t even want to mention how long it’s been since I’ve ran). Blarg Sunday nights, I hate you!!!

Whole Lotta Catching Up To do!

28 Mar

Hi all-I have been totally MIA for the past few days due to A) it being gorgeous outside and B) too much to do so this is the catch up posts of all catch up posts. But I do have lots of pictures of food so redeeming myself there!

Starting off with Friday, I had the greenest green monster I have ever had!

I got to work and was covering my desk + another person’s so needed a Starbucks stat……and I went venti this time which I never really do anymore.

Since I am a nice co-worker (and don’t want my butt to get any bigger) I brought in Dove chocolates and set them in the break room

I went back into the break room five minutes later to make my breakfast and they were gone. The people live their Dove!

I made a bowl of Chobani blueberry greek yogurt, sliced peaches, unsweeted coconut and flax—it was delicious!

The morning went smoothly without too many issues

Lunch was Annie’s Shells and Cheese with broccoli florets

And then the craziness started and lasted all afternoon. I did pack along a salad to have along with the shells but didn’t have a minute to get over to the break room to prep it. Nothing too horrible but just a lot going on and was happy when 5 o’clock hit!

I was riding along on the bus home and you could hear my stomach growling and the salad was just sitting next to me so I broke it out. I want to apologize to other bus riders who had to smell my salad with tuna salad and vinegar. But there were only four other people on the bus and I was starving!!!

I took Lincoln for a long walk and by the time we got back, I was mentally wiped clean. I couldn’t think after the craziness that occured at work and wanted something easy for dinner so I fried up some frozen pierogies and grilled mushrooms and onions on the side.

Oh pierogies, I will never quit you

I settled down and finally got a chance to watch this past wk’s episode of Lost which was all about Richard.

I soon had someone watching me

What an episode!! I may have to watch it again today because it answered so many questions.

Lincoln started inching himself towards me so he could beg for food

Ha, he looks drunk here

I was in bed by 1030 on Friday night because I am lame but I did get a nice eight and a half hours of sleep which is unheard of for me!

I tried out my Sticky Bun Coffee I got on sale at Bi-Lo on Saturday morning

And we all know about BFD but what about DFB? I feasted on mashed potatoes with avocado and greek yogurt for breakfast

I was tempted to add some garlic, salsa and lime juice to make guacamole potatoes because it just sounds magical.

Lincoln was due for a check up and we spent a half hour at the vet getting his shots so he can be a healthy boy!

I came home to a nice surprise—my Crazy Richard’s peanut butter I won from

I had to break into this right away because…..well….no specific reason other than I just wanted to!

I made a Morningstar Chicken Pattie with Frank’s Red Hot topped with cheese on a Thomas Whole Wheat Bagel Thin and tomato with a sliced banana topped with Crazy Richard’s Creamy Peanut Butter.

 The verdict? AMAZING! It was super creamy which I am a total fan of and not too thick (I am just starting to like peanut butter again because it’s thickness turned me off). I will definitely start using this kind and can’t wait to try the chunky)

Lincoln wasn’t feeling so hot due to his shots so he sat with me while I caught up on some reading

Soon after, I decided to take on the mall since JCP was having a great sale. I don’t like going to the mall because it just seems like madness each time I go and too many people. If I do ever go, it’s right when it opens in the morning and I go in and get out stat. I got two tops at JCP then went to Steinmart and got two more tops(those are for work though so nothing too saucy).

WVU was playing at 7 so I got on my gear and headed to a bar a few blocks away from my place to watch. It was $2 Corona’s and yeah, pretty much stayed with those all night. I was alone so just sat and the bar and needed nourishment. Confession…..I absolutely love bar food. I know I shouldn’t but I do and could eat it every day if I could.

I got a cheeseburger with french fried potato chips

So I know it doesn’t look like much but this was one of the BEST cheeseburgers I’ve ever had. I can’t describe why, it was just amazing. I stayed there the rest of the night, made new friends and watched WVU beat Kentucky to move onto the Final Four!!!

What has two thumbs and a sister who lives in Indianapolis? THIS GIRL!

Pending I can get Friday or Monday off of work, I will be making a beautiful nine hour drive to Indianapolis next wknd. I really don’t want to drive but refuse to pay $500+ for a plane ticket. I don’t have tickets but think it would be fun to hang there with all the basketball madness going on. Plus my sister went to Butler so a little bit of a rivalry there which makes it even more fun!

Anyways, after too many Corona’s I made it home and once again, famished. I made nachos, which is just fabulous drunk food. But I wasn’t too drunk that I couldn’t take a picture 🙂 They had Morningstar veggie crumbles, cheese, avocado, jalapenos with greek yogurt and salsa on the side.

And I devoured every last bit!

This morning I was looking forward to a big breakfest….well, a super huge hungover big breakfast: scrambles eggs with mushrooms, cheese and avocado and a Thomas Whole Wheat Bagel Thin with TJ’s Superfruit Spread

Nom Nom

It’s supposed to be absolutely miserable out today which I am excited about because

*I’m hungover and don’t want to move

*Have blogs to catch up

*Need to cook lunch meals for this wk

*Have Netflix movies to catch up on:


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