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Lean Green Fighting Machine

25 Mar

Another wonderful day followed by mucho basketball tonight-a great Thursday indeed!

I had my Starbucks this morning along with a banana and orange

I had to go meet with my manager for my 2009 performance review and it went fabulous! I voiced my concerns about where I am in my career, coverage and work load on our team and told him that I was looking for other opportunities and welcome different projects to work on that get me out of my sitting at my computer for eight hours a day bubble. All in all, I think I will be fine!

 I finally got to have breakfast, which was something kinda new–Liberte Pear Yogurt with flax, coconut and fresh strawberries

 If you haven’t tried Liberte yogurt, please go out and buy some!!! It was absolutely delicious! Not as thick as my beloved greek yogurt but not thin like Dannon or Yoplait and it didn’t have an artificial taste like those either. I loved the combination of pear and strawberry.

I met with an old co-worker to go to Salsarita’s for lunch since I had a BOGO coupon. Salsarita’s and I did not get off on the right foot. It was one of my first Mexican places I tried when I moved to Charlotte and I ordered a chicken burrito, which you would think be an easy to thing to make and they couldn’t mess it up right? Oh no. It was cold, wet and dripping with some kind of funky juice. Blech. From there on, I called it Salsa-shi**y’s but it is starting to redeem itself.

I had the taco pizza with chips and salsa (had about 1/3 of the chips) and yes, the basket of chips is per person. Ugh.

My friend had the white pizza

The blackberry was not wanting to cooperate with pictures today, bleh.

After that this afternoon flew by due to some fire drills from our trading floor. I ended up staying late to catch up on some work since my co-worker who I back up will be out tomorrow. I hate quarter end.

I came home, took Lincoln for a nice walk and started to make dinner.

I’m sure y’all get the point that I love Trader Joe’s (maybe since I talk about it in every post it seems like!) but here is yet another reason:

A bag of potatoes that introduces itself and says “dig” ?? Why hello potatoes, you are going to get in my belly!

Said in my Fat Bastard voice, of course.

I tried Dr. Hansen’s Diet Soda

The meal turned out to be a plate of comfort: Split Chicken with honey mustard and mashed avocado potatoes

 I know my potatoes shouldn’t take up almost half of my plate but when mixed with avocado, cmon. It’s that damn good.

And I just noticed green in every meal. Are you green with envy?? Haha. I crack myself up.

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 I am looking forward to catching up on my blogs tonight and catching the rest of the game—-let’s go Mountaineers!