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Oh Canada

20 Mar

Lincoln and I are just hanging in tonight. I think he knows his momma isn’t feeling too well because he keeps giving me kisses and snuggling up with me.

But seriously, how could you refuse this face?

I made pizza because well, who doesn’t ever feel like pizza? I made it on Trader Joe’s whole wheat pizza dough with grilled mushrooms, baby spinach and turkey pepperoni with fresh garlic and red pepper flakes

Besides that, we are just watching Castle. Nathan Fillion…..tasty!

Now that I think about it, I really like Canadian actors……not too shabby at all

(Don’t hate, Alan Thicke is a dilf!)

On another note, Lincoln apparently feels like putting on iTunes playlist together



The hangover and a friday re-cap

20 Mar

My Friday routine was pretty normal to start out with

I started my day with a Green Monster made with Sunny Delight, greek yogurt, pineapple, strawberries, baby spinach and soy milk

I had a granola bar on the bus while catching up on my reading

I later had a more filling breakfast of oats, Oikos honey green yogurt, unsweetened coconut and flax

Yesterday was another crazy busy day at work. I like being busy and all but I do not get to catch up on my blog reading and other things when it’s busy so bummer 😦

I saw the idea of tuna and guacamole mixed together on Savor and Stretch a few days ago. I would have never thought to mix this together but sounded too good to pass up! I had avocado on hand and decided that would be similiar with my tuna sandwich.

I tried Starkist Tuna Salad pouch which I’ve never had

I slapped this on some whole wheat bread with chopped onion and jalapeno with tomato and avocado pieces

 With a side salad of baby spinach, tomato, mushrooms, avocado and T Marzetti Light Balsamic

One of my best lunches ever! I was pleasantly surprised with the Starkist Tuna Salad pouch. It was really tasty and I didn’t need to add mustard like I normally do on my tuna sandwiches. The flavor was just right and didn’t taste completely sodium ridden. The chopped onions and jalapenos added a nice kick to the sandwich and the avocado just added creamy goodness to it. I loved the combination! And you can never go wrong with a fresh salad, it was light, filling and just great!

I went to the library in the afternoon to pick up a pick I had on hold:

And once I saw how beautiful it was outside, I needed to get outta work so I caught the early bus home and texted my neighbor to see if she wanted to do happy hour. She said she was definitely in and while on the bus ride home, I kept smiling and bouncing in my seat like a five yr old since I was so excited for happy hour after an interesting work wk.

I played with my camera phone to distract my thoughts of streams of endless, cold beer. I kinda look like an angel with the light shining on me!! hehe

Hello lova

I heart beer. And I heart $2 beer even more.

But I heart bar food even more.

Yummy, I  love the cheap cheese sauce they put on nachos. It is an indulgence I only give into every few months but when I get it, I practically lick my plate clean!

So all was good, my neighbor was having man drama and I was listening to her situation. These two guys were sitting a few tables away and one came over and said his friend thought I was cute but was too shy to come over. Ugh. Ok sweet, yes. But really? He looked like he was late 20’s/early 30’s and he doesn’t have the balls to go talk to a girl? Whatev. When I go out, I think I am pretty approachable, smiling and stuff (especially when cute boys are near).

The guy who came over to the table kinda looked like Phil Hartman playing the cave man on SNL

But with shorter hair but very cro mag looking. Anyways, I said to him if his friend thought I was cute, he can come over and join us and talk.


At first things seemed normal. Friend was very cute (kinda looked like an ex from college) and we were talking. Then two more of their friends came over but all four together= sketchiness. I asked how they all knew each other and they wouldn’t say, which automatically makes me think prison. One of them was on vacation and said he worked in Australia but was here visiting family. So me being inquisitive, asked where in Australia and he didn’t know. WTF? How do you not know where you live? At least throw out Sidney or Melbourne, cmon. But the fun didn’t stop there, oh no. Cro mag and cute boy started talking how they could each kick each others asses. And then cro mag tackled cute boy—-oh the patio, at out table and ran into another table of older people who were enjoying a meal. The place went silent and everyone’s mouths were gaping and wondering what just happened. The bar owner kicked them out…..and this was at 8P!!After that my neighbor and I got our tab and split, too much drama!!

I came home and was feeling good and wanted to go out still, even if it was all by my lonesome.

Seeing that I woke up at 6A, I needed a little pick me up so I made a pre-party green monster because I am a dork and make green monsters before going out!

And then I was off! I had no clue where I wanted to go so just started driving around. I don’t have a problem going out alone because A) I don’t get sloshed and B) Don’t have a problem talking to people when I go out.

I decided to go to Thomas Street Tavern in the Plaza Midwood area of town

I haven’t been to Thomas Street in a good two years since it is a drive for me but soon remembered why I love this bar. They have an awesome outdoor patio complete with stadium seat benches near the ping pong tables and it’s dog friendly. I got a beer and started talking to this group of guys next to me. Turns out they were all originally from Serbia and I am part Croatian. I ended up chatting and hanging with them for a few hours. I was asking lots of questions about Serbia and how it differs from living in the US. And then they were talking about they lived in a village and this was the first thing that came to mind

I was like “Oh, like the village from the Safety Dance video?” And they had no clue what I was talking about! I proceeded to hop around and sing “Safety Dance” and yeah, still no clue what I was talking about. I made them promise they would google it today so I hope they do! How fun would it be to see a midget jester hopping around? That thought just brings a smile to my face!

The Serbian guys wives showed up and talked with them for a little bit. I love how out of all the guys at the bar, I end up with married ones lol. I ended up rolling out at midnight……which is WAY past my bedtime and wanted some greasy fast food so I hit up McDonalds. Only to find that their card machine was broken so they were talking cash only, which I never have. Grrrrr. Instead of a burger, I chose the next best thing—Totino’s Pizza Rolls!

Ahhhh these bring me back to high school days when I used to eat these all the time!

I soon fell into a deep slumber only to wake up to not one, not two but three text messages from an ex boyfriend who I dated back in college (yeah seven years ago). They always come back for more, I guess!

I felt like hell this morning and needed food fast so I put together a mushroom and cheese omelet

I lounged around, drinking coffee and water. I wanted to enjoy the weather but was soon on my way to go get my hair done. I haven’t been to my girl since December and as she put it, my roots were “trifling” lol I usually get some blonde highlights but decided to do something a little different time time along with the blonde……red!!

I absolutely love it!!!

I had a groupon coupon I have been wanting to use for ZiZi’s Vegetarian Restaurant which is near my hair dresser and decided to stop there on my way back.

 I got the cajun tofu strips and faux meatball sub but this is a carry out only joint so had to drive with the food smelling so good–I hate that!

I can’t have a meatball sub without cheese so I broiled for about 10 minutes and voila!

The cajun tofu strips were amazing! The meatball sub reminded me more of a chicken philly sub than anything.

This is yet another reason I don’t like Charlotte. This happened right in the uptown area, two blocks from where I work, very sad.

Ugh, feeling so hungover right now. I don’t drink that much anymore but when I do, I throw down. Hope everyone is having a great day!

The bane of my existence

20 Mar

Happy spring everyone!!! It’s getting warmer, the sun is out, life is good.

Yesterday was action packed but unfortunately, I have to run off to get my hair did. More to come later today about my interesting Friday but let’s just say the fun started with this:

Write more soon and if you are having the lovely weather we are here, get out and enjoy it!