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I want to fall back

15 Mar

Mentally, I finally woke up around 1P today-ugh. I hate daylight savings time for that fact alone but then it redeems itself with longer days and it being gorgeous outside.

Had a green monster on the ride to work with chocolate whey, iced coffee, soy milk and splenda

 I had something new for breakfast-Trader Joe’s European Style Chocolate Yogurt with strawberries, unsweetened coconut and flax.

I did not like this flavor at all—it reminded me of Chocolate Chobani Champions, which was my first and only bad experience with Chobani thus far. It was too artificial and chalky (if that makes sense?) tasting to me.

The strawberries and coconut added nice flavor and texture but I will not be taking a chance on the chocolate again. I am curious about the Carmel Oikos I keep seeing but am afraid it’s going to be a let down like the chocolate.

Lunch was Barilla thin spaghetti with grilled onions, mushrooms and artichokes with Turkey sausage with fresh tomatoes on top.


Someone brought in People magazines for others to enjoy—yay. I love free magazines!


It was a pretty uneventful day. I updated my resume, references and Linked In info. I’m trying to connect to as many people as I can on there to help with my chances of finding something in another city. I wish I could just upload my friend list from Facebook over to Linked in-it would make things so much easier! I think I am going to look outside the banking world for a job. As much as I thought I was, I am just not a corporate American girl.

I read this nice article about the 5K on Saturday

Also, I didn’t like it at first but Katharine McPhee’s blonde hair is starting to grow on me

When I got home, it is perfect and sunny out. I could totally be down with 60 degrees and sunny all the time. I took Lincoln for a 40 minute walk on the greenway and came back to make dinner.

I made Red Pepper and Almond Hummus from Eat, Drink and Be Vegan again.

Consistency and looks wise-FAIL. Can you someone tell me to smooth hummus please? I’ll be your best friend lol I put in the food processor and both high and low and this is what I got-glop. Taste wise-FANTABULOUS!!!

Dinner was simple and good-pork chops baked in garlic breading and steamed asparagus with butter, salt and pepper. Thank you Harris Teeter for the $.99 asparagus bunches!

The rest of the night, I am just watching The Bachelor: After the Final Rose and looking around for jobs. You’re jealous, I know!! 🙂