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Shake it like a Salt Shaker

14 Mar

Ugh, I feel like I should be this girl right about now.

I am in sodium city and drinking a gallon of water as I type trying to hydrate. Random thought-how cute of a Halloween outfit would the Morton’s salt girl be? But now looking at the picture again, the Morton’s salt girl is a little slutty–why is she wearing a dress so short? Isn’t she like 11??

I barely got any sleep this afternoon and was craving something salty and sweet and this is when SodiumFest 2010 happened.

I photographed one bowl of salt n vinegar chips but had two, it was so good.

Dinner was Tofu Pad Thai from Pei Wei

 I didn’t even polish off half of this since the sodium got to me and packed the other half for lunch. I love Pei Wei-PF Chang’s food with a budget price!

I finally picked up a bottle of GT’s Organic Raw Kombucha after seeing it all over the blog world

From the website:

Kombucha is alternately known as a Chinese tea, a plant, or a mushroom. But it’s not really any of these. It’s a living culture of beneficial microorganisms, and in Kombucha’s case, the whole is infinitely greater than the sum of its parts! Our Kombucha is delicately cultured – some liken it to fermentation – for 30 days. During this period, essential nutrients form like active enzymes, viable probiotics, amino acids, antioxidants and polyphenols. All of these combine to create an elixir that immediately works with the body to restore balance and vitality. Kombucha has been used for hundreds of years throughout the world as a daily health tonic. The culture resembles a light brown, tough, gelatinous disk—and because it’s a living, growing entity, it can regenerate and create new cultures with every batch. In fact, GT’s Kombucha and Synergy are made from Kombucha cultures that are descendants of the original culture GT grew to create his first bottles.

  • Kombucha has been a health-promoting and life-enhancing wonder food since as early as the Tsin Chinese Dynasty of 221 BC. Its popularity has been documented throughout history in all corners of the world, from Russia to India, Germany to Japan.
  • In his autobiography, Nobel Prize winner Alexandr Solzhenitsyn wrote that drinking Kombucha helped him survive the Siberian slave camps of the former Soviet Union.
  • Kombucha may be known by many different names in other parts of the world, including Manchurian Tea, Manchu Fungus, Tea Kvass, Mo-Gu Fungus japonicus, Kwassan, and many others.
  • A report on NBC’s Dateline stated that over three million people regularly drink Kombucha.
  • It has great stats and I adore the last ingredient!

    All in all, I liked it–it was a little bitter-tasting but nothing too unpleasant. I didn’t drink the whole bottle but I will definitely try again!

    I said it before, I do not like daylight savings. It is 930P and it feels like 7P–wtf? I am sure tomorrow morning will be just lovely!

    For my Bachelor-loving fans out there–remember 20/20 Inside the Bachelor: Stories Behind the Rose is on tomorrow night. Scandalous-can’t wait!!

    All the time in the world

    14 Mar

    Happy day light savings everyone! This hour difference is seriously messing me up so I will be happy once I get used to it but until then, I feel like I have too much time on my hands.

    I woke up at 730A this morning and started the day off with my new Trader Joe’s Diner Blend Coffee

    Delicious as always! I don’t want to think about what I’m gonna do when I move and won’t be able to just walk over to Trader Joe’s. Sadness 😦

    And I despise Sundays, they are my least favorite day of the week. But one thing that always makes it a little bit better is a big breakfast!

    I made scrambled eggs and added milk to them, I can’t believe how fluffy they were! I rarely have regular milk on hand so use a little butter or just the cook up the eggs alone with some spices but wow-it made a world of difference!

    I topped them with half an avocado and toasted some Earth Grains whole wheat bread and topped with Trader Joe’s Superfruit Spread. Yummy!

    I also had leftover potatoes I made the other night

    That killed a good half hour of my time so I made a batch of granola bars that I made a couple of weeks ago. This time I added raisins and more coconut.

    And that took about 45 minutes.

    All there is on tv on Sunday in the morning is churchie stuff or political shows so I was quickly going crazy. It was sunny and a little chilly out and needed to get out. I decided to pack up, grab Lincoln and go to Freedom Park. Freedom Park is a huge park in Charlotte with great walkways, trails, tennis courts, etc. It’s more near the Uptown area so I don’t go that much but wanted to move a little and I am sure that Lincoln wanted to socialize.

    He was a little tired at first

    But finally woke up and was ready to go to the park!


    It was a perfect day to get outside!

    We walked around for an hour and hung out. I haven’t been to Freedom Park in awhile but was quickly reminded why I used to go all the time. Fun little fact, a few scenes from the movie Shallow Hal were filmed at Freedom Park and most of the movie was filmed in Charlotte.

    We were driving back and saw a Rita’s Ice and immediately pulled over—I love Rita’s and didn’t know they have them here.

    I got a Cherry and Vanilla Gelati which was fantastic!

    Is it wrong that I love that my normally hyper dog completely passes out after we go in the car?

    And now at home –look at his little tongue sticking out, hehe! I’m such a sucker for this dog.

    I have nothing to do and it’s only 2:30P so I think I will follow Lincoln’s lead and nap it up.