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My first 5K

13 Mar

I did it!!! I ran my first 5K and it was amazing!

Some fuelage at 6A for “Get Your Rear Into Gear 5K” hehe, I love the name.

Got the D tag on the shoe. I never knew this is how they tracked people, very cool!

I’m soooooo excited!! I repped the WVU after their HUGE win last night!!

That is me au natural. I usually wear some form of makeup (lipgloss at the least) so me stepping out like that was a rarity!

I DID IT!!!!

My final time was 43:48 with a pace of 14.03.

I know that’s not quick by any means but that’s the fastest I’ve ever gone! When I turned the corner at mile 3, my heart rate was a whopping 201 but I just pushed myself a little longer to make it to the finish line!

Walking into the post-race area

Yay Caribou Coffee!

My neighbor ran as well but she was behind me so I refueled and cooled down while I waited for her

They had tables with bananas, oranges, bread, fruit chews, pretzels and water aplenty. I took a little of each and may have snagged four or five mini bags of pretzels.

Thoughts on the 5K

*I hate hills

*My heart rate was decent for most of it but when it got to 190+ I would slow down but it hurt so much to walk (especially rough on my calves). I would start a slow trot again but tried to keep my heart rate down which was harder to do that I thought. I would have gladly walked to cool down but was in excruciating pain. Running wise, I was fine–calves, hamstring, feet, etc. didn’t hurt at all

*Lucacris helped get me through this race

*We ran though a historical neighborhood and there were tons of people out on their decks and yards cheering runners on. It was so encouraging and sweet– these complete strangers just cheering us on and telling us we could do it–it made me smile and restored my faith in humanity 🙂

*Yay for no spitting! I usually have to hauck one out (no clue how to spell that) a few times during a run but none today

*I wish I would have drank more water. I had about 30 oz beforehand and they only had one water station so the water tent was the first thing I walked over to when finished.

*Said water station was across the street from the Salvation Army Thrift Store and it took everything in me not to go in.

*The Hives “Try It Again” was the song I was listening to when crossing the finish line. I love this song because it is high energy and super motivating.

*I thought I would cry or be swept up in a wave of emotion after I crossed the finish line but didn’t. I was in total awe that I just ran a 5K and proud of myself. I can’t believe I did it but did and will do it again!

Thank you everyone for your kind words and encouragement, truly meant alot to me! 🙂

I came home to a nice surprise….2 huge boxes of Brothers All Natural Crisps that I won over on Morgan’s blog. Thanks again!! Review to come soon 🙂

I also scored a cute pedometer from Coca-Cola

I made black bean and avocado quesadillas for lunch.

Oh Mexican food, I wish I could quit you.

I then took a warm bubble, caught up on reading and maybe fit an hour nap in there.

For dinner, I made pizza  with Trader Joe’s Whole Wheat Pizza Dough since it’s been awhile

Baby spinach, sliced portabello’s and artichokes cooking

Topped it with the veggies, light sauce, turkey pepperoni and mozzarella

One of these days, I will make a circular pizza. I like that mine are in funky shapes, it gives it personality.

I thought it resembled California

Funniest picture of the evening

I was cracking up when I uploaded this.

I’m going to pop in this tonight and relax

I leave you with one of the reasons I will forever love the 80’s…this is day three this song has been in my head.

Remember to change your clocks tonight!!