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12 Mar

Going back to work was super tough today but it’s Friday so who cares?? Never week is going to be super tough because one of my deals is coming off hold and I am backing up someone on my team while they are out of the office so I am hoping for smooth sailing.

I woke up a little later than planned (I was sooooo tired from having the past two days off! 🙂 ) and caught the train to work. When I leave for the day and lock my door, I have to sing a song to myself to help me remember than I locked my door. And today I didn’t so I was on the train reading my book and wondering if I locked the door or not…..and quickly driving myself nuts!! I contemplated getting off the train, catching one back to my car and driving home to check but couldn’t bring myself to do that. I was crossing my fingers that I did lock it!

I got to work and surprisingly, my email wasn’t too out of control. When I’m out of the office, it gets so back logged I spend half the day just trying to catch up so I’m happy that wasn’t the case.

For breakfast, I had Oikos Honey and a banana mixed together

It was my first time trying this flavor and what did I think?

Holy nastiness Batman!!! I thought it was just horrible and had to choke it down because I needed something in my system.

I snacked on some almonds before lunch

But my lunch totally redeemed my faith in my meals for the day

I had a red pepper hummus and avocado wrap

Naomi posted a wonderful wrap tutorial on Wednesday so I decided to put it to work since no matter if I put too little or too much in a wrap, it sucks.

Perfecto–thanks for the lesson Naomi!! This was a delicious light yet filling wrap.

I had some extra hummus as planned so had that with sliced mushrooms and red peppers to use for dipping

People kept coming into the kitchen while preparing all of this and were uber curious as to what I was making. I schooled the co-workers on making a wrap and one guy came in saying he has never bought an avocado before, only having them in restaurants. After calling him a communist, I took him what to look for color and feel wise. I felt like I had my own talk show for a good five minutes! Ahh dreams 🙂

I came home and the door was locked-phew! Lincoln was happy to see me and we went on a walk before it started pouring.

I had no idea what to make dinner….I kinda wanted nachos but also wanted some carbalicious. I had some potatoes to use in the next few days so I sliced some up and poured evoo and some no salt seasoning on them and let bake for 20 mins at 375 degrees.

While those were baking, I scrambled some eggs and chopped up some onion, jalapenos and parsley.

The final product : Cheesy Eggy Potatoes topped with onion, jalapenos and parsley.

I can’t do taters without ketchup

Hoping some will fall

I’m just taking it easy tonight since I gotta be up for the 5K tomorrow. I am so excited and nervous at the same time! I don’t know what to expect and what  kind of people expect to be running so I think those two combined are making my nerves go outta control. Also, my right calf has been bothering me so I have been trying to stretch it out and loosen it up a bit. I heard there is going to be 1,000 + people running which is awesome since this is the first one in our area. Since this is my first run, I’m really not concentrating on what my time will be. However, I will be really pissed off if I am dead last! There has to be someone slower than me right?? I hope so!

I picked up my race packet yesterday full of goodies–a nice lightweight shirt, copy of Runners magazine and muchos coupons. There is even going to be Caribou coffee afterwards which will be much needed! Come on 645—bring me luck!

I;m completely pooped, this three day work week stuff is killing me. I’m calling it an early night and relaxing b/c I gotta wake up early tomorrow. The weekend is here and I hope everyone is having a fun time or looking forward to fun times. When I write tomorrow, I will have ran my first 5K—eeeeeeek!!!