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Shake it, don’t break it

9 Mar

And yes, it took my momma nine months to make it.

Speaking of which, really need to download Hoochie Momma and Pop That Coochie.

It’s funny what a little activity can do. I am now in a fabulous mood!!!

I had an awesome workout and did close to 4 miles!!! That’s the farthest I’ve ever gone.  I walked more than I wanted to due to my heartrate being through the roof and didn’t want to overexert myself so I would walk  a few minutes then run .5 miles. All in all—great workout, I just need to keep pacing myself and keep my breathing in check and will be good to go 🙂

I chugged half a gallon of water when I got home and proceeded to lay on the ground with Lincoln licking me because I had been close to an hour and in his world, that’s eternity.

I made a green monster and as always, wonderful. I had soy milk, chocolate whey, banana, baby spinach and almond butter.

I’m running low on protein powder and have only had my EAS which is the first kind I’ve tried. If anyone has a specific brand they dig, please let me know!

Looking for a good recipe book?? Click here to win a copy of Secrets of a Skinny Chef!

Oh–and Bob Barker? This is why you’re awesome!


9 Mar

Feel like crap today, I am tired, my ear hurts and just sad. And it’s such a beautiful day so I have no real reason to be sad but am. I think this place is taking it’s toll on me and I need to find something else asap. I just wish I didn’t have to worry about bills for a few months and if that were the case, would be set! I have a few thou saved up for my moving ventures which will start me off with rent somewhere, some furniture and moving expenses. I am to the point that I don’t sleep well during the work week because work makes me so sad and I don’t want to go but during the wknd I am fine. When I walk outside out of work, I am my normal happy fun self but when I am there-a complete 180. I can’t go like this much longer and need to really get into my butt into gear with finding something else. Meh.

 I rode the train today since I didn’t have any cash on hand for the bus. I like the light rail because it has way more of a flexible schedule than the bus but the downside is the people are way sketch on there. When I got to work, I had a granola bar and Grande Pike from Starbucks with two pumps of SF Cinnamon Dolce.

And then some greek yogurt with berries, flax and unsweetened coconut

If you’ve been wanting to try Yoplait Greek Yogurt (which I’m not sure if I do or don’t), click here for a coupon to print out.

Lunch was a salad with mushrooms, onion, parsley and tomato topped with T Marzetti’s Light Balsamic

And then some Bubble up Pizza Casserole leftovers!

One of my co-workers and I went for a 25 minute walk since it was another gorgeous day out!

I came back and refueled with Wallaby Organic Berries and Cream yogurt mix. I never heard of this before but it was on sale at Earthfare for $1

It was decent. A tad too sour in my opinion but not too thin or thick.

I came home and checked my mail box and found this beauty from Missy Maintains! This is the first thing I have ever won in the blogosphere-yay! I am going to NYC for 4th of July wknd and plan on using it then-can’t wait to try the much talked about Lite Choice. Thanks Missy!!

Speaking of giveaways, click here for a chance to win some Tropical Traditions Coconut Peanut Butter—lots of easy ways to enter a few times!!

I walked over to my neighbor’s apartment with Lincoln after work so he could play with her dog and we could catch up.

She told me about this great site—IDUMP4U–anyone heard of it?? You can pay this guy to break up with your significant other instead of doing it yourself. Personally, I would never do it but is HILARIOUS!!!

We walked back and by that time it was already 630P–where has this day gone? I hate how when I am at work it goes by super slow but when at home, super fast. But such is life I guess?

I made black bean quesadillas with salsa and greek yogurt mixed together for dipping—yum!

I am going to go for a run and try to clear my head a little. I put some new songs on the ipod to make me happy and maybe I will catch Lost for once (I haven’t really watched in the past two wks–sad!!) On another note, the water is being turned off yet again by my apartment complex just like a few wks ago. This better be soon fixed, I cannot do showering with baby wipes and walking to Starbucks to use the restroom!!