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8 Mar

If you’re wondering what that means, it’s Good evening in Polish 🙂

Anyone watch the Oscars last night? I was flipping in between that and other stuff but naturally my favorite part is the Pre-Award show where you get to see all the fashion!

Some of my favorites were:

Go Mimi wearing something other than a mini skirt, halter and jean jacket!!


And how do these two always manage to look so elegant and graceful??

I happy Sandra Bullock finally won Best Actress for the Blind Side but interesting tidbit, she also won the Razzie this year for Worst Actress in  All About Steve which I can attest to was a horrible flick.

I hope everyone had gorgeous weather today! It started out cold but then this afternoon got into the 70’s which just made it absolutely perfect.

I started with an Iced Coffee Green Monster

And a granola bar while I caught up on last month’s Glamour, that I still haven’t had a chance to read.

Hehe, it looks like I’m feeding Posh the bar. Eat it girl—it won’t hurt you, I promise!!!

I started this article just a few minutes before I got to work and found it interesting. I used to go onto TMZ and Perez Hilton every day…..and check it eight+ times a day for updates but then noticed one day that there is just so much hate on there. In my opinion, Perez Hilton exists solely to make fun of others, saying they are fugly, overweight and such and then readers can comment with their own opinions…..which are too malicious for my taste. Everyone’s entitled to their opinion, trust me I know that and am a big believer but when it’s  every single day and people are hiding behind a screen saying such mean things, I just got over reading it.

 Breakfast was TJ’s 0% Greek Yogurt with berries and flax.



YUM! I hate Monday’s because, well, the obvious and it takes me so long to mentally wake up. I seriously don’t feel awake until 1P or 2P. But on days where I’m busy, it’s not too bad since I am keeping busy.

Lunch was leftover’s–Danica’s Bubble Up Pizza Casserole that I made yesterday and she was right, even better than yesterday!!

Melted cheese, meat, veggie, biscuit yummy goodness. I love the biscuit as the base of it, it’s something different and comforting 🙂

Side of collards with balsamic vinegar…..this could easily be a new favorite of mine

This afternoon was pretty smooth sailing at work. One of my co-workers and I went on a 30 minute walk around Uptown. It felt so nice to get out and not have to wear a coat, gloves or hat. Dear God—Can I please win the lottery so I could move to San Diego and be around that weather all year? You know I will donate some to various charities, pay off my student loans, buy my parents a new house and spend it wisely.

Our main system we use was starting to crash around 4P so I decided to get out of there early and catch the early bus. But bad karma has somehow tagged me again as I cannot find my bus pass. The one I just bought last wknd for the entire month of March—grrrr! I don’t know why I keep losing it. Maybe someone is trying to tell me not to go on the bus, like something from the movie Speed will happen. If there’s a cop who looks like Keanu, I’m willing to take that risk!

Rawr baby. Gosh, he looks young there-can you believe that movie is 16 yrs old??? I remember seeing it in the theater, it came out the summer of the Nicole Simpson.Ron Brown murders and I owned the VHS. I love how I remember random stuff like that but can’t remember if I turn the curling iron off in the morning. On another note, I’m gonna be saying “There’s a bomb…..on the bus” dramatically for the rest of the evening.

It was so beautiful, I got home, changed into comfy clothes and Lincoln and I trotted to the greenway. I complain alot about the greenway but I do love that it’s right across the street from me and perfect like days like today. We took a nice 40 minute walk, socialized with other fur-babies and got our cardio on.

And then it happened. I was doing sooooo good. I went until 530P without sticking my foot in my mouth—which is exceptionally well for me! Linx and I were on the greenway and this guy on a bike was approaching. A very cute guy…..alone……without wedding band. Anyways he smiled, said hi and passed us by then I was staring at him pedaling away and I just sighed and blurted out “Yeah daddy”. Loudly. As in, I think he heard. Maybe our paths will cross again, who knows?

Dinner time approached and I had no clue what to make. But then I remembered the pierogi’s and couldn’t let them sit in my fridge without attention.

I cut up some turkey kielbasa

Cut up some onions, mushrooms and popped open a can of chopped sauerkraut and mixed together on the stove top

Fried up the pierogi’s in some vegetable oil

Please don’t knock my smurf magnet! I collect magnets on my fridge doesn’t have a lot of room left so I had to put on my oven, I think it adds personality 🙂

And voila!

Note there were four pierogi’s frying and three on the plate. I just couldn’t wait anymore for the kielbasa mix to be done-sorry friends!

OMG. I vow right now, I will never buy frozen pierogi’s again. These? Were amazing! I had Greek Yogurt on the side to top the pierogi’s with then a genius idea came to me—add bacon in the pierogi’s next time-they will be like loaded baked potato pierogi’s with greek yogurt on the side!!! My work is done.

I was thinking about my Team Poland/Team Italy post from yesterday and sat in deep thought while eating this. I can’t decide on a winner, they were both marvelous in their own rite. But I am Polish and Italian and all around I am fabulous with those two combined and don’t believe one is better than the other, so there ya go.

I have no clue what I am going to do tonight since the Bachelor is no more. I guess I could clean, read or be productive but feel like lounging.

One of the reasons I am lounging is because Lincoln is sleeping on my feet and I don’t want to disturb him. If you can’t tell he is a tad spoiled:

That would be Lincoln sleeping in my arms earlier.

And resting before he made it to my feet

Off to find something to do, I may hit up some strength training, that was going to be the original plan but feel worked out with my walks today.

But before I go, want yet another chance to win a Celestian Seasonings Natural Wellness Kit?? Click here!

Hope everyone is having a magnificent Monday!