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Poland vs. italy

7 Mar

After my wonderful oats experience this morning, I went to the matinée of Alice in Wonderland 3D. I packed some snacks for the movie since I refuse to pay $11 for popcorn that is insanely large and a soda.

Sliced yellow apple and homemade granola bar I made the other night.

I kinda thought the granola bar looked like the state of Indiana, which is cool since I’m originally from there!

The movie was at 1125, we got there a little early and the theater was 75% full at that point. Charlotte is full of churchies so I thought it would be safe to say it wouldn’t be busy but I guess the people wer praising Walt Disney today.

Thanks for the blurry vision, blackberry. This was my first 3D experience and I loved it! The movie was good-the graphics and colors were absolutely amazing and I would go for that. Helena Bonham Carter was great and I would definitely recommend it. I want to see more 3D movies now!

We stopped at Harris Teeter on the way back (I know, what’s new) and got the sub of the day–roast beef on wheat for $2.99 I love their deals! Got it with dijon, lettuce, tomato, onion and banana peppers. I almost went for the cheese but decided not to splurge.

I had an admirer while I was eating my sandwich and decided to get him a little piece of roast beef but he had to work for it

Now—for the culture clash. I am Polish, Italian and Croatian and decided to make two meals today both representing my heritage. First, the country representing the largest portion of my heritage-Poland. I made Stephanie’s Pierogi’s. I’m half Polish however we didn’t eat them much when I was younger and have grown to love them within the past few years. I’ll buy Mrs. T’s or Cheemo frozen brand but thought would be fun to make on my own and embrace my Polish roots 🙂

The cheese. Yeah, I could eat this entire bowl by itself and be happy, just saying.

The cheese, sauteed onions and potatoes melting in unison

And after taking an electronic mixer to it

Pierogi’s in the making!

One of the last batches (I filled a huge tupperware container to freeze so I can have in the future)

Mine turned out monster pierogi’s. It was time-consuming and like Stephanie warned, a great way to work the arms but I had a good time making it. I had my Pandora station on my beach mix so it was very peaceful with Bob Marley, Jack Johnson, etc.

Thanks Stephanie for the great and easy recipe, I look forward to having some later this wk!

The next meal was Danica’s Bubble Up Pizza Casserole  repping another part of my heritage-Italy.

I made a few substitutions of my own—first I used Morningstar Veggie Crumbles instead of sausage since I had that on hand.

I browned the crumbles and added the sliced turkey pepperoni

The veggies on the stovetop

Both the meat and veggies with the sauce (only used half a jar since I don’t like too much sauce)

Hot outta the oven!

A nice big piece for dinner

And a side of collard greens with balsamic.

I’ve never made collard greens before or tried them. One of my co-workers had some leftovers a few wks back and she let me taste it and I loved it. Here’s to another new thing in 2010!

The Bubble Up Pizza Casserole was fantastic!!  Danica has too many good recipe’s on her site—thanks girl for posting!

As always, my shadow was waiting for a piece of food to drop

And you can never go wrong with Ghirardelli for dessert

I need to go back there! This is from last May when I went to visit my sister (on the right, she lives a little north of San Fran)

So the two countries went head to head today but who will be the winner?


Or Italy?

Danica’s Bubble Up Pizza Casserole was damn tasty but haven’t had a chance to heat the pierogi’s and have them properly with sauerkraut and kielbasa this wk.

If anyone knows of any good Croatian food, please let me know….I would love to try!


7 Mar

That would mean the






Which is what I just devoured.

I never get too creative with my oats during the wk since I have to nuke them at work but on the wknd, it’s on. First step was making my coffee of course, my creative juices don’t get aflowing until then.

I made rolled oats with soy milk on the stove top with an egg whisked in.

The add ins:

That would be unsweetened coconut, cut up Reece’s miniature peanut butter cups and half a packet of Justin’s Honey Peanut Butter.

Add some flax into the oats once they are done and this is what I got

Most decadent and delicious oats I’ve ever had, it was like a candy shop and oatmeal had a baby and this is the baby!! On another note, I hate when it takes longer to make something than eat it.

Happy Sunday all!