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A treat for the feet

21 Feb

I went out today for the sole purpose (haha pun intended) of pampering myself but it looks like my feet got the hookup today! But first I had to fuel before the shopping!

I had a wrap with Smart Deli Roasted Turkey, tomatoes,mushrooms, onion, lettuce and Ken’s Lite Honey Mustard and a kiwi

I was a bit reluctant to try the faux turkey but was pleasantly surprised. Plus it was only on sale for $2/package so yay for trying new and cheap things 🙂

And the day of me began!

First stop was SteinMart. Which I never really go to but my friend told me they were having a really good sale. I went online to their site first and signed up for their email notifications and got a 20% off coupon-holla!

Why don’t I shop at Steinmart? I don’t know but am going to start!

I almost bought one of these adorable aprons but passed (I especially love the Domestic Dive one)

And ran into these two cute pairs of rainboots. Decisions decisions.

I absolutely loved the ones but thought they would get dirty easily with mud and rain so went with polka dots (HUGE polka dot fan here!) After the 20% coupon these were only $20-score!

I then saw these cute Rampage blue heels…..75% off!!!

For $9.95 how could I not buy them?

All this shoe action made me think of this video:

Since I was on a roll bargain wise, I headed to the clearance rack and found this cute wallet for $8.85

I refueled with an iced coffee from Caribou

Then got a much needed pedicure. I love pedicures for not only how good they make me feel and how cute my piggies look after but also because the place I go to has the best gossip magazines and god knows I am not spending $4 on those!

The final product (sadly, I rarely stray from red)

For anyone who has a foot fetish-you’re welcome

I broke open one of the bags of Ghirardelli chocolates and tried the Caramel flavored

I don’t like Sundays in the first place but absolutely hate Sunday afternoons. All I want to do is take a nap but can’t because then I won’t be able to sleep tonight. It is gorgeous outside but still in pain from Friday’s tattoo removal session so I am trying to hold off on running on working out with kettlebell until tomorrow.

Just call me R Kelly b/c I got the Chocolate Factory

21 Feb

 Damn the Valentine’s Day Clearance Gods! I went to CVS yesterday where it was 75% off of V-Day candy. As a smart consumer, I would be an idiot not to partake and got the goodies below.   All of that for $4.34.Seriously. And the Dove Chocolate bags? $.99! Thankfully with sweets, I have portion control and willpower (just with salty stuff I don’t) so I can keep this in my house without any trouble.

Did I stop there? Oh no. Enter in three bags of Ghirardelli Chocolate Bags for $.84 each.

Thank you Target.

I forgot about this picture that I took on Friday when I was in the waiting room at the Dr.’s office.

When I saw the name of this magazine, I thought it was going to be about something totally different! Hehe

I took a much needed nap yesterday afternoon and woke up to a phone call from my friend Shalon. She was moving yesterday and near her home on the other side of the state. The cops here called her and told her that found her car. Long story short–her car, tv and laptop were stolen two wks ago so the chances of getting the car back were very slim. She turned around in her rental car to come back to the Charlotte area and everything was in tact! I was expecting her to say that it was ruined or completely stripped but they took her cd’s and some other random stuff in the car. She asked me if I could come out and drop the rental car off and crash for the night so of course I was happy to oblige.

We went to Hickory Tavern for dinner, which I don’t know if it was kids eat free night or something but it seemed like there were more kids in the bar area than the restaurant side.

I had a blackened fish sandwich with potato chips

After that, we got the rental car, dropped it off, headed to Target then rolled back to my place.

Shalon’s a cat person and was not used to Lincoln’s lovey side.

Luckily, I am.

We watched Run Fatboy Run

then called it a night. Such a long day and I felt like I had stopped in every part of Charlotte!

Woke up this morning around 830A….which is sleeping in for me and made coffee and oats for myself and guest. She isn’t used to a big breakfast so didn’t have too much of the oats but I scarfed mine down—full of banana, almond butter and chocolate covered almonds

I would love to just stay in my pj’s on the couch and lounge all day but unfortunately, not an option. I have to hit up Steinmart and Macy’s because word on the street is they are both having amazing sales! I am on the hunt for my rainboots and maybe some hats or earrings. Now that I think about it, I have not bought one piece of clothing (besides a t shirt at Salvation Army for $1) this yr. That is really really really good for me since I have a slight shopping problem.

You say you like Kashi bars, granola, peppermint tea or Honest Bars?? Click here for a chance to win it all—hurry up ends tomorrow the 22nd!

Walking On Sunshine

20 Feb

20 degrees and snowing last wk……60 degrees this wk? Hello global warming, it’s nice to meet you!

It’s an absolutely gorgeous day in Charlotte and I have been on the go all day and taking a break for now!

I had to wake up early to take Lincoln to get groomed then I came back made some french toast with baked apples on top and my first cuppa joe.

I thought this would be really good because I had pancakes with baked apples on top from Cracker Barrel but these disappinted me. It was edible and tasted good, just not as good as I thought it would. I nuked the apples for 2 minutes and topped with apple pie spice and splenda. Then poured over the french toast and topped with syrup. I’m sure it was better at Cracker Barrel because of all the sugar and stuff (plus they put whipped cream on their pancakes and you can’t go wrong with that) but it filled me up and prepared me for the busy day I was going to have.

First stop was the post office to ship out some clothes I sold on ebay this past wk. Then I drove a few miles to South Carolina to get gas. It’s about a ten minute drive to the border and gas is about $.20 cheaper to I fill up on the wknd and am good for two or three wks (I really don’t drive too much at all due to the bus and train during the work wk).

Next stop was onto my good deed for the day….Charlotte Mecklenburg Animal Care & Control

They are no kill and in dire need of food. I saw this on the news the other night about how food donations for animals are at an all time low and knew I needed to help! Enter in the four unopened bags of dog food that I got for free but Lincoln didn’t like. They have been sitting in my kitchen for a good year .

I was so happy to help the poor doggies! Sometimes I think I like dogs more than people—they don’t talk back, aren’t selfish and just want to love. But that’s another rant for another time! Then I made a huge mistake, I asked to see the dogs. They pointed me over to where they keep the dogs up for adoption and I walked in. That’s when my heart sank. Thankfully, there were only 18 dogs but to me, that is 18 too many. They were all so happy to see people!  I kept getting licks from them and it was just so sweet to see all of them so happy. But then I started tearing up because you could tell they were good dogs who don’t have a home and there was nothing I could do ( I warned y’all I like dogs more than people sometimes). I would love to have more dogs (but not to the point I am crazy dog lady) if I had more room but I am in an apartment which is room enough for Lincoln and I. Plus if I brought some doggies home, I think that would break his heart.

Speaking of which-next stop was to pick up Lincoln from his morning of pampering! Now if his momma could only get a day of pampering…..

How adorable are we? hehe

Lunch was sushi from Harris Teeter-Spicy Salmon Roll

And a kiwi (which this package of six at Trader Joe’s was $2.20 but for one at Harris Teeter is $.69 each–dislike!!)

Lincoln hoping to blog

Bad news on the Shamrock Shake hunt—I stopped by two McDonalds’s today and none in the forecast.

I’m not going to completely give up on this though. I am gonna keep searching through McDonalds in the area ….and learn how to say Shamrock Shake en espanol or learn how to dance like a leprechaun so people who don’t understand what it is will know what I am talking about!


She’s just a smart girl with red boots

19 Feb

Lame Friday night here. I just woke up from a nap and still feeling groggy. I haven’t been sleeping well this week and think it finally caught up with me. I got to leave work early though so I could go to  my laser tattoo removal appointment. I got a tattoo when I was 16 years old (which was a huge mistake) and have been in the process of getting it lasered off for the past two years. It was a four-leaf clover and of course, green is the hardest color to get off so this is the eighth time I have gone and it is still not gone completely but it has faded alot.

Here are some comparison pictures

Before (2006ish I think?)

Before my session today:

Eek! So my resizing on my pics totally isn’t working but you get the point. It has faded a lot but a tad green left and it is raised a bit. After I am done with the laser removal process, I will have to get it micro-dermabrasioned down. In other words….why didn’t I listen to my mother?

I woke up at 5A today and started the day with a Mojo Peanut Butter Pretzel Bar for some much-needed energy

I took Lincoln out for a long walk, got ready and jetted to work. It was nice to actually drive to work for a change. I’m so accustomed to the bus that driving isn’t second nature to me anymore. It was great being able to jam, sing as loud as I want, cuss at bad drivers (I am not even going to mention the number of times I dropped the F bomb in a 20 minute drive)

I parked about a mile from work and walked over to get some exercise for the day since I knew after the tattoo removal I wouldn’t want to do anything (forward to me sitting on my couch in sweatpants typing this). Something unexpected happened–I got catcalled my construction workers!!

I remember watching movies in the 80’s and they always depict construction workers as catcaller but you really don’t see that anymore? Maybe the Construction Workers Association of America wanted to do away with the bad rapp? All I know is  I never see this happen anymore and it’s been awhile since I have been catcalled by a construction worker so bring it on. Must mean I was looking fiiiiine! I have a bad happen of walking with my iPod and sashaying to the music so maybe that’s what did it? Or they can’t resist me, who knows?? 🙂 

I love these tips for guys who like to catcall and definitely agree with #5

I rolled into work a little before 7A and situated myself with a beautiful bowl of Oikos Greek Yogurt, frozen strawberries, flax and coconut granola

Day from hell at work! Super duper busy but that helps the day go by quickly right?

Leftovers of tofu stir fry for lunch

By the way it tasted, I felt like I overloaded this portion with too much Sriracha. I downed a 32 oz bottle of water four bites into it!


After that, I went to the doctor, got my tattoo lasered, drove home without too bad of traffic and came home. I had these babies waiting in my mailbox

Yay for Barney Butter! I have heard great things about this product and got my free sample and can’t wait to try it!

The plan for dinner was black bean quesadillas but my can opener is caput and I didn’t feel like cooking so nachos it was!

Or chips and melted cheese with a few jalapeno sporadically placed on it…..not sure what the exact definition of nachos is but these are ghetto nachos in my opinion. Luckily, I am a ghetto-friendly girl so I enjoyed them.

Now I am watching All About Steve with Bradley Cooper and Sandra Bullock

Ummm, this is painfully bad. If I weren’t so lazy and in pain right now, I would turn it off but I am a bum. Seeing this though reminds me that I need a cute pair of rain boots. And if they turn out to be red (or black with cherries!!!) that would rock. I haven’t had rainboots since I was a little kid so maybe this will be a treat for myself this wknd.

**********Click here to enter to win a sample pack of 12 different fruit crisps from Brothers All Natural. All the flavors look interested but I am interested in the pear!

That’s it for now…..I feel like I am going to either pass out or be wired for the rest of the night. Lincoln is getting pretty tomorrow since his grandma will be in town next wknd! Happy wknd everyone 🙂

FML? How about LOVE my Life?

18 Feb

Let’s see…. this morning-lost my access id to work. Which if I was a normal person, would not be an issue. However since I am Miss Unorganized 2010, I keep my bus pass and Starbucks gift card in the plastic access pass envelope as well. God forbid, I take five seconds each day to put it in my wallet….GRRR.

I went to the Charlotte Transportation Center to check the lost and found. To get a visual of this place disregard this picture and picture a bunch of people who look like they are going to riot at any second. Each of them are smoking or drinking something and yeah, that’s the fabulous Charlotte Transportation Center for you.

Or as I like to call it, the Boulevard of Broken Dreams. After waiting for the Lost and Found to open, I felt and smelled like I had been in a bar all night. And it was only 8AM. The girl at the Lost and Found was something pleasant but forgot to say something like “Hi”, “How may I help you?” or something of that nature. She just stared at me shocked that someone was actually in there (yay for my tax dollars being put to work) But no go on my id being there so I gave her my phone number but don’t expect to hear from her.

I walked over to my building to find the only comfort that I could at the moment-La Starbucks.

 I love the baristas at the Starbucks in my building and they always put me in a good mood. When it was my turn to order, they asked me how I was doing and of course I asked “Do you want to real or the fake answer?” and they said “Real” which always makes me happy and spewed off my issues.

Which gets into another rant of mine for the day…..this whole FML business

I know I can be negative and snarky however try to keep a positive mindset. But when my friends are updating their status on facebook saying stuff like “Woke up late today, fml” “just got cut off in traffic fml” it really bothers me. FMH (Hour) I can understand but your life really?? I think that’s a tad dramatic. I could totally say fml about losing my access id, bus pass and Starbucks card but I choose not too. What brought this to mind was a facebook status from a co-worker from Phoenix who I started the bank with. Today is the third anniversary of her daughter’s passing. Her daughter died suddenly from an asthma attack and was only nine years old. Her facebook status was in memory of her daughter’s passing and with my foul mood today plus the crappiness of losing those items this morning, it really put things into perspective. Those were material possessions that I could get back right away however for her to have to bury her own child and me sit here complaining about losing that stuff is just ridiculous. Not sure if this makes any sense written out but in my head it does.

I know I sound like
but needed to get that off my chest.

Breakfast was cold vs hot with my baked apples over Oikos Plain Greek Yogurt with some flax. I love this combo, it just tastes decadent compared to the usually cold berries and greek yogurt.

Lunch was spaghetti squash that I made last wknd that I thawed out with Morningstar Veggie crumbles, onion, green pepper, mushrooms, evoo, red pepper flakes, oregano and garlic. I wasn’t sure if it would be good after being frozen but I actually liked it more since it was mushier. I had ¾ of this because I was so full.

I went to the library and picked up Eat Drink and Be Vegan for some ideas since I am not going to be eating chicken, pork or red meat for the next 39 days!

Yay for new things!

Dinner was sad for me. My friend, my only friend in Charlotte who actually wants to do stuff and no boyfriend, fiancĂ©e, husband is moving. She is leaving this wknd so this was out last dinner together. We went to Pei Wei which is one of my favorite chain places! Every time I go I really attempt to try something new but just can’t do it. I am a risk tasker but what if the new dish isn’t as good as old faithful? But then, what if it is so much better? Ahhh decisions!

Started off with some edamame

And then onto the main event-Tofu Pad Thai!

Good -bye friend.


After that, I decided to head to Target. I was sad and full and Target always makes me feel good!

Is this heaven? No, it’s the Target Valentine’s Day Candy Clearance Aisle

 I could have gone buck wild but went with one bag of Hershey’s Hugs Raspberry Kisses–$1.44/bag–holla!

 And Friday is right around the corner-yay! Fortunately, I get to leave work early tomorrow. Unfortunately, it’s because I have a laser tattoo removal session. More to come on that tomorrow….

Let Them Eat Cake

17 Feb

I barely slept at all last night yet felt so rested and relaxed this morning.

 I’m convinced that I need to stop watching tv though. In the past wk I have dreamed that I

*Was a Polygamist wife (Big Love)

*Was a pimp


*Was stuck in the desert with Larry King  (I don’t  want to know what these means and I don’t even have CNN!)

 I woke up late and caught the late bus and Josh Hartnett look-alike was on it so that made the ride more pleasant I love eye candy in the morning 🙂

All of our systems were working today! It was like a dream how a normal business day should be! Clicks to that!

Breakfast was Greek Yogurt, flax, coconut granola and frozen cherries and raspberries.

 Lunch was a Dragon Roll from Harris Teeter. Surprisingly good! I didn’t have the time to go sit down somewhere for lunch so when I need a quick fix for sushi, I head to the Teet. The avocado was very fresh and tasty.

Seriously, how beautiful is this roll?

 I had a side salad as well with spring mix, peppers, mushrooms, onions, olives and carrots with peppercorn dressing.

 Of course after this, I found out about the dessert bar in the conference room. Yes….I said dessert bar (so much better than a salad bar). It was for associates as a “thank you” for all the hard work we do. It included ice cream, cake, fruit and nuts. Yum! I didn’t want to be rude so I took a slice and some fruit to go . Yay for fruit…yay for free fruit and cake!

After the big lunch and a bite the slice of cake, I was in a food coma. The afternoon surprisingly went by quickly. We were super busy at work which means the day goes by quickly which means it doesn’t feel like I am there an eternity which means I am happy which means …..(hahaha just kidding I will stop there)

 Having a three-day wknd is so nice because it makes the rest of the wk fly by but then I get super confused about what day it is. So today is Wednesday, which should feel like a Tuesday but for me it feels like a Thursday. Oi! Suffice to say, two more days to go!

I came home and had to think about what was for dinner since no chicken, pork or red meat for the next 40 days. I went with tofu stir fry….quick, easy, delicious!

The veggies stir frying with low sodium soy, ginger, garlic, red pepper flakes, hoison sauce and Sriracha

The final product with cashews thrown on top

It is so cold out which means perfect running/walking weather! I don’t know why but I really enjoy running when it is cold out and it motivates me more to workout than hot weather. I ran for 30 minutes and went 3 miles.

 And had a yummy smoothie waiting for me 🙂 I made it with Soy milk, chocolate whey, almond butter and spinach. Magnificent!

 Chocolate milk would be a great addition to my smoothies—speaking of which–click here for a chance to win some free Horizon Organic Chocolate Milk Coupons! Winners will be picked on Friday the 19th.

40 Days and 40 Nights

16 Feb

Hehe. Ok, so I am totally not a churchie but I do pray every night and try to abide by Lent rules each year by giving up something. I was contemplating what to give up this year.

Speaking of which, does anyone remember the movie 40 Days and 40 Nights with Josh Hartnett(rawr!)? I still think that feather scene is hot! Funny story, I remember going with a boyfriend in college (this dates me) to go see this movie. Anyways, he was kinda dorky and we were dating for three months or so and he would not make a move on me and he dropped me off at my sorority house at the end of the date and I kinda went off on him and then he finally told me he was shy and definitely into me. Just funny with the premise and the movie and all. Where was my patience gone?

*Alcohol? I have cut down my drinking to maybe once or twice every two weeks so not too difficult

*Cussing? No F***in way. I try to be a lady, I really do but just can’t help it. I cuss like a truck driver….or a sailor (I wonder which cusses worse?) around those who I am comfortable with and am trying to tone it down (especially since my friends are starting to have babies) but giving it up each day? Nope.

*Candy/Sweets? Again, something I don’t indulge in too often anymore but would love to. And with Valentine’s Day candy being half off (and soon 75% off!!) not gonna happen

*Caffeine? Um, let’s just say I wouldn’t do well in prison.

Which is where I would be if I deprived myself of caffeine. I would get turned in and shanked within 24 hours there so negative. Plus I am a little too sassy for prison and then I would have to tone it down a little and even if I were in prison, I would like to stay true to myself (is this the theme of Shawshank? Never seen it but it sounds like it?) Never did I think I would be blogging about myself in prison lol

*Chicken, Pork and Red Meat—Oh My! Ding Ding Ding. I love me some meat (hehe) but can definitely do without. A weekend or two ago, I went without meat and fared just fine so bring it on Lent! I wish I could give up fish too but that’s a little too hardcore for me which might result in said prison scenario mentioned if I gave up caffeine!

So starting tomorrow, none of my beloved meat. Sigh. I can do it though.

And did anyone see Lost tonight??! I want more! And how big of a bummer would that be working on Lost on location in Hawaii. Then the show ends and you then have to take a job on a tv show or movie in Kansas or something? Sad.

Monday Monday. Oh wait, it’s Tuesday.

16 Feb

Do you ever wake up and know it’s going to be a blah day or something is just not going to be right? I tried to keep a positive attitude today going back to work after a three-day wknd but just couldn’t do it. One of my big deals was resuming closing today and I had that to look forward to dread. I had two cups of coffee but just couldn’t wake up no matter how hard I tried. Plus the girl I backup called in sick so extra work there. Which I normally don’t mind but of course one of the main systems we use was down so that just made things 20x worse.

Breakfast was Oikos Blueberry Greek Yogurt, flax meal and frozen cherries and raspberries

Lunch was leftover Danica’s Kung Pao Chicken I made this wknd

I was psyched because it was time for me to pick up The Lost Symbol at the library–yay!! I have started a few books in the past month that I just couldn’t get into so hopefully this will not fail.

Walking back from the library, I did have a homeless man tell me I was looking fierce today. I heart polite homeless!

Huge pet peeve of mine: I was talking to a co-worker who I exchange pleasantries and sometimes conversate with. She began talking to me saying “Dave, Meg and I went to the mountains this wknd”. Um, who are Dave and Meg? I cannot stand when people just throw people’s name out there (such as their husband and kid) thinking I will know who they are. Then they look at me crazy when I ask who said people are. Argh.

Coming home on the bus, it didn’t smell like fried chicken or fried rice. For some reason, my bus always seems to smell like a food court. Speaking of which, I could totally go for a Mrs. Fields cookie right now.

I came home and Lincoln and I went for a long walk. I like going on these right after work because A) he has been inside all day and I feel guilty about that and B) there are always little dogs outside who he can go socialize with! it was chilly out but I put his turtleneck on him and bundled up myself and we were off for a goof 1.2 hour!

Dinner was the other half of my meatball sub and a big salad with tomato, broccoli slaw, snap peas, onion and turkey pepperoni.

 Turkey pepperoni in my salad and meatball sub? Lent begins tomorrow and I am contemplating going veggie for 40 days and 40 nights. Not sure but will decide by end of night!

One thing I will not be giving up—sweets. Speaking of which-Is McDonalds going to have Shamrock Shakes this year? I always forget each year about them until right after St. Patricks Day

I have a fun night of bubble bath, manicure and Lost to get to!

Reflections of the Bachelor

15 Feb

Ahhhh Bachelor-you continue to steal two hours of my life each Monday.

I love how Jake said he would love to come back to St Lucia on his honeymoon. I would think that would be a little awkward. You go their on your honeymoon but were previously there making out on the beach, talking about falling in love and possibly making the love with two other chicks? Negatron Jake, negatron.

He mentions how he is the protective type–in other words…..jealous

I cannot stand Tenley’s voice. It reminds me of a strung out Minnie Mouse.

Were they really playing “On The Wings of Love” the instrumental version when Jake and Vienna were on the pirate ship?

I stopped counting the number of times Jake said marriage or wife after 26 (I was really trying to keep track but was multi tasking with laundry and cleaning!)

When he is with Vienna, I feel like he is her baby sitter.

Ali got served!!!

Dear ABC: Thank you for sending them somewhere warm (where Jake can go shirtless 75% of the time) and not somewhere cold.

Mental note: Add Jake saying  “toughest decision yet” and “breaks my heart” to phrases to drink to during The Bachelor drinking game

When he chose Mia, I gasped and Lincoln started licking my face uncontrollably, too cute.

Sigh…..that’s it.  Next week’s reunion should be interesting.

Prevent Love Chub

15 Feb

 I was lounging on the couch today reading through this month’s Women’s Health Magazine. Apparently I have a dirty mind and was not thinking what this article meant when the headline read “PREVENT LOVE CHUB” Hehe, oops.

I had a great workout this afternoon-did some kettlebell exercises, took it outside and walked up and down a bunch of flights of stairs in my complex, pushups and planks (which I have never done before but love!!)

 I love when a nap happens when you least expect it. I was watching snowboarding Olympics event and was covered up and had Lincoln under the cover (he likes to burrow under the covers to keep warm. It’s one of the cutest things ever). I ended up napping for two hours and felt so good afterwards. When I worked in Phoenix, we had a “quiet room” at work you could book it for 30 mins when you just wanted a quick nap or quiet. I wish work had one of those but they won’t take to my idea-boo.

I am watching the news right now and  this lady they are interviewing keeps saying “askes” (i.e. She always askes me if we can do that).  Thank god her kid is in the Olympics because with grammar like that? No. And she keeps repeating it and no one said anything or took five to tell her that askes isn’t a word. Arrgh!!

Dinner was something new-brussel sprouts! I grew up in a household where we went out to more than we ate in so vegetables were not put on me all the time. Kinda sad since I love veggies now and trying new ways to prepare them.

I found a recipe from this book and was prepared with carmelized onions. I tossed the Brussel sprouts in evoo, salt and pepper and then baked for 30 mins. I also tried Lloyd’s Barbeque Pork (which I don’t like pre packaged bbq but had a coupon plus it was buy one get one free so I got two tubs for $3).

Interesting meal. I liked the brussel sprouts but they were not the texture I was expecting. I don’t think I would make them so plain next time but will definitely experiment again with it. The pork barbeque I could live without. It wasn’t horrible but the sauce wasn’t good (I like a smoky and spicy sauce with my q)

Dessert is fresh watermelon which is so good to have because I haven’t had it since summer time.

 And I cannot wait for the Bachelor!! We shall see what happens…..