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Till I collapse

24 Feb

 Thanks all for the sweet comments on baby got back post 🙂 I almost want to break out into my rendition of Buttermilk Biscuits now


And you thought Baby Got Back was old school!!

I work up this morning absolutely starving and grabbed a Clif Z Bar for the bus ride.

To my dismay, we got the futuristic bus today which sounds awesome but it sucks. Charlotte Area Transportation put a few new buses out this past year and they are horrible. They have fewer seats, florescent lights and when you sit down (if you can find a seat) you can barely see out the window since the seats are low.

Yummy Starbucks iced coffee with non fat milk and one pump sugar free cinnamon dulce

My produce for the day

I spent the morning training an associate on our floor so that made the morning fly by-which we like 🙂

I finally had my breakfast around 11A which was greek yogurt, blueberries, flax and granola

I met up with a co-worker and we went to Brixx Wood Fired Pizza since I had a BOGO coupon

It was starting to rain out and the tail end of the lunch hour so we got in quick and didn’t have to wait. Since I work Uptown, there tends to be a small wait for lunch which is one of the reasons I never go

I got the Roasted Chicken Caprese Pizza with sun-dried tomato pesto, shredded basil, wood-roasted chicken, roma tomatoes and fresh house-made mozzarella.

My friend got the Chicke Florentine Pizza with wood-roasted chicken, crumbled bacon,
roma tomatoes, fresh spinach, and feta and mozzarella cheeses . I tried to get a picture before she grabbed a slice!

Mine was good but nothing to write home about. The flavor really didn’t pop out to me and I’ve had better there. I do not like how their tables look exactly like my work desk!

The rest of the afternoon went by quickly—I think I worked a little, read some blogs, socialized, etc. A good day!

I came home and made chicken and black bean tacos

I long for the days of summer when avocados are aplenty and cheap!

Nom nom nom!!

Raining and nasty outside but I sadly got out of my fleece pajama pants and sweatshirt and suited up for my run. I was NOT feeling this run at first. Then Eminem’s Till I Collapse came on and it was on! I ran the furthest I have done to date–3.2 miles and am feeling it now! I finally found my happy pace….which is super slow…..but one where I am not having any problems breathing and can run further and not have to stop every few minutes. I know this doesn’t sound like an accomplishment but it is for me 🙂

I came home and made a smoothie. Sad, I have no baby spinach and barely any soy milk so it turned out real chunky. I made it with soy milk, ice cubes, Barney Butter and chocolate whey protein

Lincoln was intrigued 🙂

I am so beat tired but need to clean for my mom is coming in town tomorrow night for a long wknd. I am sleeping in though so I can roll into work later and then head to the airport from work and pick her up.

And I leave you all with a beautiful vision post workout

Holla if ya nasty