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Fiesta Fiesta

21 Feb

Per my previous post title, I thought I would keep it in the spirit of R Kelly

I decided to get spicy for dinner.

I picked these up at Trader Joe’s the other day and wanted to see how they were

Not a huge fan of the flour but moderation is key.

In a bowl, I mashed up 1/2 cup of black beans, chopped onion, garlic and chile powder.

I went with quesadillas with a side of Trader Joe’s Reduced Guilt Tortilla Chips, salsa, guacamole, tomatoes

Habanero Lime flour Tortillas?

FABULOUS! Just enough spice and hint of lime to give it a nice flavor but not overpowering.

And the color is that of sweet potatoes!

Or an Oompa Loompa

Hmmmm. I can honestly say if they had a Oompa Loompa shaped cutter for sweet potatoes, I would buy it. How cool would that be??

I don’t know if I mentioned this or not but I got a call from my apartment complex office yesterday and someone found my work id badge that I lost the other day. I stopped by to pick it up and everything was in there—bus pass, Starbucks card (that I already canceled) and photo id. That just restored my faith in the kindness of strangers

It’s 945P and I am trying to make myself tired. I never sleep well on Sunday nights and have a feeling tomorrow is going to be a long day. However, it is supposed to be rain so that means sporting my new boots–woo hoo!

And who knows, depending on tomorrow my next post may be another R Kelly song!

A treat for the feet

21 Feb

I went out today for the sole purpose (haha pun intended) of pampering myself but it looks like my feet got the hookup today! But first I had to fuel before the shopping!

I had a wrap with Smart Deli Roasted Turkey, tomatoes,mushrooms, onion, lettuce and Ken’s Lite Honey Mustard and a kiwi

I was a bit reluctant to try the faux turkey but was pleasantly surprised. Plus it was only on sale for $2/package so yay for trying new and cheap things ūüôā

And the day of me began!

First stop was SteinMart. Which I never really go to but my friend told me they were having a really good sale. I went online to their site first and signed up for their email notifications and got a 20% off coupon-holla!

Why don’t I shop at Steinmart? I don’t know but am going to start!

I almost bought one of these adorable aprons but passed (I especially love the Domestic Dive one)

And ran into these two cute pairs of rainboots. Decisions decisions.

I absolutely loved the ones but thought they would get dirty easily with mud and rain so went with polka dots (HUGE polka dot fan here!) After the 20% coupon these were only $20-score!

I then saw these cute Rampage blue heels…..75% off!!!

For $9.95 how could I not buy them?

All this shoe action made me think of this video:

Since I was on a roll bargain wise, I headed to the clearance rack and found this cute wallet for $8.85

I refueled with an iced coffee from Caribou

Then got a much needed pedicure. I love pedicures for not only how good they make me feel and how cute my piggies look after but also because the place I go to has the best gossip magazines and god knows I am not spending $4 on those!

The final product (sadly, I rarely stray from red)

For anyone who has a foot fetish-you’re welcome

I broke open one of the bags of Ghirardelli chocolates and tried the Caramel flavored

I don’t like Sundays in the first place but absolutely hate Sunday afternoons. All I want to do is take a nap but can’t because then I won’t be able to sleep tonight. It is gorgeous outside but still in pain from Friday’s tattoo removal session so I am trying to hold off on running on working out with kettlebell until tomorrow.

Just call me R Kelly b/c I got the Chocolate Factory

21 Feb

¬†Damn the Valentine’s Day Clearance Gods! I went to CVS yesterday where it was 75% off of¬†V-Day candy. As a smart consumer, I would be an¬†idiot not to partake and got the goodies below.¬†¬† All of that for $4.34.Seriously. And the Dove Chocolate bags? $.99! Thankfully with sweets, I have portion control and willpower (just with salty stuff I don’t) so I can keep this in my house without any trouble.

Did I stop there? Oh no. Enter in three bags of Ghirardelli Chocolate Bags for $.84 each.

Thank you Target.

I forgot about this picture that I took on Friday when I was in the waiting room at the Dr.’s office.

When I saw the name of this magazine, I thought it was going to be about something totally different! Hehe

I took a much needed nap yesterday afternoon and woke up to a phone call from my friend¬†Shalon. She was moving yesterday and near her home on the other side of the state. The cops here called her and told her that found her car. Long story short–her car, tv and laptop were stolen two wks ago so the chances of getting the car back were very slim. She turned around in her rental car to come back to the Charlotte area and everything was in tact! I was expecting her to say that it was ruined or completely stripped but they took her cd’s and some other random stuff in the car. She asked me if I could come out and drop the rental car off and crash for the night so of course I was happy to oblige.

We went to Hickory Tavern for dinner, which I don’t know if it was kids eat free night or something but it seemed like there were more kids in the bar area than the restaurant side.

I had a blackened fish sandwich with potato chips

After that, we got the rental car, dropped it off, headed to Target then rolled back to my place.

Shalon’s¬†a cat person and was not used to Lincoln’s lovey side.

Luckily, I am.

We watched Run Fatboy Run

then called it a night. Such a long day and I felt like I had stopped in every part of Charlotte!

Woke up this morning around 830A….which is sleeping in for me and made coffee and oats for myself and guest. She isn’t used to a big breakfast so didn’t have too much of the oats but I scarfed mine down—full of banana, almond butter and chocolate covered almonds

I would love to just stay in my pj’s on the couch and lounge all day but unfortunately, not an option. I have to hit up Steinmart and Macy’s because word on the street is they are both having amazing sales! I am on the hunt for my rainboots and maybe some hats or earrings. Now that I think about it, I have not bought one piece of clothing (besides a t shirt at Salvation Army for $1) this yr. That is really really really good for me since I have a slight shopping problem.

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