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40 Days and 40 Nights

16 Feb

Hehe. Ok, so I am totally not a churchie but I do pray every night and try to abide by Lent rules each year by giving up something. I was contemplating what to give up this year.

Speaking of which, does anyone remember the movie 40 Days and 40 Nights with Josh Hartnett(rawr!)? I still think that feather scene is hot! Funny story, I remember going with a boyfriend in college (this dates me) to go see this movie. Anyways, he was kinda dorky and we were dating for three months or so and he would not make a move on me and he dropped me off at my sorority house at the end of the date and I kinda went off on him and then he finally told me he was shy and definitely into me. Just funny with the premise and the movie and all. Where was my patience gone?

*Alcohol? I have cut down my drinking to maybe once or twice every two weeks so not too difficult

*Cussing? No F***in way. I try to be a lady, I really do but just can’t help it. I cuss like a truck driver….or a sailor (I wonder which cusses worse?) around those who I am comfortable with and am trying to tone it down (especially since my friends are starting to have babies) but giving it up each day? Nope.

*Candy/Sweets? Again, something I don’t indulge in too often anymore but would love to. And with Valentine’s Day candy being half off (and soon 75% off!!) not gonna happen

*Caffeine? Um, let’s just say I wouldn’t do well in prison.

Which is where I would be if I deprived myself of caffeine. I would get turned in and shanked within 24 hours there so negative. Plus I am a little too sassy for prison and then I would have to tone it down a little and even if I were in prison, I would like to stay true to myself (is this the theme of Shawshank? Never seen it but it sounds like it?) Never did I think I would be blogging about myself in prison lol

*Chicken, Pork and Red Meat—Oh My! Ding Ding Ding. I love me some meat (hehe) but can definitely do without. A weekend or two ago, I went without meat and fared just fine so bring it on Lent! I wish I could give up fish too but that’s a little too hardcore for me which might result in said prison scenario mentioned if I gave up caffeine!

So starting tomorrow, none of my beloved meat. Sigh. I can do it though.

And did anyone see Lost tonight??! I want more! And how big of a bummer would that be working on Lost on location in Hawaii. Then the show ends and you then have to take a job on a tv show or movie in Kansas or something? Sad.

Monday Monday. Oh wait, it’s Tuesday.

16 Feb

Do you ever wake up and know it’s going to be a blah day or something is just not going to be right? I tried to keep a positive attitude today going back to work after a three-day wknd but just couldn’t do it. One of my big deals was resuming closing today and I had that to look forward to dread. I had two cups of coffee but just couldn’t wake up no matter how hard I tried. Plus the girl I backup called in sick so extra work there. Which I normally don’t mind but of course one of the main systems we use was down so that just made things 20x worse.

Breakfast was Oikos Blueberry Greek Yogurt, flax meal and frozen cherries and raspberries

Lunch was leftover Danica’s Kung Pao Chicken I made this wknd

I was psyched because it was time for me to pick up The Lost Symbol at the library–yay!! I have started a few books in the past month that I just couldn’t get into so hopefully this will not fail.

Walking back from the library, I did have a homeless man tell me I was looking fierce today. I heart polite homeless!

Huge pet peeve of mine: I was talking to a co-worker who I exchange pleasantries and sometimes conversate with. She began talking to me saying “Dave, Meg and I went to the mountains this wknd”. Um, who are Dave and Meg? I cannot stand when people just throw people’s name out there (such as their husband and kid) thinking I will know who they are. Then they look at me crazy when I ask who said people are. Argh.

Coming home on the bus, it didn’t smell like fried chicken or fried rice. For some reason, my bus always seems to smell like a food court. Speaking of which, I could totally go for a Mrs. Fields cookie right now.

I came home and Lincoln and I went for a long walk. I like going on these right after work because A) he has been inside all day and I feel guilty about that and B) there are always little dogs outside who he can go socialize with! it was chilly out but I put his turtleneck on him and bundled up myself and we were off for a goof 1.2 hour!

Dinner was the other half of my meatball sub and a big salad with tomato, broccoli slaw, snap peas, onion and turkey pepperoni.

 Turkey pepperoni in my salad and meatball sub? Lent begins tomorrow and I am contemplating going veggie for 40 days and 40 nights. Not sure but will decide by end of night!

One thing I will not be giving up—sweets. Speaking of which-Is McDonalds going to have Shamrock Shakes this year? I always forget each year about them until right after St. Patricks Day

I have a fun night of bubble bath, manicure and Lost to get to!