Prevent Love Chub

15 Feb

 I was lounging on the couch today reading through this month’s Women’s Health Magazine. Apparently I have a dirty mind and was not thinking what this article meant when the headline read “PREVENT LOVE CHUB” Hehe, oops.

I had a great workout this afternoon-did some kettlebell exercises, took it outside and walked up and down a bunch of flights of stairs in my complex, pushups and planks (which I have never done before but love!!)

 I love when a nap happens when you least expect it. I was watching snowboarding Olympics event and was covered up and had Lincoln under the cover (he likes to burrow under the covers to keep warm. It’s one of the cutest things ever). I ended up napping for two hours and felt so good afterwards. When I worked in Phoenix, we had a “quiet room” at work you could book it for 30 mins when you just wanted a quick nap or quiet. I wish work had one of those but they won’t take to my idea-boo.

I am watching the news right now and  this lady they are interviewing keeps saying “askes” (i.e. She always askes me if we can do that).  Thank god her kid is in the Olympics because with grammar like that? No. And she keeps repeating it and no one said anything or took five to tell her that askes isn’t a word. Arrgh!!

Dinner was something new-brussel sprouts! I grew up in a household where we went out to more than we ate in so vegetables were not put on me all the time. Kinda sad since I love veggies now and trying new ways to prepare them.

I found a recipe from this book and was prepared with carmelized onions. I tossed the Brussel sprouts in evoo, salt and pepper and then baked for 30 mins. I also tried Lloyd’s Barbeque Pork (which I don’t like pre packaged bbq but had a coupon plus it was buy one get one free so I got two tubs for $3).

Interesting meal. I liked the brussel sprouts but they were not the texture I was expecting. I don’t think I would make them so plain next time but will definitely experiment again with it. The pork barbeque I could live without. It wasn’t horrible but the sauce wasn’t good (I like a smoky and spicy sauce with my q)

Dessert is fresh watermelon which is so good to have because I haven’t had it since summer time.

 And I cannot wait for the Bachelor!! We shall see what happens…..


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