Whole Lotta Love

14 Feb

Click here for Billboard’s 50 Sexiest Songs of All Time. I used to loooooove #4 “Too Close” by Next. I definitely wouldn’t have picked the song they did for #1 though (I won’t spoil it)

For my Losties out there….

 I am not too big on Valentine’s Day due to horrible experiences in the past. And I am not talking about being alone experiences because I have been alone more so than in relationships. I am talking about Valentine’s Day’s past that include one telling me he was still in love with his ex who had three abortions of babies that may or may not have been his (perfect timing on his part to tell me this over Valetine’s Day dinner), one who forgot completely about Valentine’s Day and went out with his friends, one whose ex girlfriend came into town and diverted him from coming over to my place and such (Unfortunately the list goes on).

 But I do love my family, friends, dog and those who make me happy in life (including myself which is why I get myself Valentine’s Day gifts) and do appreciate all of them and are thankful they are in my life. So if you do have someone, be happy that you don’t have to deal with the rancid dating pool out there-it’s pretty grim!

And am I the only one who wants to see Valentine’s Day?? I know it looks like a knock off of Love Actually (one of my favorite movies….and a great soundtrack!) with the all star cast(although I could do without Taylor Swift) and tangled plots but I think it looks cute. But then again, I love rom com’s.

Oh! And if anyone is planning on making the love, they had Trojan coupons in the paper this past wknd! I am all for being economical and saving money where I can but I don’t know about using coupons for condoms (hehe I like how that sounds). With my luck, I would go to register, have 14 people behind me when all I am purchasing is Swedish fish and Trojans and something would be wrong with the coupon. I look through the paper every Sunday and found it amusing there are now coupons for condoms (had to say it one more time)! 

Needless to say-Happy Valentine’s Day all!

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