An Oh Em Gee kinda day

6 Feb

So far at least. Today has been wonderful thus far!

The first Oh Em Gee came with breakfast. I made rolled oats on the stove with Silk Soy Milk and smashed banana. When done, I threw in some Trader Joe’s Pumpkin Butter and flax but also decided to try the oats with almond butter since I have read many do that.

OH EM GEE! Why have I not tried this before?? It was a party in my mouth ūüôā I used Trader Joe’s Almond Butter with Flax Seeds (which absolutely looked disgusting when I opened it up with a film of oil on top) and it was great! It is a new product of theirs so I decided to try it and will definitely use it again.

The second OH EM GEE occurred while working out. I am doing the Couch to 5K running program but haven’t been able to run this past week¬†due to rain and snow (I so want a ¬†treadmill!) I went on the Greenway today but no one was there because it was 40 degrees and drizzling out. Perfect weather to me though! The parking lot is usually packed but looked like this:

I ran/walked about 3.5 miles and ran more than I have in the past. I was really proud of myself for pushing myself while old me would have just gave up and walked when it hurt or got tough. I discovered a new trail though that has a steep incline and primarily walked up there but it was nice to see something new. I cannot wait to get my heart rate monitor and be able to see how far I am going for real and how my calories I am burning! OH EM GEE for pushing myself and going further and running longer than I have before!

Post Workout Snack was a Bosc pear

Afterwards, I went to Harris Teeter because they were having an awesome sale this weekend and I wanted to get my savings on. Bring on the third OH EM GEE of the day:

Morningstar Products for $2.99 each!!! I love this brand and they are usually $4.29

I love Morningstar because their products actually taste good, the sodium level is not through the roof and you can use their products in a number of ways (the Crumbles for instance I use in omelets, tacos, spaghetti sauce, etc.)

Cho-Cho-Cho-Cho-CHOBANI! Yes, I say it like 50 Cent when he says G-Unit ūüôā A new product I have never seen–Chobani¬†Champions (flavors are chocolate and honeynana). I don’t know they are trying to appeal to children of the 70’s (which I totally am because I lived 18 days in the 70’s) or kids but it roped me in! I haven’t found anything about it on their website though….hmmm

 I cannot wait to try!

A single serving or three of Edy’s Slow Churned Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream may have fallen into my cart (possibly because they were $.99 each)

Or Blue Bunny Aspen Frozen Yogurt Granola Bar—a¬†new product and again, intrigued! These will have to be a minor indulgence though, they are 150 calories each but 7 grams of Saturated Fat alone, eek!

These good deals worked up my appetite! I decided to make quesadillas¬†for lunch. I used my leftover brown rice, black beans, onion and jalape√Īo¬†mixture and mixed that with 1/4 cup of Mexican Cheese and spread on half of a burrito size tortilla.

This was the perfect size because it was just enough and didn’t use two tortillas which are 170 calories each.

I had them with Trader Joe’s Reduced Guilt Tortilla Chips and salsa mixed with light peppercorn dressing……

And the final OH EM GEE!

Let’s see what the rest of the day brings ūüôā


One Response to “An Oh Em Gee kinda day”

  1. Erica February 6, 2010 at 3:47 pm #

    Chocolate and honeynana chobani?????? I have so never seen this! I need it. Yum! Great job on the run- way to kick some booty. Isn’t TJs almond butter the best?

    Charlotte DEF has Body Pump. Check it out here:

    If you’re a runner, you should try Body Attack too!!

    Hope you are having a fabulous weekend

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