Happy Friday!

29 Jan

The sky Is falling? Who knows? All I know is that there was a bunch of websites I used to never be able to access at work that I can now access today. Including one of my favorites—Food Network Humor!  This site is hilarious, they pretty much make fun of the personalities on there (they are especially cruel to Rachel and Guy) 

 My co-worker came over and he ordered  Nylabone Nutri Dent  Mini Chews online for they didn’t like them so he gave them to me to give to Lincoln –score! These are Filet Mignon flavored, made in America and Gluten Free, we shall see if Linx will like them. 

 Eek horrible picture quality. Thanks Blackberry!

I had leftover spaghetti again but it didn’t hold me over.

 I walked to the supermarket and got a side salad from the salad bar with

*green olives

 *red onions





 *spoonful of chicken salad

 *honey mustard and red vinegar

It was great! I have really been on a salad kick lately.

 The supermarket was mad busy though because it’s supposed to snow in Charlotte tonight (insert freak out music). Seriously, the people here freak out when they hear it is going to snow. I really don’t think it’s a big deal (oh yeah, I’m originally from Florida and can drive fine in the snow) but apparently others don’t feel the same way.

 I did see something amusing while waiting in line though—twins dressed the same. Over the age of six. And they both were Pat-like!

 I couldn’t tell if they were men or women. Very funky indeed. God, that was such a horrible movie (aren’t all SNL skits they make into movies?) but I think I am going to NetFlix that mother out!

When I left work, it was finally snowing…..but not sticking, bummer 😦 I decided to see if Lincoln liked his new treats.

Yep, these are a winner. And if they get rid of his bad breath, even better,

Dinner was a butterflied pork chop baked with Shake and Bake Parmesan Garlic mix and a baked potato with Chobani Greek Yogurt, Spray Butter and some shredded cheese.
















Besides that, I really did nothing tonight. I don’t know if it is the weather or what but I am so achey and tired as of late. I took a bubble bath tonight and nodded off a few times! I need my energy back….ASAP. I have cut down on soda but that is really the only change I can think of lately.

And buzzkill, I just took Lincoln outside and was all bundled up because of said snow and none. BOOOOOO! 😦 They said it may freeze over tonight but none on the ground as of now.


Click here for an opportunity to win a Perfect Food Bar! YUM 🙂

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