Fail of a Dinner

24 Jan

I was so excited to make dinner tonight! I haven’t had tilapia in a while and it was on sale at Harris Teeter this wk ($2.99/lb—holla!) so I decided to make  panko cajun spiced filets. On the side, I was making Mahatma spicy yellow rice with grilled onions and mushrooms mixed in.

The ingredients:

I started the yellow rice on the stove top(add rice cooker to wish list) and grilled the mushrooms and onions while I prepared the tilapia filets. I dipped the filets in whole wheat flour, eggwash then panko crumbs with creole seasoning mixed in then baked for 18 mins at 350 degrees.

When the rice was finished, I tested it and it was absolutely DISGUSTING!!! I love Mahatma rice and love spices but it was just rank. I then went to my backup Uncle Ben’s Ready Rice Pouches in Rice Pilaf and nuked it for 90 seconds. Perfecto!

The fish (hehe, I love that my water bottle fish facing me was standing there)


The rice

I sat down to taste my beautiful creation. I believe this picture tells the story of how the fish tasted

NASTY as well! I have had many tilapia filets in my day and this was a little too fishy for my taste (when it is supposed to be a mild fish). Thank God, I am not too hungry because of my big lunch but it just sucks getting excited about a meal and then it turns out  less than stellar.


One Response to “Fail of a Dinner”

  1. janetha January 25, 2010 at 1:00 pm #

    dang, sorry it was a thumbs down! it definitely LOOKED good. bummer, dudette! thanks for stopping by my blog!

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