Driving Miss Daisy

22 Jan

Happy Friday! Although I took today off from work, it was  a busy day. I slept in until 730A which was amazing! I wake up around 545 or 6A on work days so any day I get to sleep in past that results in a very relaxed me! I made a bowl of oats with the rolled oats I bought earlier this wk, 8th Continent Soy Milk, nuked apples, apple pie spice and the amazing Trader Joe’s Pumpkin Butter (I was a virgin before today!)

The result? YUMMY! I know it’s not that much to look at but I was very happy with the taste.I only used one tablespoon of the Pumpkin Butter and combined with the apple pie spice, it was great. I have never used milk before in my oatmeal but was happy with the consistency and creaminess.

 I  did have one fan anxiously awaiting his bowl of oats

After that I went to the supermarket to get my groceries for the wk since today is payday. I was most excited about Chobani on sale for $1 each! I went and they only had seven yogurts left (and only two flavors) BOOOO! But I cleaned them out anyways. And the manager saw my look of disappointment and gave me a rain check since they didn’t have any more. Hello lovely Chobani…..

One of my girlfriends is unemployed so I try to hang out with her when I have a day off during the wk. Unfortunately……her car  caught on fire the other night!! She was driving her car and less than a mile from home when BAM! Smoke starting rising from her hood. Turns out the blades on the radiator flew off all around her engine and one poked through her hood so she now has a big hole in the hood and is waiting for her insurance adjuster to ring her back. After hearing about that (along with other things that has happened to her this past yr) I felt obliged to drive her around for groceries, take her out to lunch and we also had one of her friends to tint my windows on my car (I feel naked when driving without the tint!)

Lunch was a small Mexican joint, El Valle, that I have never tried (by the way, the site –AllMenus.com—rocks! I love being able to see what the menu is of specific restaurants and helps me plan better. Plus they have a lot of local places–support your local businesses!)  I chose the combo platter which consisted of a taco, chile poblano, rice and beans (today is my lax day on foods and I don’t track on Fridays however I don’t go buck wild. If I did, I would have dined at  Five Guys today).

I killed that bad boy. Not one thing left at the end and it was my first time trying a Chile Poblano. A pepper stuffed with cheese? How could I not like that?

After that, went to go get my windows tinted and hung out then got some groceries and went to Dollar General. What will this crazy Friday night to bring to me? I am thinking of dinner and a movie…..more to come!


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