Vibrating Booty and Fish Burps

21 Jan

Yep, sums up my day. Well, a portion of it. Today kicked butt!

I had my year end performance review with my manager and he basically told me I am top performer on my team and that I have no worries of layoffs. I work at a bank headquarters so layoff scares are always floating around. The past year and a half has been especially tense but hopefully the sun will start shining again.  We also find out tomorrow if we get our incentive bonus for the past year. I have been with the bank for five years now and we received it the first  three years I was there but not the past two. Major bummer. The nice thing is that they allow you to elect a portion of it to go into your 401K so less taxable income and more money for me when I am a silver fox! I refuse to work when I am retired (I almost refuse to work now but I have these little things called bills each month). That just started my day off to a great start and it kept getting better!

Soon afterwards, I had my Buckies and Greek Yogurt in a cup (if everyone can do oats in a jar, I can do yogurt in a cup with yummy strawberries, flax and granola). On another note, I am sad that the red cups from Starbucks are no more. They just make me warm on the inside (or maybe that’s the hot coffee I am enjoying?)

I was sitting at my desk and felt something weird. My butt. My booty was vibrating! I don’t know if this was from the running that I have recently starting doing or what but it was weird.

Quote of the day when I went to a make coworkers cubicle 

Me: “Hey were you able to open that spreadsheet I sent you? Oh yeah…..and what should I do if my butt is vibrating? The cushioning is starting to revolt!”

Him: Crickets…..Crickets….”Huh?”

Fabulous. And I took my Fish Oil and had the fish burpies after. Gross.

Busy busy busy day at work which was a nice because that always helps the day go by fast. More planning for the NYC trip in July and random IM’s with coworkers about randomness.

And I am happy to say today was the last of the Baked Polenta I made this wknd! Don’t get me wrong, it was fabulous but four days in a row? Meh.

I bought these Diet Snapple Single Packets this wknd b/c of a BOGO special at Bi-LO and one word: NASTY! How could Snapple produce something so horrible? It tasted like chalk with a sprinkling of fruit flavoring.Maybe they would be good with vodka? Who knows. The only thing I liked about these was that they each have a fun fact on them! Knowledge is Power 🙂

The snacks were a Gala Apple and Navel Orange. I just love the light shining on the orange. Heaven indeed my friends. Hold on–correlation–orange–light shining–good! No light on the apple–bad! Like the Bible! I am so not a religious person but wow. I amaze myself sometimes.

Nothing too interesting happened on the bus ride home. I jammed to Julian Casablancas (lead singer of The Strokes) new solo cd. I am diggin a few songs, 11th Dimension is definitely my favorite by far.

Came home and caught up with one of my besties from the west coast (which is impossible because of the time difference) and put me in a better mood. I just love friends who you can talk to although it has been forever and you can just pick up like you saw them yesterday.

Dinner was something new! I made ChickPea Burgers! I just took:

 1.25 cups of chickpeas

.5 cup breadcrumbs

1 tbsp soy sauce

Sprinkling of garlic, pepper, thyme

.25 cup wheat gluten

2 tbsps olive oil

Mashed together, formed into two patties and grilled on the stove with  1 tbsp of veggie oil.

I put it on a Kaiser Roll with a tomato and Ken’s Lite Honey Mustard. HEAVEN! I definitely recommend this and it filled me up and a nice veggie alternative. I had some grilled mushrooms and onions on the side(I wanted to put on the burger but it was about to topple over as is) and some Food Should Taste Good Jalapeno Chips. Full I am!

And now off for a run–yay Couch to 5K! I need to enjoy this 70 degree weather before it goes back to 40 something and rainy tomorrow!


2 Responses to “Vibrating Booty and Fish Burps”

  1. Piper W. - Crazy Apron January 21, 2010 at 2:49 am #

    HAHAHAHAHA @ the heavenly orange and apple. I love it because it seems those 2 fruits are about the only fruit we have on hand lately. I guess we are high in Vitamin C and…………fiber? I just ate dinner and your chickpea burgers look really good. I never would have thought to do that, but I want to try it now. I have a can of chick peas collecting dust in my fridge, and I really thought I was the only one who has wheat gluten!

    • simplyshaka January 21, 2010 at 3:04 am #

      Seriously, me too! That and bananas although I am trying to get off of there because of the sugar it packs in them. I really need to try some new ones though. I never have chickpeas or wheat gluten on hand (I had to ask where it was at the store 🙂 ) because originally I saw this chickpea cutlet recipe that I wanted to try but had some extra rolls so tried this burger one first. I will be trying to chickpea cutlet one soon though and let you know how it goes!

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